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    Kali Linux Revealed book is now online. So back in 2013, there was this thread about kali documentation and a PDF e-book to go along - Which still holds true today. The docs.kali.org site is still up, and will be updated as changes happen. However, some of you may have heard, or not, so I wanted to update everyone, if you want to learn Kali Linux (not penetration testing, but the OS itself) more in depth, from customizing your own kernel and ISO deployments, to pre-loading drivers needed for installation on work machines and your own compatible/incompatible hardware to work as needed, deploy your own repositories with tools not already on the Kali repo, create attack appliances like the Evil Kali AP, then you will probably want to check out the Kali Linux Revealed book. Now, this might sound really spammy. And if I was only promoting the book to have you buy it, I would agree with you(I debated on whether I would ever post this here, but I know a lot of the hak5 community uses it alongside their other Hak5 tools and Pineapples) - but, we have taken the book, and converted it to a website, that we have given away FREE to the community. That is to say, the entire book is in web form, for free, search-able text, and we offer a PDF version for download from our new child site. Check out https://kali.training/ if you weren't already aware of it. I worked on converting the book from the HTML draft to create the wordpress version of the site which is linked above. A lot of man hours went into creating not only the book, but the site, and also material that was recently showcased at BlackHat for those who took the Kali Revealed class. It's an introduction to Kali and Linux, and a good primer for anyone who also might be thinking about the OSCP. Again, this is NOT a pentesting book, but if you do use Kali for learning pentesting and CTF's, this will still be a valuable resource for everyone. As Kali evolves and the Kali Team makes changes to the OS, the site will also update to reflect this over time, with new volumes released on the site as well. The book is also a mini-primer for Linux in general, so if you want to learn Linux and were always afraid to make Kali your first distro, this would be a great place to go and get your feet wet (I know a lot of people have always said don't start with Kali - personally I think that doesn't hold true today with it's Debian roots and would recommend it to anyone - my kids and wife use it as the family living room desktop, so it works fine for every range of user, n00b to l33t haxor...cough..). I'll admit, having worked on the site and reading only parts of it in full while converting it from the book the site, I myself am still a n00b when it comes to a lot of things Linux related in general, and while I use Kali for "fun" with CTF's, I am by no means fluent with it. I still have to sit down and read it in full myself, but I'm familiar with the topics in it and know that I need to brush up on a lot of the fundamentals. Just a reminder, this is not a Penetration Testing book. It's a Kali Linux OS book for sysadmins and InfoSec folks who need to deploy for their own use, or need to use and get familiar with, but it also is a complete walk-through from setup for new users, to more technical admin side towards the end of the book for anyone already in the field with a lead in for assessments.
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    Locking this before anyone flames the poor guy. If you look at the Hak5 Youtube channel they have a section of videos on the Pineapple, those and the web site should tell you everything you need to know.
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    Hi, Work has already begun on the next firmware update for the WiFi Pineapple TETRA and Nano. I don't have an ETA yet, but I'll let people know when we are closer to releasing it.
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    Reaver 1.6 As you may or may not know Reaver have gone approx. two years without updates. It recently got a big update v1.6 I haven't heard or seen anything about the newest version being compiled for our devices, so i took matters into my own hands and managed to compile it properly. I thought it'd be smart to make a thread about it, where people can post any bugs/issues that they're experiencing, and i'll see if i can get it fixed. But also to let people know that there exist a new and improved version now. My GitHub repo. contains the Makefile needed to compile it with OpenWRT-SDK, and it also contains the IPK-file needed to install it to your device. Repo: https://github.com/adde88/reaver-1.6.1-openwrt IPK-file: https://github.com/adde88/reaver-1.6.1-openwrt/raw/master/bin/ar71xx/packages/base/reaver_1.6.1-1_ar71xx.ipk Installation instructions: The first window shows an installation to the local-storage, and the second window installs to the SD-card. Open a SSH terminal to your Pineapple, and follow the commands as outlined below: #1: root@Pineapple:~# cd /tmp root@Pineapple:~# wget https://github.com/adde88/reaver-1.6.1-openwrt/raw/master/bin/ar71xx/packages/base/reaver_1.6.1-1_ar71xx.ipk root@Pineapple:~# opkg update root@Pineapple:~# opkg install reaver_1.6.1-1_ar71xx.ipk --force-downgrade #2: root@Pineapple:~# cd /tmp root@Pineapple:~# wget https://github.com/adde88/reaver-1.6.1-openwrt/raw/master/bin/ar71xx/packages/base/reaver_1.6.1-1_ar71xx.ipk root@Pineapple:~# opkg update root@Pineapple:~# opkg install reaver_1.6.1-1_ar71xx.ipk --dest sd --force-downgrade If you get an error about checksum not matching, you can add the following string (without quotes) to the last command: "--force-checksum" I also HIGHLY suggest that you install the newest updated version of libpcap, which fixes alot of issues with Reaver. Sadly, it's not found on Hak5's repositories at the time i'm writing this. To get libpcap updated i suggest you follow the instuctions outlined in this thread: https://forums.hak5.org/topic/38183-official-wps/?page=3
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    Testing done. This is the final look for the module and setup multiple terminals pop-up for different jobs (For my terminal junkies). This is my first ever project for the nano. Hope you cats dig it. I like to thank kbeflo for pointing me in the right direction. Also, I have to shoutout to Zylla for compiling the package. All I did was develope the php files and install script for the module. Here's where you can get the module for now for those that can't wait. https://github.com/Ei8htbits/SSHWebClient I still need to submit it for review and approval.
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    I would estimate late August / mid September. It's actually four devices so far. The LT 3G has an unannounced brother :)
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    Hey everyone, I guess I can give you guys a tiny bit more information.. The Packet Squirrel is not the Lan Turtle 3G, it is a different product. The Packet Squirrel is not wireless. The Packet Squirrel will be awesome. More information will be released closer to the launch of the Hak5 Packet Squirrel.
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    So here's what I've got so far. Now I just need to create a installer and test it.
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    One of my favourites, because my name is in Sally's list
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    BESSIDE-NG - Customized for Pineapple TETRA I'm writing a relative short post, as i don't feel like writing an entire article explaining how-to install this and use this. I've compiled a customized version of besside-ng, that will automatically scan all the channels from 1 to 165. The scan will take almost a minute to complete, compared to some seconds when only scanning the 2.4GHz range. Also added option to only scan WEP or WPA networks. I've also changed the directory that the logs gets saved to. They can now be found in /tmp The files are as usual: wep.cap, wpa.cap, besside.log As usual, you can find it ready and compiled on my GitHub repo: (source-code is there as well) https://github.com/adde88/besside-ng_pineapple I will not be providing heavy support on this. I might take a couple short questions, or if you have a good idea for any improvements i might take my time and implement it. Cheerio!
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    I use it almost daily with juicessh from my android phone, after this intro I'm sure you will use it too. Just a example below. kali@kali:~$screen (New session started with PID=4456) kali@kali:~$airodump-ng -w log-handshakes -i wlp3s0 (ctrl+a+d... disconnect from console and runs in background, We can connect back to the console later) kali@kali:~$screen (Another session with PID-4457) kali@kali:~$mdk3 -I wlp1s0 -d (ctrl+a+d... disconnect from console and background the process.) kali@kali:~$exit (Both sessions are still running) So. There are 2console applications currently running. The first one is logging handshakes. The second session or daemon is deauthrnticating all clients in range. I can connect back to these screen sessions at anytime. kali@kali:~$creen -r 4456 you could do the same with kismet, I assume you are logging data just like I have done with the above example. I think you can also start kismet with a rc.local startup script using SCREEN to allow you to connect back to the session
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    It's the version-numbering being used on the old Reaver (Big_endian), which confuses OPKG. To remove the old one, you can do this before installing: opkg remove reaver I've also edited the instructions, and added --force-downgrade. in case people have Reaver installed.
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    indeed interesting tool. Nice find. I just ran it on my tetra and it picked up pineap well and deauthed my clients. It does what it says. Edit - just be aware of wlan0mon being hard coded for the deauth if running it on a tetra/pineapple! I changed mine. I was looking at https://github.com/moha99sa/EvilAP_Defender/wiki or https://github.com/SYWorks/wireless-ids previously but this looks like it will do a similar job (although reduced functionality) more efficiently and can run on the pineapple itself. Thanks for sharing :)
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    I forgot, there's also a patch-file and a init file to be used. I've compressed an archive containing the Makefiles and patches, etc. Here you go: shellinabox.tar.gz
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    Hey everyone, When we first developed the Bash Bunny we wanted to make sure that upgrading the firmware and payloads was dead simple. While we believe that we have succeeded in this task, we are aware of a number of issues with the upgrade process. While these issues mostly come down to outdated documentation, we wanted to go a step further and make the process even easier. Today we are releasing the first version of the Bash Bunny Updater. As the name already says, this updater is able to update your Bash Bunny's firmware and payloads for you, without the hassle of having to check for updates yourself. Please let us know of any feedback or questions you may have in this thread. We want to make the experience of updating your Bash Bunny as simple as possible. Usage: Windows: The Bash Bunny Updater requires no special instructions on Windows. Simply download and extract the ZIP file and drag-and-drop the bunnyupdater.exe file to the mass storage partition of the Bash Bunny while it is in arming mode. To run it, simply double-click the updater. You will be guided through the rest of the process automatically. Linux: As the Bash Bunny's mass storage partition is formatted FAT32, it is not possible to simply copy the bunnyupdater executable to the mass storage partition and execute it. There are two ways to run the updater: Rename the updater to bunnyupdater.exe and place it onto the mass storage partition of the Bash Bunny. This sets the executable bit and allows you to simply ./bunnyupdater.exe to launch it Run the bunnyupdater with an environment variable: BUNNYPATH=/path/to/bunny/ ./bunnyupdater MacOS / OSX: Coming soon. Downloads: Linux (32bit) Linux (64bit) Windows (32bit) Windows (64bit) MacOS / OSX (coming soon) Sources: Coming soon to https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny_updater.
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    But how am I to find my dick pills???!!!
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    Best place to check is the aircrack wiki and see if they have any documentation on special features. Many programs have hidden switches and features, but not sure about this one. They also have their own forums, where you should ask there as well, so you can get an official response from the Aircrack team. Maybe adding it as a feature is a valid request.
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    Awesome, glad it worked for you. You can always keep the executable the same and just use the BUNNYPATH environment variable. This is correct. I should probably make this more obvious. That's currently how firmware upgrades behave, and has nothing to do with the updater. The updater will actually make sure to back up your switch1 and swtich2 payloads when it updates your payloads.
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    I find that a few sips of the jameson helps my mind sift through the rubble
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    The USB Rubber Ducky will automatically run it's payload once it is inserted. It does NOT wait for the operating system to initialize (as it cannot receive feedback about this), so a DELAY at the beginning of the payload is usually required.
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    Yeah, Johnny wrote the preface, helped proofread and also helped teach the recent class at BlackHat. He's now working with us as well. He has in the past, back when Offsec did some classes in the Caribbean, might have still been backtrack back then, and recently joined us full time when he came back to the states. Johnny is a great guy and a great contributor to the InfoSec community in general, not to mention his work on HFC.
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    Have been enjoying my copy for the last couple of weeks.
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    Holy shit. That is a boss thing od you to do. Not just content that people love but if it's someting that you are pationate about (which free content is often a derivative of) thencit's also going to be a great read. Thank you for your efforts and time.
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    Late night drinking caused me to accidentally delete my repo in github. Ooops! Well, I spent most of the day re-coding everything and I think I may have fixed the ip issue. Let me know you have any issues... Cheers :P and good night... I think. Here's the new link and files: https://github.com/Ei8htbits/SSHWebClient
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    Proof? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/01/03/android_tops_2016_vuln_list_with_523_bugs/ http://uk.businessinsider.com/android-most-vulnerable-operating-system-in-2016-2017-1 http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/apple-ios-vs-google-android-which-more-secure-smartphone-os-1547396 https://www.scmagazineuk.com/android-tops-2016-vulnerability-list-security-industry-says-meh/article/630059/ etc. etc. etc. I don't like Apple products, but no one can pretend that they aren't more secure compared with Android, as evidenced by many sources. *edit* Of course, one could argue that the most vulnerable part of any OS is the user, and that iOS users trend towards being less IT savvy, but that's my/an opinion rather than evidence based. This is also from experience; try pentesting an iPhone and an Android based phone. You'll find more ways in to an Android phone. I'm certainly not saying that iOS is 'unhackable', but it has less attack vectors, ergo more secure. Maybe I should have phrased it as 'better security', rather than 'great'. Nothing has 'great' security.
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    You're talking about a PTW attack, which Tkiptun-ng does. Only works on systems that use TKIP without AES, which most systems today, that use WPA with AES, or WPA2, aren't vulnerable to. Has to be specific to the attack. https://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=tkiptun-ng explains in more detail.
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    One of these two links should get it for you. wifipineapple.com/wp6.sh or https://github.com/hak5darren/wp6
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    @Just_a_User and I have also been doing some research and found the same stuff that all of you did. However, we also discovered, there is a domain name registered (with nothing on it: http://packetsquirrel.com) and we combed through the fcc site looking for the new device, but was not able to find it. I have bugged seb, mubix and darren on irc, but they are all keeping quiet for now...
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    1, she's a spy and looks like her phone(but just a guess), 2, I don't think Hak5 has any control over what a movie does with a picture of a pineapple. Not like Hak5 invented the fruit or have exclusive rights over the imagery of said fruit..not sure what you're implying.
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    What is a packet squirrel? It's a device from Hak5. And why dont a own one Cause you no can haz packets! Only for squirrels!
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    Huh. So it's not the Packet Squirrel then. A LAN Turtle with 3G makes sense though as you could access it from the outside much easier, or even just send packets out easier, rather than using the internet of the thing you've plugged the LAN Turtle into (which means easier to see that something is piggybacking off your LAN).
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    LAN Turtle 3G Setup Welcome DEF CON hacker :) You're the first to get your hands on the new LAN Turtle 3G. We're officially launching in August, but everything is ready to go now. Essentially setup is the exact same as with the regular LAN Turtle - so all instructions from <a href="https://lanturtle.com/wiki/#!index.md">the wiki</a> and <a href="https://lanturtle.com/wiki/#!videos.md">the video tutorials</a> apply. The distinction is that you'll need to insert a Micro SIM card. That's the SIM that's 12 x 15mm -- the one in between the larger Standard size and the smaller Nano size. Typically SIM cards come with the snap-out adapters. To install the SIM card, open the LAN Turtle 3G carefully. Remove the two screws on the bottom of the unit and with care separate the top and bottom plastics. There is an antenna attached to the top plastic part, so just be gentle as you separate them. The SIM card slots in on the side of the 3G module with its metal contacts facing the PCB in a top facing orientation. Then re-assemble the LAN Turtle 3G. Stickers are provided for stealth. On the software side you'll find the 3G WAN options from the main configuration menu. Typically it's just a matter of setting the APN. The module will maintain the connection, so there's no other configuration necessary. @Just_a_User @Dave-ee Jones Found this on Hak5 github.
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    While it's awesome that the community helps each other out, pretty sure such actions will void any warranties. Meanwhile if there is an actual defect, and it's under warranty, it can be replaced.
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    If it's UEFI boot, get a live disc ISO that has EFI boot capabilities, and you can then grab the SAM file and crack the passwords offline(or while booted live). A live disc of Kali 2017.1 should have EFI by default on it, (I know the KDE version of 2017.1 does). You can then boot in EFI mode, apt-get update and install ophcrack's basic NT password list(can also throw larger one on USB and mount and use for crack list) then crack the passwords. If can't crack them, then If needed, you can also replace the NT passwords with chntpw. Google it. Should be fairly quick to change the password.
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    I just had to point out
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    On closer inspection were shown this, It kinda looks like a lanturle with, a tail ;) and a rf card, So, 3g/4g or wifi? or 315/433mhz? that would be an interesting long range addition ;) maybe the radio card is removable/swapable
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    I have offered many times, too look at these for people, all you have to do is send it to me with the problem its having and I will test it, and where possible repair it using higher grad components. The trouble for most of you guys I am UK based. Could even set up and ebay page to make things run smoother.
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    Is airdrop-ng still around? We may have been playing with it at a shmoocon several years ago. I can't remember who we were messing with at the time, but we were killing his Macbook Pro's connection. Guess he didn't pray to the demo-gods enough before his talk... ;-) Hahahahahaha!! Found it! It was Kingtuna and TheX1le. They released airdrop-ng a couple days before the con. They were trying to give a talk about it. Seems to work! https://ia800602.us.archive.org/29/items/shmoocon2010/WifiBomb-Kingtuna.m4v
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    You need to initiate firmware recovery. I know you've said you've done it many times but it is easy to mess up. Basically what happens is if it fails to boot 3 times or more it will attempt to recover itself. To make it fail boot you plug it in, wait for the light to go green and pull it out immediately. Do this 3 times. On the 4th try you should notice it is flashing red. Leave it to do so and DON'T UNPLUG IT. Predicted wait time is about 3 minutes, and the Bash Bunny will automatically reboot when it's done. After that it should be fine. If it isn't fine after you've done that and still refuses to boot it could be a hardware error or the backup partition doesn't exist. This means you should talk to Hak5 Support, they can help you better than I can from this point on. They're pretty good with replacements, as long as it's a hardware error. You should also look around the forums for other posts similar to this as this is a fairly common problem. Hope it helps! :)
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    "mdk3 wlan0 d" on any linux system with compatible card, will do the same thing. If you have a raspberry pi already, then you can save yourself $5.
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    Get involved in open source projects and become active in mailing lists and forums. If you can get to conferences then do. Write blog posts about what you are learning. Use all that to build yourself a reputation and get to know people. Once you have that built up then when you are ready to try to find a job you have a network of people to ask a a portfolio to point interviewers at.
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    My kids use a Kali desktop in the living room, which they can access whenever they want(for the most part). I filter a lot of stuff out with OpenDNS, because they are kids still, and I don't want them doing homework and suddenly on pornhub after a google search for homework stuff. They aren't given 100% free reign of being on it 24/7 though and we are generally with them when they are on the PC. Access to the PC and internet, is a privilege not a right. They have access so they can do homework, learn and grow, and not be left behind with technology as they get older, but they aren't allowed to sit on there all day. Same with TV and their tablets. They have the freedom to explore the internet to an extent, but as parents, we need to be a filter; whether digitally, or physically, be engaged with what they do, and who they are connected with while online. This means knowing what friends and family are on their snapchat and skype accounts, being the ones who setup the devices and their email accounts, and any social networking or chat apps they use. They aren't old enough to be doing this alone, nor would we let them. Anything that would apply in the physical world and their well being in everyday life, applies to the computer and their access to what they can see and do online. I'm sure we will fail at this a lot, as all kids will find ways to skirt their parents. This is normal and part of growing up. They will no doubt find themselves getting into some kind of trouble I'm sure, as kids are kids. It's our hope, that we instill enough in them to make the right decisions when we can't be there, and for the most part they do pretty good in this regard. Until they are old enough to make more decisions on their own, it's our job to be involved, and educate them as best we can with what happens when you are connected to everything under the sun.
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    This batch file is a pretty comprehensive list of default passwords by router: https://github.com/wpatoolkit/Default-Keyspace-List mkdir "./defaultwpa" cd "./defaultwpa" mkdir "2WIREXXX-[0-9][len10]" mkdir "3Wireless-Modem-XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]" echo https://github.com/wpatoolkit/10-Hex-Generator>"./3Wireless-Modem-XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]/3WirelessDefault.txt" mkdir "Alice-12345678-[0-9a-z][len24]" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/AliceGermanyKeygen.cpp>"./Alice-12345678-[0-9a-z][len24]/AliceDefault.txt" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/AliceItalyKeygen.cpp>>"./Alice-12345678-[0-9a-z][len24]/AliceDefault.txt" echo http://wpacalculator.altervista.org/XL/Alice.php>>"./Alice-12345678-[0-9a-z][len24]/AliceDefault.txt" mkdir "Andared" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/AndaredKeygen.cpp>"./Andared/AndaredDefault.txt" mkdir "AOLBB-XXXXXX-[0-9A-Z][len8]" mkdir "Arcadyan" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/ArcadyanKeygen.cpp>"./Arcadyan/ArcadyanDefault.txt" mkdir "ArnetPirelli" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/ArnetPirelliKeygen.cpp>"./ArnetPirelli/ArnetPirelliDefault.txt" mkdir "ATTXXX-[0-9][len10]" mkdir "ATTXXXX-[0-9A-Z][len10]" mkdir "ATTXXXXXXX-[0-9a-z+][len12]" mkdir "Axtel" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/AxtelKeygen.cpp>"./Axtel/AxtelDefault.txt" mkdir "belkin.xxx-[2-9a-f][len8]" echo https://github.com/wpatoolkit/8-Hex-Generator>"./belkin.xxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/BelkinKeygen.cpp>>"./belkin.xxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://bitbucket.org/dudux/belkin4xx>>"./belkin.xxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://github.com/Konsole512/Crippled>>"./belkin.xxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo http://www.routerpwn.com/belkinwpa/>>"./belkin.xxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/devttys0/wps/master/pingens/belkin/pingen.c>>"./belkin.xxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" mkdir "Belkin.XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]" echo https://github.com/wpatoolkit/8-Hex-Generator>"./Belkin.XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/BelkinKeygen.cpp>>"./Belkin.XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://bitbucket.org/dudux/belkin4xx>>"./Belkin.XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://github.com/Konsole512/Crippled>>"./Belkin.XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo http://www.routerpwn.com/belkinwpa/>>"./Belkin.XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/devttys0/wps/master/pingens/belkin/pingen.c>>"./Belkin.XXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" mkdir "belkin.xxxx-[2-9a-f][len8]" echo https://github.com/wpatoolkit/8-Hex-Generator>"./belkin.xxxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/routerkeygen/routerkeygenPC/master/src/algorithms/BelkinKeygen.cpp>>"./belkin.xxxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://bitbucket.org/dudux/belkin4xx>>"./belkin.xxxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://github.com/Konsole512/Crippled>>"./belkin.xxxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo http://www.routerpwn.com/belkinwpa/>>"./belkin.xxxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo https://raw.githubusercontent.com/devttys0/wps/master/pingens/belkin/pingen.c>>"./belkin.xxxx-[2-9a-f][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" mkdir "Belkin_XXXXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]" echo https://github.com/wpatoolkit/8-Hex-Generator>"./Belkin_XXXXXX-[0-9A-F][len8]/BelkinDefault.txt" echo 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  47. 2 points
    Ouch. Now all you need to do is sit it in your garage, stick a VPN or TeamViewer on it and start passing it some hashes from your phone while you roam around, like a supercomputer that's waiting to crack something you send it.
  48. 2 points
    He also said you should know about this if you actually had that job.. Right there.
  49. 2 points
    for those people that don't know any better: do not give up your employees email addresses, its a joke.
  50. 2 points
    Just give us their emails and we will take care of it :)