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  1. I've been here quite awhile but just decided to introduce myself B) The names Keaton aka H@L0_F00 Favorite game: Halo 2 Favorite OS: WinXP, BT3 (USB) but I'm really liking Ubuntu and thinkin about switching ;) Favorite console: Xbox w/ XBMC, SNES Nationality: American Accent: American Sex: Male Age:16 Race: German Height: 6'5" Status: In love :D Build: Muscular Favorite band: ATM Atreyu, Bullet for My Valentine, and All That Remains Favorite book: Anything from Computers to Electronics to Programming Favorite author: Null Favorite movie: Underworld I/II Favorite director: Myself ;) Favorite TV Show: Fringe and Hak5 Favorite actor: Myself Favorite actress: Null Favorite Pinup: Null Favorite Comedian: Myself and Jeff Dunham Other hobbies: Video Production, Computers, Electronics, IT, Security, Pen Testing, Mods/Hacks, Programming, Robotics, High School Football, Gaming, Social Engineering, Music, Guitar, and just mainly learning something new ;) Car: Null Occupation: IT Student (Sophomore)
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