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If you google your (or one of) your name(s)?


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Where is the first actual reference to your self?

Googling Boris obviously is fruitless, however, Sparda gives my digg profile on the 2nd page of results (or at least it does for me). Every thing else is either is a Devil May Cry reference of German banks.


(This thread appeared out of boardom)

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aardwolf = muds

darren = not me

kitchen = guess what

darren kitchen, hak5,  however turns up decent results

also googling the phreak group i was associated with in the 90's and my handle turns up some stuff.

I tried googling TomB but it took me to the microshaft noob page

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DeGrijze; shows my profiles in the forums where iam a member.

Gerard; is not me.

Gerard de Vries; is still not me.

de Vries; popups some family members but nothing about me.


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wetelectric: pretty much shows my entire history online, who I am, where i live, what i look like, what foods I eat, whether i wipe with my left or right hand...


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Searching for W4rp3d returns:

1. My Digg Profile.

2. My Space    <---- which is someone else using the handle  :x :x not me trust me im not such as a emo as that guy

3. Hak5 account

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first and second results for tanda333 are my hak5 forum profile.

3rd and 4th results are my instructables account

5th is my deviantart account

6th and 7th are my activity on the wasted talent comments section and my profile there.

8th and 9th are more hak5 stuff

and 10th, get this, is some wacked out Yahho! korea blog..... i will post link cuz its wierd.


basically it seems someone in korea thought it would be fun to use my user name.....bastards... i thought it was fairly unique, as it is a word based on a letter, a word, another letter, and another way to write 3 cubed. (hint... this should clue you into what my name means.)

anyways, that pisses me off. if i could find this person, i would hunt them down and kick them in the face with my mark III combats.

so when i enter my real name, i find out that i share a name with a football player (sean gilbert), also, hes black. i am not black. very different from me.

also, interesting to note, while doing research in grade 6, i found out that my father (scott gilbert) shares a name with a lemming researcher in the Yukon... wierd huh?

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Searching on the word "Cooper" will give you TONS upon TONS of results that have absolutely nothing to do with me. This is actually one of the reasons why I haven't bothered to change nicks in over 16 years now.

Searching on my last name yields several entries that are me, and at least one somewhat remote family member.

Searching on my first name gives you nothing on me.

Search on my first and last name will get you a results page that is all me.

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So, firstly, my name here is my first name, and searching for it alone gets me nothing.  Secondly, with whole name, I get a website developer with same name on first page, and two news articles that I am quoted in and the results for a swim meet I had 3 years ago on the second page. 

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You shouldn't just try your name (full or otherwise).

Try your handle.. people seem to keep there same handle/user name..etc

Go ahead Google my handle. l3db3tt3r.

I know of one entry that isn't me... in the first 10 pages of the Google results..

Want to be Google-able. connect all of the names and things that are you...

(and another note, i have found it easier to umm "stalk" an handle then a name...)

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almost the entire first page of kateweb is me just not #1 or another one in the middle

my first(witch my parents misspelled) and last name together give me a particularly nasty cancer .

my fist name alone is a law firm.

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I found nothing using my handle, my first name, my last name, my first and last name, and my first, middle and last name.

However, I found something on my father when I typed in my full name plus my city.

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Googling techknow gives me a load of random websites, (for obvious reasons)

however googling my older handle (gonzagaboy) gives my twitter page, a twittervision page on me, a Revision3 forums profile I don't remember signing up for and some IRC transcripts from various channels I'v visited.

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