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  2. Hey guys, I'm sure this has been posted before, but I cannot find anything that works. Here is my situation: I have had my bash bunny a while, and initially it worked fine on both linux and windows. I could access the file directory through file explorer. Now, when I plug my bunny in, it is not detected by my linux box, and when I plug in on Windows it tells me it is not accessible due to device type. I have done the hard reset by plugging and unplugging the bunny x4, and nothing changes. I can access the bunny via serial on linux. How can I fix this so I can
  3. That's a convenient way of relocating the antennas. I decided not to alter the original case in any way so I 3D printed an alternative variant instead so that the Mk7 can be restored to stock. Looks almost exactly the same (as the picture) when it comes to antenna positions, but I added an extra "box" on top of the original case that lowers the antennas making it a bit more compact when it comes to height/length. In addition, I also added a bracket for my Alfa ACM external USB 5 GHz NIC so that it all comes together as one unit.
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  5. ok found this info in another post stock config Front side = USB ports + button Left side = WLAN1 Back Side = WLAN0 Right Side = WLAN2 https://forums.hak5.org/topic/53167-which-antenna-is-for-each-radio-alfa-ac-card-help/?tab=comments#comment-332783 I decided to move my antenna's to one side so it's easier to use inside a backpack. Fairly easy to do, used a 1/4" drill bit by hand (as to not crack the plastic) and small wrenches to tighten the connectors.
  6. I haven't used my plunder bug for a while now and It seems like there was an update with bug sur and ASIX IC's being unsupported now...based my quick googling https://plugable.com/blogs/news/asix-ethernet-adapters-unsupported-on-macos-big-sur Am I correct to say my plunderbug wont work until this issue is resolved or has anyone found a workaround?
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  8. The laptop *can* provide 3A according to the USB-C specification. But the Wifi Pineapple requests only 200mA from the laptop, and according to USB spec laptop is not obliged to provide more power than requested by the device. That is my question: why would not WifiPineapple request 2000mA instead of 200mA? Is it relevant at all?
  9. PineAP Daemon: Disabled Notice: In order to use Recon, PineAP must first be enabled. recon Not available。 ![](https://ftp.bmp.ovh/imgs/2021/05/619f8437333f811b.png) ![](https://ftp.bmp.ovh/imgs/2021/05/3f8d010f48f63d20.png)
  10. uboot flashed in the WiFi Pineapple NANO Recovery Firmware to return to normal.
  11. Hi, I have read that SSL strip only works on Internet Explorer, because it doesn't have the HSTS preloaded list. However it is possible for an SSL strip attack to work on Chrome and Firefox, if the website that is being attacked has not enabled HSTS. Thanks!
  12. Changelog: - Added SSID to the MK7 notification and .logs (Recon or PineAP must be on) - Neaten up files into folders
  13. You should go with a power source that is known to be capable of delivering the set amount of power needed by the Mk7. If you can't be sure about what your laptop can provide, then you can't be sure about how reliable the Mk7 will be. 2 Amps is 2 Amps.
  14. I connected the Mark VII to the type-c port of my laptop and checked the lsusb output, specifically the advertised MaxPower which is set to 200mA. According to the Mark VII specs it should have the 2A power supply, so I wonder if it can bring any troubles if my laptop decides to limit the current to the value of MaxPower=200mA? Or will it provide the 2A regardless of what is set in the MaxPower USB descriptor field? Or should I always use the USB power bank with the minimum 2A rating? I've had issues with USB power limit on previous pineapple nano, and it would be nice to be sure wh
  15. If it was me, I would do the firmware recovery again and make sure to use the correct recovery image and then upgrade to the latest firmware version (2.7.0). My Nano shows a newer version of nginx so you are at least not running the latest firmware version. Also remember that you need to "extend" your scanning options if you want port 1471 to show up when using nmap. It won't show in a standard scan and you have to include that port (or a range where that port is included) with the -p option/parameter.
  16. I don't understand what you are saying. But if it is what I think it is, when you download the folder from github, it would rename the folder to "wifipass-capture-master" something like that. Before you go to evil portal to enable it, ensure that the word "master" is removed from the folder name and its just "wifipass-capture". I've noticed this myself last week when I had to get a clean version of it off github. The folder issue would be fixed in a small update forthcoming within the next 24 - 48 hours. If after renaming it and it still doesn't enable, you woul
  17. Yes, I can upload to my Cloud C2 instance manually using C2EXFIL from my device. upload_test.txt
  18. have you found on the new FW that the enable option doesnt work ???
  19. I plugged a AWUS036ACM into it and worked out the box - picked up 5ghz and 2.4 - asked if i wanted to scan 5 or 2.4 or both ..... i didn't even do have to do nothing. thumbs up!!!
  20. I use firefox and opera, I do not think that a plugin or add-on is the cause of the problem, because it has already worked before, I have not tried the incognito mode. today after multiple reboots, the problem is gone , I don't understand anything anymore ...
  21. I'm sorry for not specifing the scenario. I'm trying to run this ducky script: https://pastebin.com/DcCufxgP Here is an image from the output: https://pasteboard.co/K1wwB93.png I've found the problem 🙂 The 0 char was wrongly configured in the json file. But based on the de keyboard layout I've managed to find the correct hex for my 0 char. The problem was that a normal layout uses 1234567890 on the keyboard, but the hungarian layout is 0123456789. So it is a totally different 0 pozition. Thanks a lot for the help! 🙂
  22. Hmmm, tell a bit more about the scenario, in what way is that PowerShell script introduced? Are you running an already existing PowerShell script on the "victim" machine from the Ducky (which shouldn't be a problem) or are you introducing the PowerShell script using the Ducky, i.e. quacking out strings that contain the script and then save it on the "victim" machine and then executing it?
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