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  1. Warning: Division by zero in /home/crumbles/a2-1dl.us/includes/imgresize.php on line 77 I made it divide by zero, do i win? but apart from this nice site :) and a nice well cut GUI.
  2. google: http://www.google.com/search?q=shell+hosting Now just find the one that best fits your budget / region.
  3. A product so shit, that its spam gets flammed in a forum, good job AlphaShield, good job.
  4. what happens when all your friends have payed for there accounts. then your SSH gets blocked?
  5. The biggest issue your gonna have is running the cables in the walls and roof, even for residential. Incorrect installation can lead to fire... Thats pretty much everything thats included in the open cable registration for australian. The issue is running cables near power lines can cause attuenuation on the lines, and or cause fires. If you are to install them in someones house, and say Telstra come in to work on the phone lines and see shotty run cable, they will cut it.
  6. Mate theres alot of people on here who can program in PHP, if you need help with any code, just post your questions in the "Applications & Coding" section of this forum.
  7. Yea alright, sorry mate. Talked to way to many kids who talk shit saying they own the latest/biggest, or are buying them, just to try and make there e-penis look bigger. But all good on your behalf. But as Vako said, MacPro or Dell. Just find the most expensive and your done.
  8. compensating for something? Judging by your first post, and by the one i quoted, i rate your between 14-17 years of age.
  9. download and install XAMPP :)
  10. I dont mind the story as of much, last Xmas my girlfriend made me read the Twilight book (without seeing the film first), and as much as it is a 16yo's love story, it wasnt to bad, with nothing to do between my 4 month Uni summer holiday, i read all 4 books, and by the end the series was pretty good, still very much a love story, but readable for a 20yo male. Then the first movie... Acting was poor, and very much a B-Grade film. There is more hype for the actors than what there is for the film, and for me the film kinda brings shame to story. but now its a cash cow that they shall ride into the billion dollar sunset. The Vampire Diaries :) True Blood :) If the cast from Vamp Diaries did Twilight, shit might be good.
  11. I would suggest start buy watching the shows, that will give you a starting point, and some ideas, from there research, google, and play.
  12. ... you banned him for having a link to a shitty site in his sig... ?
  13. Incorrect. PCI - 133 MB/s Firewire - 50-400 MB/s Firewire is considered a high speed communications connection, due to the use of isochronous real-time data transfer.
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