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  2. BESSIDE-NG - Customized for Pineapple TETRA I'm writing a relative short post, as i don't feel like writing an entire article explaining how-to install this and use this. I've compiled a customized version of besside-ng, that will automatically scan all the channels from 1 to 165. The scan will take almost a minute to complete, compared to some seconds when only scanning the 2.4GHz range. Also added option to only scan WEP or WPA networks. I've also changed the directory that the logs gets saved to. They can now be found in /tmp The files are as usual: wep.cap, wpa.cap, besside.log As usual, you can find it ready and compiled on my GitHub repo: (source-code is there as well) https://github.com/adde88/besside-ng_pineapple I will not be providing heavy support on this. I might take a couple short questions, or if you have a good idea for any improvements i might take my time and implement it. Cheerio!
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  4. Hi all Just checking, but I presume that the blocking of comunication with DJI through the hacked Go4 app will mean that this September 1st blocking of taking off won't apply to us? https://www.engadget.com/2017/08/22/dji-grounds-spark-drones-unless-they-update/ Thanks
  5. Pentesting/Hacking at 16

    Early on, see if you can take some courses on Linux / Administration / Security. You'll need the ability to understand basic Linux commands and the fundamentals of IT Security, as well as the pentesting itself. On the basis of 'if you don't ask, you don't get', ask companies if they will let you shadow / take part in work experience. You don't necessarily have to do this through your school / college, there will still be companies out there that will let you do work experience. Build yourself a PenTesting lab. This doesn't have to be expensive or even cost anything at all; people actually give away old PCs all the time, and these are more than suitable early on. Look on Schpock, FreeCycle, eBay, ask friends and family etc. and see if you can grab some bargains. Routers are fun to pentest as well, and people generally just throw old ones out. Get to the library and read as many books as you can on pentesting, security, hacking, Linux, Windows, iOS, networking, Python, C++/C#, PowerShell and whatever else you can find. Soak it all up like a sponge and practice things until you can write code in your sleep and hack in your daydreams (as well as in your lab ) You can delve deeper in to pentesting itself once you are old enough to work, but if you set yourself up with a good, solid foundation of scripting/programming knowledge and have a play with old PCs and routers, etc., you'll have a great head-start in the business when you do get there. Download Metasploit and Metasploitable and have a play
  6. Wifi on monitoring

    airmon-ng check kill airmon-ng start wlan0 airodump-ng wlan0mon Profit.
  7. [RESOLVED] OS specific command

  8. [RESOLVED] OS specific command

    yes, what you have written on your post is correct. Again, I apologize for any confusion I've caused.
  9. [RESOLVED] OS specific command

    Yes that was the question ^^ All the conclusion i have drawn from my test and wrote on my post are right.
  10. Delay disregard?

    I've always used delay like so: Q DELAY 1000
  11. [RESOLVED] OS specific command

    Oh, my bad. I think I misunderstood. I thought you were asking if there was any way to run commands on the target computer without having to open a shell.
  12. [RESOLVED] OS specific command

    It's exactly what i said no ?
  13. [RESOLVED] OS specific command

    You can run unix commands in the payload - those will run on the bb itself, not the target computer. (someone correct me if I'm wrong) If you want to run commands on the target machine, you will need to open a terminal on their computer.
  14. Delay disregard?

    Can you post your code ? (in a code block)
  15. BashBunny (Hardware 2.0) Maybe?

    I don't look at the video for the moment, but why do you want bluetooth on the BB ?
  16. Hi all I noticed somthing weird.. my Tetra resets all when i reboot it. it´s running 1.1.2... Any suggestions ? something must be stuck...
  17. What is the packet squirrel?

    You already broke that deal.
  18. [RESOLVED] OS specific command

    Hi, I'm still working with my BB, i am actually work on disabling the wifi on OSX with this command networksetup -setairportpower en0 off" According to my test, if i good understand, in payload you can use directly all command supported by unix (the operating system of the BB). For all other OS specific command we must open a terminal, and : Q STRING "networksetup -setairportpower en0 off" Q ENTER Is there any way to run os specific command in the payload without opening a terminal ?
  19. Monitoring Unassociated Clients

    Not sure if I edit my last post, but after a full day of scanning we found it logs probe requests for 10min and then stops? Restart fixes it but cannot restart every 10min? Any ideas.
  20. FCC hack stays after updates.
  21. SysKey - Bashbunny

    I have tried change the first boot device to USB for Windwos 7 password reset , but the USB is useless for me .the USB can't be recognized on computer , i am very confused maybe i should try the DVD or CD , but which is better ?
  22. SysKey - Bashbunny

    I have tried change the first boot device to USB for Windwos 7 reset , but the USB is useless for me . maybe i should try the DVD or CD , but which is better ?
  23. Pentesting/Hacking at 16

    Thank you so much for your input. I was looking at getting the bash bunny as well as I've heard it can do a lot, but was unsure due to the high price... The big problem is my age and being as I haven't got a job in cyber security and probably wont for another few years. Is there a point of me getting this, if yes, is there a way I can use my skills LEGALLY but also not just on myself?
  24. Notepad from Locked PC? Possible?

    On windows you can't, but on unix and osx you can open a invited user i think with some tab and enter input and open a text editor
  25. Bash Bunny Manager

    Ok, take your time i will work on my side on project to learn more and more on BB. Feel free to send me a PM
  26. Bash Bunny Manager

    Thanks, that's appreciated! I'll post more information once I get some time for the Bunny again. I have seen it, but what we have planned will translate to other products as well in the future. Saying that, one does not negate the other.
  27. Bash Bunny Manager

    :O Has NO ONE seen WabbitWeb... This is Sebkinne's Updater:
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