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  1. hi im new to this forum so hi to everyone and i love the hak5 show been watching it since they started.. well two days ago i had an idea and been searching everywhere with no result.. i thought to my self HECK i have 4 AMD XP computers thrown away in my garage and some other pcs and what if i could combine all the pcs and make one SUPER computer..connecting them through firewire or any fast comunication port is this possible? can i make computers share its proccesors(including grafic proccesors memmory ect..) or maybe have one full pc just as a mega graphics accelerator for games.. and share all hardware with each other sort of like a quad core computer... it would be a very large but powerfull pc.. i think they do this kind of thing for servers and large lab simulators... if this already exist cn someone point it out for me becouse i havent found anything or dont know how it could be called if it doesnt well here is a nice project for anyone interested.. im shure going to investigate a bit more on this
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