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    Hello! We're happy to introduce the 1.0.1 update for the Signal Owl. It introduces some bug fixes and changes on entering Arming Mode to improve the user experience. 1.0.1 Change Log: General Simplified device mode selection. The device now starts in ATTACK mode by default. Enter ARMING mode by pressing the device button at any time while in ATTACK mode. Fixed a bug in USB Storage Mounting, which sometimes would cause payloads and firmeware upgrades to fail. Fixed a bug in the LED helper, which would sometimes prevent payloads from updating the LED. Fixed a network device driver bug and interface misconfiguration caused by some external wireless adapters. Fixed a bug in the device reset button, which made it difficult to perform factory resets. You can grab the update via the Hak5 Download Center and follow the Hak5 Docs Signal Owl Update article to get on the latest version. Cheers, Marc
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    Just install the latest version of Kismet on it, that has full WIDS built in.
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    Facebook, google, twitter, apple microsoft. They all listen. They all watch, they all sell. It's up to you if you are happy with it, if you minimise it, or just shrug and get on with your life. You're online, someone, or something, is watching. Cortana is no more "malicious" than Siri, Alexa or Google
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    The whole point of the Pineapple is for legitimate security testing and research. I've not heard of any countries where it would be illegal to use for either personal research or where you have a legitimate business reason.
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    And 6 months ago...
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    There's been a bug in mdk4 related to some of the arguments you're providing to mdk4. I updated the tool yesterday, which should fix any issues with it. https://github.com/adde88/openwrt-useful-tools
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    1) If you are tracking what she is doing, you do not trust her. Your marriage will fail. 2) Watching porn is not something bad. People like to watch people have sex. It's a fairly normal thing.
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    Under powering devices is a very common issue. Glad to here all is work now 👍
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    This forum is for the ethical side of hacking. Can it be done, yes. Is it legal to do on an unauthorized device/network, no. What you are asking is on the illegal side of that line.
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    Hi GJS, Could you generate a Debug file and attach to a reply in this thread? Be sure to remove anything like WPA2 passwords from the file before posting it. You can generate the file by going to Help module, and clicking "Generate Debug File". Thanks
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    Just thought I would share latest raspberry pi build. https://cap-sig.com/portable-kali-pi-v1/ Mainly a 3D printed enclosure to hold all the essentials for a Re4son Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi build. Let me know your thoughts/suggestions!
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    A bit off topic, but I'm curious as to why you think it became a hated product by the developers? It simply got EOLd, it's part of every product life span.
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    Considering it was posted in February, why are you asking?
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    Just running tcpdump. Technically is not a major problem for me, as I only use them at home. It doesn’t pick an IP address up(which I expect) , but I can see it in my logs as an active client.
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    Any chance Hak5 will do a series on how to detect/spot attacks? Something maybe for the home user? or does anyone know of a channel that is already doing this, at the same level has Hak5. many thanks.
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    Build log coming in the near future. I will post the link to it once posted. Hope to have it up in a week or less.
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    What power source is being used? It is very important that adequate power is supplied to the pineapple. The reason I ask is back when the mark V was mainstream it was a common issue of power sources being used that were not sufficient causing several problems including boot loops on startup. It needs at least a 1 amp source but is recommended to use higher, possibly 2 amp supply.
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    Hey, try it now! After the last Samsung S10+ over-the-air firmware update, it works! I saw a reference in another forum that more ethernet adapters were added via updates, and it seems to be true. The tetra Ethernet was detected without my changing anything. It shows up as Ethernet eth0 now (instead of being ignored), and does get a DHCP address assignment of However, the Pineapple App still doesn't work -- it sticks in Waiting for Connection. It's not possible to enable USB Tethering in the Samsung Settings, which remains greyed out. I'm not entirely sure how this is supposed to work -- the phone sees a USB Ethernet adapter, lights it up, flashes Blue LED on Tetra, gets a DHCP assignment and gateway, and now believes it has access to the Internet over that connection (it does, when Tetra has its own Ethernet uplink). Even in Airplane mode, all is fine. So now the Samsung has full Internet, and access to the management page at Just like any laptop, really, same as "Windows / Linux" instructions. So what's the Android App looking for? Why does it need USB Tethering? That seems like the Reverse model, where the Tetra would try to use Internet over cellular from the Samsung. But how? There's no way to do that with the USB Ethernet adapter, since it's an endpoint peripheral. The Tetra would have to make an outbound (USB Host) connection to the phone, detect it as a (networking) device, and use the PHONE as an ethernet device for Tetra tethering to work. That's how laptops do it anyway. I tried disabling Ethernet in Samsung just to see if it would let me enable USB Tethering, but no. It really wants to see a (USB Host!) laptop before enabling tethering. I don't see how this would work on any phone, really. What am I missing?
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    https://forums.hak5.org/forum/92-bash-bunny/ Check the Bash Bunny section.
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    Honestly, if I needed this thing I would have downgraded back to the old firmware. Its thankfully not hard to do. DNMasq module works. DNSSpoof, ettercap, nmap (even though I can install from the command line) are still failing. Not sure what foxtrot has got going on, I'm sure he's not leaving us hanging for no reason. More communication would be nice though.
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    RUN WIN C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell /W hidden /C "IEX (gc ((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name + 'payloads\$SWITCH_POSITION\1.ps1') -encoding RAW)"
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    I have been trying Dwall on every firmware since release and have not been able to get it working for quite some time. This is a module that SEB made,so he will have to fix it. I highly doubt that will happen since he is not with hak5 anymore and moved on to google.
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    https://forums.hak5.org/forum/56-usb-rubber-ducky/ Best to check the actual USB Rubber Ducky part of the forum.
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    I went on vacation when the new firmware got pushed out, so i haven't had time to update it. Arrived back home again today, so i'll see if i can push out updates in a few hours.
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    My power went out during the initial firmware upgrade and now the owl just has a veeeeeeery slow red blink and no wifi is being presented. Is there a recovery method?
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    @K2_Shadow @MuffinSmith You can try this until a version for OpenWRT 19 gets built wget https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/18.06.4/packages/mips_24kc/packages/zip_3.0-4_mips_24kc.ipk opkg install zip_3.0-4_mips_24kc.ipk rm root/zip_3.0-4_mips_24kc.ipk
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    I agree.........Kali is easier on the layout and there is a massive community that will always point out how stupid I am😆 Parrot, well, it is still way behind in many respects and I agree again with your views on the monopoly land grab🧐
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    Did you guys get a resolution? It sounds like once the device is "bricked", it's only good for hardware reuse. I had the same issue - 3 minutes into my initial firmware upgrade the power dropped and apparently there's no recovery. Since the device is relatively "cheap", I'll re-order and try one more time. As for the initial "bricked" device. I'm sure I can find use for the hardware, so I'll just crack it open. Unless you guys found a solution?
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    I got to do a little more testing today and I further discovered that my owl is no longer interacting with the USB port at all. If I press the button while the payload is running, it does not copy any onformation to the USB stick. I can not do a firmware upgrade either, it skips right over the firmware loading sequence and if a script calls for an extension, the owl isn't sourcing the extensions directory. At this point I am sure it is malfunctioning though I don't know if it is software or hardware at this point. If there was a way to reset the device, I could explore further, but at this point I believe I have reached the end of the line. To test if you are having problems wit the Signal Owl interacting with the USB storage you can... 1. Place a payload.txt file on the root directory of a USB flash drive and insert it into the "hot" USB port on the owl. When you boot the owl, the payload file should be copied over automatically and overwrite the existing file if one already exists. 2. Place a file in the /root/loot/ directory on the owl, then reboot. At some point, after the payload is running, press the button once. This should copy the contents of the /root/loot/ directory to the USB Drive. 3. if the above both fail, you could try to flash the firmware as as detailed on the hak5 docs page, but only as a last resort. If any of these steps fail to work properly or in my case, all three do not work, then I can say with confidence the device is not working as intended. tecno
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    There is absolutely no smoke. It just got very hot while it was plugged in the power source while i was trying to recover
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    PineAP can only spoof open networks. If there was a service outage on the WPA2 network (due to a deauth) some users may just join the open network and ignore the change in network encryption. In theory you could use the Pineapples management network with the same SSID and password, then it should just be a matter of signal strength. But that isnt really the intended use of the management AP.
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    Make sure to post updates/pictures of the build. Always interesting to see mods for different uses 😎
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    True. Something like this should work if all you need is power for the tetra: https://www.amazon.com/Gigabit-Splitter-Adapter-802-3at-compliant/dp/B00NH8QSOY
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    how are you physically connecting things up? pic? are you only using the USB to power it or are you using the 12V adapter? After manually setting up your interface to on your pc did you power cycle the tetra? So many more variables/questions but just trying to get a better picture.
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    So maybe not the exact answer your looking for, but you could always create the VM in virtual box and then convert it to proxmox. https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/migrating-virtualbox-vdi-to-proxmox-ve.9672/ But I'm with you, it'd be great to have a vanilla box and run a script on top of it to install everything. Maybe we can pick apart what they did?
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    @Lo_SpettroMaybe you want to share the way you made it work with us?
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    Great response......... It depends on what hat you are wearing.......my hat is white......I can understand that it could be used for illegal activity, but us (legit) 'good guys' see it as a must for our work and obviously our clients. You can use a transmitter and monitor the emergency services, but if you attend a scene and are caught transmitting the information you could be charged. However, that would depend on which country you were in and the laws associated to that place. In essence, use the item legitimately and prove that you were employed to do so (unless you are doing it for/on your own devices/systems) and you should be fine (IMO). Hope this adds to digininja's helpful comments😎
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    Hey WPA2, I agree that it can stretch the budget, but it depends on why you want it? If it is to be added to your arsenal as part of your business, then I am sure you can recoup the expenditures. If, on the other hand, it is because you want one rather than need one, well, that is a decision that relies on available finances. For me, it is the former, but having tried edutech on several occasions and no joy (not even for a ducky), it is hard to see where else other than HAK5 shop, you can get one from. Sometimes, just sometimes, they do sneak onto ebay or even Amazon, if that helps you at all😎
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    It is well worth the money........although the shipping as you say is 'not so good', but there are no other options at this stage. Would love to be a HAK5 distributor.........great products and excellent staff. 😎
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    This a topic for the Pineapple thread. It has been answered multiple times already.
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    its from the upgrade of opnwrt 15.05 to 19.07 Modules need fixed, its a known issue and somebody is working on it
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    This is a known problem and is being worked on. Modules are created by community and need to be fixed by the devs, if they choose to do so. Foxtrot said he would work on the issue, give him some time.
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    Love the device, very cool. BUT shipping to the UK not so good.
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    @Just_a_User, Hi. I downloaded "upgrade-2.6.0.bin" file from https://www.wifipineapple.com/downloads and performed the upgrade. I too am using the "RALINK USB WIFI RT5370" (purchased from the Hak5 store) . OK I would assume that there is a compatibility issue there then. I hope the devs could iron it out. 🙂
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    It sounds like the password didn't change in the wifi to are hacking. Or you are using a capture file from before the password change. Verify the password change by forgetting wifi and then connecting with the new password, if the password has indeed changed, then make sure the capture file you are testing is the capture you took after the password change and not before. I don't see how it could be any other issue as nothing in the wifi handshake contains a previously used password and still manages to authenticate.
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    Hi everyone, After the upgrade to the firmware 2.6.0 my Dwall isn't working anymore. Anyone is having the same problem?
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    Hi, Just wanted to clear up any chance of misinterpretation on what is connected to Hak5 servers, etc. The WiFi Pineapple Web Interface that you refer to is stored on the WiFi Pineapple itself, and is served from it's own web server locally. The WiFi Pineapple UI will reach out to Hak5 owned services, but only if you explicitly want it to do so. Things such as updating the firmware, downloading modules and loading bulletins will initiate a connection to our servers. The buttons in the UI that do this are marked with such 'warnings' (basically just so you're aware it will be reaching out, if you're on an engagement). This goes for all of our hardware products. The Cloud C2 is different from that however, and will for licensing purposes and updates reach out to our infrastructure periodically. The news/bulletins on the Cloud C2 homepage is also hosted on our servers. I hope this answers any questions. We don't acquire any data (for example, client reports from engagements as you mention).
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    Game is going the same pay-to-win strategy as Clash of Clans ... with the season-passes
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    Please give some context to this or I'll lock it as being too vague and looking a lot like spam.
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    Here's the official specs: Atheros AR9331 SoC at 400 MHz MIPS 16 MB Onboard Flash 64 MB DDR2 RAM 2x 10/100 Ethernet Port USB 2.0 Host Port 4-way payload select switch RGB Indicator LED Scriptable Push-Button Power: USB 5V 120mA average draw Dimensions: 50 x 39 x 16 mm Weight: 24 grams
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