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  2. Generating an EMP, that is directional? As someone with a degree in physics I'm simply going to shake my head, and say no.
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  4. are the filters set to allow connections?
  5. Hey guys new to the forums! I won't make this long I'm starting a project and I would like to make a drone jammer gun (and not buy one that costs $10,000 dollars). I have 6 months to deliver a final product, conecptual design, or a scale model that might work on mini drones. I've been diving deep in the internet but haven't found any schematics or blueprints to make a circuit that delivers enough power to take down a drone at a good distance. I've been reading about RF jamming and GPS jamming but I need a lot of studying to do. I have LOTS of work to do but I'm motivat
  6. Well I got everything set up. I am using Rockyou as my SSID for people to connect to. I tried with another phone. I can see it under wifi connections. But when I clik on it, it says Authentication Error Occured. Any suggestions?
  7. You just need to turn off the router. Connect a LAN cable to an available port and the other end to the internet radio. Turn on the router as well as the radio. Go to the configurations settings of the radio (navigate via the screen) then go to the internet or connection settings. When asked to choose between wired and wireless, choose wired. You have just connected the radio to the internet. Connecting via Wi-Fi is much easier. Just turn on the radio and navigate to the internet connection settings.
  8. Hi newbi3. Here is the issue that I, as well as everyone else I believe, are having with the Evil Portal module on the WiFi Pineapple MK7. Using the built-in basic portal When creating a new portal choosing the "basic" option, it creates the required files (based on the skeleton) and you start the servers, whether you use the preview option or run it live from another device, the Evil Portal landing page appears and allows you to click on the "Authorise" button, but the page simply refreshes. No message appears to say you have or hand not been authorised. Using a pre-built
  9. Got it working, but Pineapple not working great in Windows, going to have to change to Linux
  10. Guys & Gals! Here is my situation. My laptop crashed about a month ago, and lost everything. I had to get a new account here at hak5. My Nano was already set up before. So starting all over. First of all I cannot log into htttp://172.42.1:1471 says page cannot be found. Do I have to press the reset button Nano and start all over? Any input appreciated.
  11. this doesn't seem right... you should never insert the SD card *after* you have plugged in the Ducky, the SD card should be inserted in the Ducky when it's "cold", i.e. *before* plugging it in to the computer where the payload is to be used
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  13. I was trying to make a small useragent collector script that goes like this 1- get the clients from other aps connected to our pineapple using deauth/karma2- grab their user agent from their connection requests(apps and sevices ) or using a captive portal page to get it faster3- store their (device name - mac address - useragent - and the network name that they was connected to or their ssids prob requests ) in a db or in more details : 1- the same steps as evil twin scripts [ print the available wifi adapters to choose from then ask if they want to scan all channels or a speci
  14. Da31

    red led

    I will happily do so, and maybe it will also help others later on I received the package and connected the sd card using the adapter I received. My computer opened the root of the card and there I put a bin file (I have attached a screenshot) http://darren.kitchen/ducktest/inject.bin I then removed the adapter from the computer and plugged in the ducky, the light I received was a solid red light and remained so even when I inserted the sd card. After contacting technical support I was asked to download a kit https://downloads.hak5.org/api/devices/usbrubberducky/tools/ducky_flash_tools
  15. Hello Foxtrot, I was able to install the kmod for my AWUS036AC, and it looks good at first. I run "watch -n 0.1 dmesg" and connect it, everything seems fine, I can see some messages for wlan3. But when I use wlan3 to scan for networks, the Pineapple immediately reboots, I can't even see anything on dmesg output. is there a way to get my crash dump, or to see there is none and it might be a power fault? My Laptop's USB C schould at least support 2A, and I also think I already tried with an actively powered USB Hub. Thank you.
  16. Hello, It's just a bit of a shame... I bought the tactical elite field kit less than 6 months ago. With it came a pineapple tetra which has just a few more months of updates. If I had known the Mark7 was coming out soon, I would have waited a few more months 😕
  17. I have been trying to create a custom Evil Portal landing page for the WiFi Pineapple. When users join my rouge access point Evil Portal opens up a Captive Portal. This is normally used by WiFi networks to register users before letting them onto the internet. You can phish for credentials this way usually with the Pineapple. However, I want to do something different. I want to send the users to another site after they register. Is this possible?
  18. I guess the support for the Tetra (and the Nano) will continue to get "lackier" as time goes. They are part of past generations now and won't get official support any longer (see link below). It's of course possible to continue to develop and use modules for them, but my simple guess is that the absolute majority of users will slide over to the Mk7. That's where the future is when it comes to tech ananas. It's like living in a small village, the young seekers move to the flashy cities and the old ppl stays and in that case you have to repair your tractor yourself 😉 https://forums.hak5.org
  19. You can always try to push for a return of the Ducky. The only way I can see you could get more help here is to describe all the steps you make in detail (from very start to finish) so that ppl here can try to find something that's missing in the process. Other from that, only a "hands on" support scenario is the way forward as I see it, but that could be difficult if you don't have anyone close that can assist you irl.
  20. I found the tetra hardware really good over the years. Especially when adequately powered. Plugins or modules as they are known are community made so are not by hak5 directly. What I found with them was each major firmware revision there were sometimes enough changes that occasionally one or two of the modules broke. Sometimes it was simple fixes or tweaks others required the developer (if still around) to fix. Usually going to the forums and reading the (sometimes whole) relevant modules thread led to the answers. Now I have the MK7 and im finding it pretty solid, fast and refined
  21. Hi, I appreciate the feedback. I was helping the person by letting them know they needed to investigate the modules further, especially as they had gotten themselves so close to the answer. What they were asking for was already in there possession. So just a little more reading and they would understand there question was mute. Give a man a phish and he hacks for a day, teach him how to phish and he hacks forever EDIT - also, nothing much good (or legal) comes from a continuous deauth.
  22. I bought the Tetra but the support for it very much feels lacking. A lot of plugins and software seems like they were supposed to be for the Mark V but copied over to the Tetra and in general, the Tetra felt very buggy.
  23. Why be like this? This is a help forum. This person took the time to post to ask a question to get help. Instead of being vague and not answering the question, perhaps help the person in the forum dedicated to those seeking help and asking questions.
  24. Hi Arch, I was just setting this up and had the same issue. Resolved it by plugging into the wall with main power supply rather than relying on USB power. Assuming this was a power delivery issue. PS @Zylla hcxtools is not found when installing with your script for some reason. Seems it was removed from OpenWRT Repo?
  25. Yes you can. You need a way to server the scripts and conditions setup either in the cradle that handles running the script on the local machine or code at the end of each script to run the next. I hate tooting my own horn but that is exactly what the outdated BBTPS does. You can use it or use it as an example of something like that would work. Of course it is just an automated way how other post exploit frameworks work like Empire, Metasploit or Convenant. You create a server with node, python, etc that runs on BB, you quake a command to call server to get first script which s
  26. Da31

    red led

    The truth is I have already tried with three different sd cards, and the problem remains, the support gave me steps to go through them but they also did not really solve the problem and I am pretty stuck
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