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  1. I run a machine with xenserver and one with proxmox
  2. psydT0ne

    Mr robot game

    Hacknet...a lot of fun dude
  3. These forums are attracting more and more of this bullshit. Admins should be shit canning these members accounts. IMHO.
  4. I've never called myself a hacker. I don't reckon i know enough.
  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. My name is Duncan aka Mnemonic aka SideTone Favourite game: Ghost Recon Preferred OS: XP Favourite console: Xbox Modded of course. Nationality: Australian Accent: G'day Mate Sex: Male Age: 35 Race: Caucasian Height: 6'1" Status: married Build: Brick Shouse Favourite band: Used to like Matallica before they sold out to become top 40 Favourite book: Anything forgotten realms. Favourite author: R.A. Salvatore Favourite movie: StarWars...all of them. Favourite TV Show: Heroes Favourite Comedian: Carl Barron Other hobbies: Martial Arts, putting together a starwars fanfilm.
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