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  2. Unbrick BashBunny method - not guaranteed

    I’m not sure what you mean by this? Anyone can edit the wikis...
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  4. Unbrick BashBunny method - not guaranteed

    Yes, well you are, obviously, free to edit that. :)
  5. What is the packet squirrel?

    All the ones I mentioned could all be BS domains :-) The Squirrel is the only one we know is real.
  6. Strange quacking behaviour. Bug?

    Yes, as a workaround for now that actually works. Thanks!
  7. What is the packet squirrel?

    If I were Darren I'd register at least one BS domain, just to keep people guessing.
  8. Mac address gps tracker. Google database?

    That would be interesting if its in the database, client mac's approx GPS location, or multiple locals if picked up multiple times. Maybe wigle would be worth a check also.
  9. Unbrick BashBunny method - not guaranteed

    Hey. Awesome. I actually got a UART adapter for this reason!
  10. Unbrick BashBunny method - not guaranteed

    I can only reiterate that this is what the wiki is for.
  11. VMWare Help

    No you're right i'm stupid. It was a .bundle file. Trying to open it with Text Editor but it's takign a while, when it's done i'll post the script here. EDIT: This script tends to kinda freeze my browser when I try and paste it. Might be easier for me to send it to you(It's a 356MB File) and you can look at it through your text editor.
  12. Mac address gps tracker. Google database?

    This looks interesting. I was thinking client mac addresses is what I maybe looking for.
  13. What is the packet squirrel?

    Soon-ish :-P Or one of my favorite things I did at DerbyCon 2016 booth...
  14. What is the packet squirrel?

    See my post here about other possible items, While nothing is confirmed by the team, these are registered by Darren. However, it should be noted that only the PacketSquirrel.com domain has any content. The others all give errors. Also even if those were the names of new tools, a name still gives us nothing about how the tool carries out its attack or what it can do to aid pivoting. Except maybe the way it connects for example USBLadyBug = USB device attack meaning physical access to device under test will be needed ScreenCrab = No idea on attack style but it seems like it could be a remote screen grabbing tool (I've no idea how this could work if it was that) USBBoomStick = again USB in name so suppose another tool needing physical access Only about 2 days to go
  15. What is the packet squirrel?

    We have not been able to figure out what the other ones are. We only know about the Packet Squirrel because of the banner at DefCon.
  16. What is the packet squirrel?

    I believe the other two are variations of the lan turtle (lan turtle 3g and another unspecified).
  17. What is the packet squirrel?

    Okay cool, thanks for the clarification
  18. What is the packet squirrel?

    He said he'd probably open the pre-order on Friday, but no guarntee.
  19. What is the packet squirrel?

    Darren confirmed that 3 devices are going to be released on Friday. - Packet Squirrel just seems to be one of them (unless there are 2 versions of the squirrel - like the Nano and Tetra are 2 versions of the same tool). Anyway looking forward. Still no pre-order, Seems I'm going to have to be okay with ordering on the unveiling, just hope the team can ship quickly. (otherwise, I can always play when I get back from my trip)
  20. Mac address gps tracker. Google database?

    Wasn't that something Sammy Kamkar did but google borked it. He says its still possible for the motivated reader. "I then take the MAC address and send it along to Google Location Services. This is an HTTP-based service where router MAC addresses are mapped to approximate GPS " http://www.samy.pl/mapxss/
  21. Google used to drive around and log mac addresses of access points and log gps location until this raised privacy concerns. So what they did after this was used smart phones to collect this data in the same manner but with the proper terms and conditions accepted by the user. One of my habits is watching traffic on my network. I have seen my old samsung s5 sending mac adddress with gps x,y locations in plain text. This was a running service that sparked my intrest. this information can be used to locate a labtop, tablet, cell phone or anything with a mac address. If millions Of smart phone users have been collecting this data and building googles database. It should be no problem to search for a mac address and retrieve a gps location. Here is a example of a mac address and gps logger/tracker. https://cellphonetrackers.org/gsm/wifi-tracker.php Here is an google api https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/geolocation/intro Any one know if google has given public accesss to this database?
  22. Windows Internet Connection Sharing

    There is a payload for Windows that does this all for you called "Windows NIC Sharing". Should be in your payload library under General. :) Hope that helps a lil.
  23. Unbrick BashBunny method - not guaranteed

    Yeah I'm working on a tutorial to replace the firmware using UART for bricked BashBunny's when this method fails. - But will definitely void the warranty.
  24. Strange quacking behaviour. Bug?

    just thought about a temporary fix you could try until the real fix comes: LED SETUP ATTACKMODE HID DUCKY_LANG no Q STRING ipconfig all > f:\loot\test.doc Q ENTER Q STRING ipconfig all > f:\loot\test.tx Q STRING t Q ENTER LED G 100 it's worth a try anyway
  25. WPA2 - Broken

    I like LiveOverflow's videos too. His videos are the ones to watch if you want to get into the binary side of things.
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