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  2. How do you have your white/black list config setup. If you have it set to whitelist then only device MACs in the pool will be able to connect and obtain an IP.
  3. @Zylla response is understandable. The process of doing so can cause issues if done wrong that could brick the device. Someone not comfortable in a Linux environment should probably do a little research prior to trying the method to hopefully prevent a problem. Nothing mean was said to any user. Some steps required are already documented like how to SSH into the pineapple: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471514-Secure-Shell and how to transfer files to the pineapple via command line: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360025819673-Manual-Firmware-Installation I'm sure other users will appreciate your detailed post. When a video or write up detailing the install process does not already exist it is not denying anyone of information. I'm sure any questions arose from someone attempting the process would be answered by a willing to help member!
  4. KYour original question wasnt refering to any particular hardware that why you couldnt get an answer and 24 years of linux thats impressive
  5. Do you have a clear line of sight to the other point? How high are you working with for antenna placement? Minimum data rate required?
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  7. My bad... I bought a packet squirrel, thinking that I could use the OpenWRT Image Builder to build something custom instead of what comes in it, out of the box, so to speak. Tried the update. Didn't work when I followed the upgrade path detailed in the pages of online documentation. No go. Having tried the USB method, I then tried placing the bin file in /tmp and running the upgrade command directly. No go. So I tried a custom ROM bin file I created using the OpenWRT Image Builder, didn't flash from USB, so I tried the Manual Method, as I did with the stock upgrade bin file currently available for download to the public on the Hak5 downloads page. Just one day old when I downloaded it and I'm thinking this has surely got to work. No go, although it did proceed, as though the sysupgrade command command had been successful. Then the screen went black. The Packet Squirrel only flashes a couple of quick times then goes out, and never has it booted since. Can I get a dev team member to address this, please? (Sorry about the original double post. I tried backing up in my browser to fix a typo and got a second post out of the deal. My bad. Seems that there is no means to edit/correct a post from this side.) No noobs allowed to reply. None of us actually have time for questions to our questions, that aren't a direct answer to the question at hand.
  8. Yes, or no. I have been building Linux systems since 1996, and I don't think my question was answered, directly. So I will make it plain vanilla. Can a custom bin file be installed in the same manner as the stock builds provided by the Hak5 Team? The Open WRT site has a ROM listed for the Packet Squirrel, and the detailed directions there also point to the use of the OpenWRT Image Builder. Can WE use them to build into the current Packet Squirrel??
  9. What frequency does the Alfa Wifi amplifer on HAK5 shop operate on - it does not say!
  10. How am i able to use a raspberry pi (linked to Cisco server with USB and VGA) and be able to kvm into the cisco server to obtain information and or set static ip in bios as you would with a crash cart?
  11. @Jtyle6 Yes, I did it exactly as shown in the video. I meant that i had to plug it in and out 3 times, and the fourth time it will recover the firmware. I also had that red/blue blinking. That was working
  12. That's good! And deauthing clients is usually better for me then trying to deauth a router. I would think that targeting the router in order to deauth all the clients would be better, but I've really only gotten that to work mostly with older routers
  13. It's four times, on the fourth time you leave it in for five minters. it's coved in this Documentation page. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360023739914-Factory-Reset And video.
  14. Hi Yesterday, I wasn't home so I worked with my BB on my laptop. Suddenly when I switched to arming-mode, windows said I need to format the BB before I can use it. This would delete ALL data that was stored on the BB so I didn't do it. Later, when I was back home, I tried to plug it in my PC and I got the same issue, so it's not my laptop's fault. I tried to reset it with this 3 times unplug thing in arming mode, that worked but I still got the same issue. Some sreenshots are attached below. Should I format the BB? I think it would maybe delete the whole system so I couldn't be able to use it anymore. Any solutions?
  15. Please in here. https://forums.hak5.org/forum/91-wifi-pineapple-tetra/
  16. Schade das hier so wenig los ist 😞
  17. Yesterday
  18. Which hardware are you refering to and can you link to the rom.
  19. I tried using the default upgrade process to install a custom ROM I built using the OpenWRT Image Builder, since I found the Reference Board used by Packet Squirrel in the options to build to. Now it won't start at all. A simple flash in the LED when I plug it in is all I get. Did I brick this device?
  20. I tried using the default upgrade process to install a custom ROM I built using the OpenWRT Image Builder, since I found the Reference Board used by Packet Squirrel i the options to build to. Now it won't start at all. A simple flash in the LED when I plug it in is all I get. Did I brick this device?
  21. I have considered creating a custom built ROM for this device using the OpenWRT Image Builder, because I want to use StrongSwan instead of OpenVPN. Is upgrading to a custom built image possible, or are we only able to use that which the Hak5 Team has created? If upgrading to custom ROM is possible, what install steps are different from the default upgrade process?
  22. Hi. I connecting the PineApple Tetra un My Kali Linux. But only has a connect when I connect un wireless network. For the eth1 not has a connection never. Only un my phone. Help me please.
  23. Pale Emp1re There is a factory reset doc located at https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/categories/360000979313-LAN-Turtle with the other docs. It is easy to reset. Just make sure you download the factory recovery firmware and not the the standard build. Also on my Turtle 3G the reset button was on the other side from the pictures in the manual but still worked as documented. Hope it helps.
  24. I'm not trying to be vague. I simply don't want to be hold responsible for people bricking their devices. Download/transfer the IPK-file from my repo to your Pineapple. SSH/SCP/wget, whatever works best for you. SSH to the Pineapple and run the command below within the same directory you downloaded/transferred the file to. opkg update ; opkg install sslsplit_0.5.5-1_mips_24kc.ipk -d sd There's no prerequisites, except having an active internet connection on the Pineapple while installing. This is not a part of the official module which you can download on the Pineapple, but you should be able to use the module with this package. When i get time, i'll create a fork of the official Module, so that people not experienced with this stuff can use it to setup everything via the Module GUI.
  25. Hi, This is a 'very newbe' question. I have setup the Nano. I created an SSID "free_Wifi" under networking - open SSID. Hide Open SSID is not checked. I can see the SSID with another device (Huawei phone) but I can not connect. "network access denied". I tried forget this network and connect again but same result. What am I doing wrong? thanks in advance for your help. Cees
  26. make sure your network is only a 2.5ghz network . I have deauthed devices capable of using 2.5 Ghz and 5 Ghz, and because the router was broadcasting both bands from what I could see the only thing that happened was the deauthed 2.5 Ghz connected device just moved to the 5 Ghz network (depending on signal strength to the 5 Ghz network). Other things i have noticed that helped was to increase the deauth packets being sent when using a deauth script or sending deauth packets to a client. Unless of course you have setup your pineapple to work off both bands based on what you are trying to do . Which i wont say you can or cant do because its possible but im feeling like your thinking ( i deauthed this device it should be unable to connect ) . Sometimes i would send deauths that were not so aggressive ( less packets ) but the device would disconnect and reconnect so quickly, i never saw much other than the device just being connected the whole time. Other times ive deauthed devices within close proximity with no prob. and same amount of packets being sent per second .
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