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  1. Which errors do you get? Remove "quiet" from the kernel options to get more information as to what is going on.
  2. Exactly. The 4th episode was just released, and it's already showing vast improvements. The tech is old school, which is really cool. A lot of background information is given about the different devices/things shown/used, which make it just that much better and informative. I've always kind of felt that the people that grew up with the phone phreaking and stuff were somewhat lucky. Getting into computers when I did was like... Jumping into Algebra without without any prior math classes. I feel like I missed a bunch... Obsoleet is helping to fill in those gaps. Viewer submitted segments have already been shown, and I'm sure there will be more to come. I'd recommend it :)
  3. I don't think anybody ever got either of those working. The problem with XP is USB driver initialization or something like that, and the problem with Kon-Boot is that nobody has figured out how to map it correctly, I think.
  4. Truthfully, my advice to you is to not take college courses or buy books. Everything they can teach you and so much more is freely and legitimately available all over the internet. Don't just google "hacking," "how to hack," etc... think of something you might like to do/attempt, and google THAT specifically. Have questions? Questions are great, and, in my opinion, a core part of what "defines" a hacker. As long as you attempt your own research and ask the queation(s) the right way, 99% of people will gladly help you. I already like you, due to the way your formulated your first question/post, so go ahead and PM me if you'd like and I will help you to the best of my ability.
  5. Piratebay was compromised a bit ago, so I'm guessing maybe it sparked other people to attempt exploit their servers? I went to the homepage liiike the day after that compromise (before knowing it was previously cracked), got some "search overload" errors or something like that a few times, then... I'm not sure if I'm remembering this correctly, but I THINK I got that fake AV alert malware crap. Killed it real quick though and ran some scans and everything was back to normal. I'm just gonna avoid TPB for a little while.
  6. Yeah... But not usually in the "Security: Security and Hacking related discussion..." forum...
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself. OP, this is a security sub-forum where the topics are generally related to computers and/or electronics, just FYI in case you're not a bot.
  8. Not entirely true. The Ophcrack XP tables can't crack anything more than 14 characters, but this is only because of the way Windows XP implements its password hashing procedure. Say your password is "password1234" What happens (as far as I know) is: "password1234" is split and becomes "passwor" and "d1234" "passwor" is hashed and stored/compared and "d1234" is separately hashed and stored/compared Notice how "passwor" is 7 digits. That is how LM hashed passwords are stored in XP. So, if you had a password of 15+, the password cannot be split into 7-chars and 7-chars and is consequently not hashed using LM, but is instead hashed using NTLM. Therefore, it is still possible to crack, you just need the right rainbow tables, but 15+ digits... in rainbow tables... is a whole hell of a lot of space. I just wanted to clear that up a little and kind of explain what was actually going on.
  9. What're you talking about, it DOES types "cmd.exe"... ;) haha Fixed. Thanks.
  10. I haven't seen this posted anywhere, so I figured I'd share what I have. It doesn't use Psychosis' PsyDuck code because I want to get a feel for the stuff before I go and start using pre-coded functions and stuff (so I have somewhat of an understanding of the underlying stuff). Anyways, this code will get you a command prompt as Administrator through the Start -> search bar void AdminCMD(void); void OpenStartMenu(void); void UACRunAsAdmin(void); void AdminCMD(void){ OpenStartMenu(); /*Type "cmd.exe" in search bar.*/ usb_keyboard_press(KEY_C, 0); usb_keyboard_press(KEY_M, 0); usb_keyboard_press(KEY_D, 0); usb_keyboard_press(KEY_PERIOD, 0); usb_keyboard_press(KEY_E, 0); usb_keyboard_press(KEY_X, 0); usb_keyboard_press(KEY_E, 0); UACRunAsAdmin(); } /*Run highlighted program as Administrator *by invoking and accepting the UAC prompt.*/ void UACRunAsAdmin(void){ /*Press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER for UAC prompt*/ _delay_ms(50); keyboard_modifier_keys = KEY_CTRL | KEY_SHIFT; keyboard_keys[0] = KEY_ENTER; usb_keyboard_send(); _delay_ms(50); keyboard_modifier_keys = 0; keyboard_keys[0] = 0; usb_keyboard_send(); _delay_ms(800); /*Time for UAC to appear*/ /*Accept UAC prompt*/ usb_keyboard_press(KEY_LEFT, 0); _delay_ms(50); usb_keyboard_press(KEY_ENTER, 0); _delay_ms(50); } /*Open Start Menu using CTRL+ESC instead *of the Windows logo (KEY_GUI) because *that key can be completely disable, while *CTRL+ESC still works.*/ void OpenStartMenu(void){ keyboard_modifier_keys = KEY_CTRL; keyboard_keys[0] = KEY_ESC; usb_keyboard_send(); _delay_ms(50); keyboard_modifier_keys = 0; keyboard_keys[0] = 0; usb_keyboard_send(); _delay_ms(50); }
  11. When the USB Multi-pass project first kicked off, there were a whooooole bunch of new people registering and posting, but it's kind of died down along with the hype. The thing is, more people doesn't always mean a better forum... It's the content and knowledge that counts. I'd rather have it the way it is than have a bunch of people asking how to turn on their routers or configure their email. Also, I doubt a "market place" would ever really take off.
  12. You'll have to do something along the lines of what I did here.
  13. lol anybody got modchips on deck?
  14. I need deeper and slower wobble!! Other than that, pretty sick. Which DAW(s) do you use?
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