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  1. Hey guys, I've recently acquired an old ELO touchscreen and wish to put it into good use. My idea is to hook it up to a box with a music share on it, and run some sort of jukebox software compatable with a touchscreen. Obviously I'd lock down the machine to only allow use of this one program, my last attempt ended in drunk people googling songs instead of using provided music and ended up being spammed with malware. In short, has anyone ever used a touchscreen as a pseudo-jukebox..and how did it turn out?
  2. Anyone still have spare invites? robblerobble48@gmail.com Thanks :P
  3. Hi guys! I'm new here to Hak5 and new to generally the security/hacking scene. I'm an IT student in college and I'm really interested in security, so of course hacking also :P . I was wondering where a good starting point is? I've never cracked a password or a WEP router or anything, I'm fresh meat! Thanks for the suggestions!
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