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  2. Do I need to be locally present, close to the target? If I set up rails in the middle on a webserver that is also running a DNS server and them make, somehow, the user use that DNS instead of the ISP's, could I temper a request from www.amazon.com and add something to the index.html page? How could I possibly protect myself from that besides regularly checking my DNS to see if its the correct one? I want to test that thing. I spent almost 2 days thinking about this and trying to figure out ways to make it work, and then how to make it not work on my machines. Haha.
  3. A single BTS can have multiple TRXs and hence a different frequency assigned to each of these.
  4. _0NiTy

    This Is A Waste Of Moeny

    Pineapple still has it's uses, if you know what you're doing .... It's not a (toy) device that you can just plug-in and watch it work, no. As mentioned above, you have to make configurations to get modules working and it helps to know some coding languages, like PHP for example. If you bought the device out of sheer ignorance based off what you saw someone else do and not knowing how to replicate or improve, then perhaps you did waste your money or you can take the time to properly learn from it. Regarding BB, THIS LITTLE THING IS AWESOME. Sure, some payloads are deprecated but doesn't mean they can't be revived by editing the code. If you don't know how to do that, then obviously it won't work. Majority of the payloads that came with it by default are detected by Windows (shit) Defender and some popular anti-virus software. You need to code the payload to evade detection where possible. Even so, it's not required for you to use the resources publicly available. You can make your own and test things out without sharing 😉
  5. There might already be some man-in-the-middle tools that provide this types of technique. To do this yourself will take research, it's not that hard to accomplish but also not that simple to explain. The quickest suggestion I have is with a ettercap filter. What I have done in the past with a ettercap filter, replace a html lstring like </TITTLE> with your payload </TITTLE><iframe SRC=rat.exe> do research on ettercap. Learn what works and does not work.
  6. junkh3ap

    Nano Configuration Backup

    It looks like I can make a backup of the /etc/config directory and that will take care of most of my issue.
  7. Hi all, I followed this site (https://ryan-villarreal.com/2018/07/02/pineapple-is-delicious/) to download and install Site Survey so I could start grabbing WPA2 handshakes from access points. At the bottom of my Site Survey screen I now I have a successful handshake captured, but if I click "Download" I see an animated Pineapple icon next to "Download" for a few seconds, but then nothing happens - the download is never offered. I'll try another browser too, but does anybody know where these are stored locally on the Pineapple if I have to get them the manual way? Brian
  8. Is there a way to backup all of the configuration - networking, PineAP, etc. - so that after a firmware upgrade you don't have to redo all of that stuff? I can't find a way in the UI, and am unsure where I might be able to do that via ssh. Help is appreciated.
  9. I made this a few weeks ago. https://github.com/bg-wa/rails_in_the_middle Set up the app and point your DNS to it, point the app to the site you want to modify, and inject whatever code you want before it's sent to the user (also works the other direction, sending data to the original server). *Also not sure how practical this is, but its possible.
  10. Nice, the forum doesn't allow the OP to edit his own thread. What I wanted to do was to have the user type in a website domain and get the contents of that website altered so I could add some code to it, and I wanted to do that only by changing his DNS servers. I don't know how practical that is, I just wanted to know if its possible, and how.
  11. Let's say I've managed to change my target's DNS How could I inject a payload (from a RAT) directly into the webpage of my victim? I don't want them to get redirected to a fake website, I just want to inject them with malicious code.
  12. omarrios357

    problemas con el NANO

    mi problema esque no deja que los clientes se conecten a el y no se puede realizar el DWALL
  13. trashbo4t

    [RELEASE] Hak5 Cloud C2 v1.0.X

    Made a little video for setting up the cloud on your home network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmWccbZnE9k&amp;feature=youtu.be
  14. Dave-ee Jones

    Problems with a Passive Network Tap on Gigabit PoE

    I mean plug a non-PoE switch into the first switch, and then plug the laptop into the second switch (daisy-chaining is just linking lots of the same thing, basically). You could still see if it does anything - only if you've got another switch lying around. The aim is to reduce the immediate load on the first switch and see if it helps. If so, there's probably an issue with that switch. It may not help, though.
  15. Cau5tic

    [RELEASE] Hak5 Cloud C2 v1.0.X

    Excellent work guys and we all appreciate the cost for the community version. It just goes to show that you guys are more interested in helping the community versus just trying to make a quick buck. So many people getting started do not have the funds, again props to you all! Your hard work is appreciated... Cheers
  16. I'm not sure I follow what you mean by daisy chaining a second non-PoE switch. The laptop isn't taking any power from the PoE switch, but it is most definitely causing an imbalance on the line. The connection from switch to phone it extremely fragile in this case. If I disturb the line at all by plugging into the Tx or Rx side of the passive tap, the phone momentarily drops off the network. When stability returns to the line and the phone recovers, the capturing laptop has problems and will not see the traffic or will only see it sporadically. The new design places some blocking capacitors on the tapped conductors in an effort to keep any inadvertent DC draw occurring due to the presence of the laptop. So far this solution has worked.There are a few more cases I'd like to test to make sure the solution is as robust as I hope. To replicate the problem I'm seeing, try to capture traffic using the Throwing Star LAN tap with a gigabit VoIP phone connected to a gigabit PoE switch.
  17. Yesterday
  18. trashbo4t

    War Stories using Turtle

    ha fooled you they're both me! /s 😉
  19. I was working on a script that would get MAC addresses from a text file then indentify their make. I ran into a problem with grep while trying to use a variable for pattern matching. Firstly I was getting the MACs from a file and save them to a separate file. #I suck at regular expressions so you know a shorter way to write this please tell me. grep -io '[A-Z0-9]\{2\}:[A-Z0-9]\{2\}:[A-Z0-9]\{2\}:[A-Z0-9]\{2\}:[A-Z0-9]\{2\}:[A-Z0-9]\{2\}' /root/air/NPC-01.csv | sort -u > /root/air/macs.txt The following statement works if I want to retrieve a single manufacturer. grep $(echo 00:20:8C:30:40:60 | cut -d ':' -f 1,2,3 | sed 's/:/-/g') /etc/unicornscan/oui.txt | cut -d ':' -f 2 But really I want to to something like this. The problem is I'm not sure if grep will even work like this. Basically I want to take $line from mac.txt (where macs.txt is simply a list of MAC addresses) and get the first three hexadecimal pairs and check them against oui.txt cat /root/air/macs.txt | while read line; do grep $(echo $line | cut -d ':' -f 1,2,3 | sed 's/:/-/g') /etc/unicornscan/oui.txt | cut -d ':' -f 2; done I tried this a couple of different ways. I wasn't sure how to make grep or egrep take variables. Basically the problem I've been having is grep will want to puke out the entire contents of oui.txt or nothing at all.
  20. tesla_boy

    can anyone solve this?

    i strucked on the second level.... plz tell me that thing where is that.... key
  21. Pol DeNais

    Mobile App security Demo

    Hi All, new to the forum so was looking for some advice and help. I am looking at purchasing the hak5 Essentials Field kit (really because it looks cool) for a demo at a stand that I have to give on Mobile App Security in my workplace. I know the Field kit isn't exactly linked to anything related to Mobile App Security but I was thinking on just giving a demo on "the dangers connecting to Public Wifis". The audience passing through aren't in any distinct working group within cybersecurity so they sometimes just like to see something simple and related to Cybersecurity that would shock them in their everyday lives. I was just wondering if anyone has any other ideas that I could demo on using the kit, that lets say was exactly related to Mobile App security or Mobile security as I will have various android and iOS devices sitting on the stand. Sorry for all the long reading above. thanks, Paul
  22. RazerBlade

    This Is A Waste Of Moeny

    The BashBunny can have some uses, but the Pineapple is complete garbage.
  23. A single GSM cell is served by a single BTS. However a single cell has support for multiple frequencies. Does this mean that a single BTS has multiple ARFCNs?
  24. digininja

    can anyone solve this?

    Sorry, I don't connect to random onion sites.
  25. photonproton07

    can anyone solve this?

    the link for the ctf is : iscofsimkzap3msk.onion
  26. digininja

    can anyone solve this?

    just enter the link and click the button, it is easy
  27. photonproton07

    can anyone solve this?

    hey, I am stuck at level 4 of this CTF challenge, can any of you guys help me in solving this?
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