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    Hi everyone, We're very happy to announce the release of the 1.6 Firmware for the Bash Bunny. This firmware packs a few new features and bug fixes, as well as support for the Metasploit tools package. Change Log: Fix an issue where APT would not work correctly due to now invalid feeds. Add the Debian Stretch APT feeds. Include Ruby 2.3.3 by default. Update Bunny Extensions to the latest available via GitHub. Include languages for BE, BR, CA-FR, CA, CH, CZ, DE, DK, ES-LA, ES, FI, FR, GB, HR, IT, MX, NO, PT, SE, SI and SK. Add support for the Metasploit Framework tool. Add ATTACKMODE ARMING. You can also find the new Metasploit tools package on the tools forum post. You can update your Bash Bunny to version 1.6 by using the Bash Bunny Updater. Thank you to everyone who tried out the beta test! We're looking forward to seeing feedback from the community :) Cheers, Foxtrot
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    Does not apply in the slightest. 1) Youtube is a private company. They can block whomever they want, for whatever reason they want. 2) Not all of Youtube is based in the US, and US law does not apply to the majority of the planet.
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    I've heard of refurbished phones but never heard of a refurbished wifi pineapple nano ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Hardware wise: Just make sure that it powers on correctly, micro sd card slot functional, antennas fitting properly and cover un-tampered with. Software wise: I dunno ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Lookout for the pineapple/Hak5 logo, etc. Mess around with it and see what works and doesn't like it should. If something doesn't work, try comparing/searching the issue on forums and if it doesn't add up, then bobs your uncle.
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    There is no limit on the amount of SSID's the WiFi Pineapple can have in its PineAP pool โ€“ but there are physical limits on how many can be broadcast in any given second. WiFi uses a shared medium (spectrum) and as such is a best effort protocol. Everything is divided up into time unit (TU) intervals, each of which is 1024 microseconds. Your typical consumer access point will transmit a beacon roughly 7 times per second. Since a beacon is only one frame send to broadcast, it only takes up one of these time units. Technically speaking, once could fill every time unit with a beacon frame - however there would be no time left in this shared medium for any other frames (and you would be likely transmitting over other frames, creating collisions and requiring other devices to retransmit). With this understanding, the WiFi Pineapple PineAP engine is tweaked for optimal performance โ€“ both in a hardware sense, and with appreciation for the shared medium. Its default beacon interval is already orders of magnitude more frequent than typical access points. You will notice a option menu next to "Broadcast SSID Pool Interval" which is by default set to Normal. You may also set this to Aggressive, which will transmit beacons from the SSID pool more frequently, albeit with a higher CPU utilization. With 3000 SSID's in the pool - they will all transmit, however not all every second. Now one thing you can do in these more advanced scenarios, is use two or more WiFi Pineapples. The first WiFi Pineapple would be the access point, with its PineAP settings only set to allow associations (with filters per your particular engagement, of course). Each additional WiFi Pineapple will only handle the SSID related functions (Capture SSIDs to Pool, Beacon Response and Broadcast SSID Pool). To do this, set the Source MAC in the PineAP settings on each additional WiFi Pineapple with the MAC address of the first WiFi Pineapple. This is exactly why this feature exists ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope this helps answer your question.
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    Hi Bradders, It looks like good value. I purchased two other types today and will let you know when they arrive and once I have tested them. Should have one tomorrow and the other one coming Thursday. Cheers
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    I like Snowden its very interesting. explains alot of cia capabilities guess.
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    Does anyone have any experience with EDUP WiFi adapters like this one? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00S9CQXPC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    @WV09 - I have updates. I factory reset my Bunny, then I installed the latest firmware (1.6). From there I did the following: You should now see a '-username' and a '-password' option. Setting these in the payload.txt along with telling Windows to authenticate with it via NET USE should make this work. I am now on my way to get my Windows 10 machine from my friend's place. I'll keep you posted.
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    Hello there, I was thinking about putting my wifi pineapple in my backpack and using it in the go. However two antennas always look out of the bag and that's kinda stupid and gets me unwanted attention. My question now is if it it possible to remove 2 of the antennas and using the wifi pineapple with the other two remaining ones so they don't stick out. I know that for some router you have to leave the antennas connected because otherwise it damages the device but maybe it's different for the wifi pineapple? If not I'll probably end up buying a WiFi pineapple nano.
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    I am also having the same issue. I updated my Bash Bunny the latest firmware and placed impacket from the stick link on the forum. After that I unplugged and plugged the BB back in on arming mode to install impacket and the unplugged and switched it to switch 1 and I can see it load the drivers for Ethernet and also open up RUN along with a powershell window that closes very fast. It that just flashes blue and I have even left it for 5 minutes just in case something needed to load. I have used the USB exfiltration and so I know the test files should copy and are the right file format. When I check the loot I see the smb folder but it is empty. Also during the blue blinking light of the attack I did a netstat and I could not see a connection to
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    What kind of problems are you facing with your USB wifi adapters? From what I understand, even though a wifi adapter is listed on a website as working (being capable of managed & monitor modes and packet injection) there is no guarantee that the adapter you have will contain the same chipset as of the writing of said list. Manufacturer's often change chipsets so it can be a bit of a gamble as to whether or not you'll get something that "works." I have a small Panda PAUO5 that was said to no longer be capable of packet injection due to the manufacturer changing chipsets. However, when I got it, it worked great! Then I found an old Edimax dongle floating around in the back of a desk drawer. It worked great, even for packet injection, albeit with a very limited range.
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    Unless the person is GOVT., then they've hacked you at some point without you even knowing. I'd suggest factory resetting your iPhone, removing permissions from apps that requires information like - Location, Contacts, Messages, etc., and turning off Location settings. If you do the above, this *should* put some limitations to people from "tracking" you. You may also need to consider that the person really could not have had access to your phone and they're tracking you another way. If you're really concerned about your safety, you should go to your local police department and get a restraining order or something. Edit: If you're really paranoid like me (hurhurhur), just get a burning phone - change numbers / sim cards from time to time.
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    Windows 10 is full of spying soft, first thing you need to do is turn off all these shit and updates.
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    pay as you go would be cheaper on the long run. Plus you would be able to work off the phone as well. Desicated APs can be costly, are often slow and itโ€™s one more thing to carry as youโ€™d want a phone to work with. Purely my opinions though.
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    Hey everyone, Recently I have seen a lot of questions in regards to installing tools on the Bash Bunny. This post will contain a list of .deb files published by Hak5. Please see our wiki for installation instructions. If you would like to suggest a tool to be published, please reply to this thread. All other posts will be removed. Impacket Responder Gohttp Metasploit-Framework (Requires firmware 1.6 or above). Disclaimer: Hak5 is not responsible for these tools. They are 3rd party packages and have not been checked for stability or security. Hak5 simply packages these tools for easy installation.
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    You're flashing the wrong firmware via the Firmware Recovery mechanism. You need to get the special factory.bin firmware from https://downloads.hak5.org and then follow the instructions at https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery.
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to chime in quickly and clarify that the OpenWRT trunk builds for the NANO are not compatible with the Mark V, nor are they 'official' (read: the firmware that we provide to users of the WiFi Pineapple). There are other differences between the Mark V and NANO in both software and hardware that make them incompatible with eachother. The OpenWRT trunk NANO builds also lack any of the software that we ship in actual official releases by Hak5. Happy hacking :)
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    @hanshaze There's been alot of updates lately to fix issues regarding radiotap headers not being handled correctly by hcxtools. Try upgrading and using the latest version. Also, I noticed from your dmesg log that you're experiencing issues with your SD-card. If you have installed these tools to the SD card, and/or are saving/reading the capture to it, that could also explain some of your issues. I suggest either installing the tools internally and capturing to /tmp Or try fixing the SD card issue. I use a USB thumb drive mounted as /sd on my Nano to avoid all these SD card bugs.
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    Not if you want to be safe.
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    Reformat your machine and stop playing with things you don't understand.
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    @hanshaze Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you try transferring that captured file to a linux desktop, and try running hcxpcaptool on it there? And report back if it succeeds there, or if it fails. Also, please post the output from both dmesg and logread right after you experience any issues. It really helps debugging all issues. There's been some changes to hcxdumptool and hcxtools these last days, especially changes regarding "endianess". Without going into details i suspect these changes might be related. Also, please try upgrading both hcxdumptool and hcxtools. I compiled a new version a few minutes ago.
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    No, the Bash Bunny doesn't include a cable - however we do include an essential USB adapter set in our field kit packages - which includes a heavy gauge USB 3.0 extension cable and USB 3.0 A to C adapter. That can be found separately from the accessories section of this page: https://shop.hak5.org/pages/gear Stickers are included with every order depending on availability and we change designs from time to time - and packs are available as well on that page.
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    Hi, Is there a PR on GitHub open for this?
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    We bought the Bash Bunny a few years back and struggled to get the SMB Exfiltration tool to work. We dusted off the Bash Bunny the other day to play with again, updated it to the latest firmware, and for whatever reason can't seem to get Impacket installed. I admittedly am no Linux guru, but I can't figure out what I'm missing here. Anybody have any current, relevant info on how to get Impacket installed?
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    Unfortunately I can't recommend one in good faith, it has been quite a while since I played with them. I would recommend reading what works with OpenWRT in general however.
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    I found my notes from the installation of that firmware file. I tried this first sysupgrade -n /tmp/lede-17.01.5-ar71xx-generic-tl-mr3040-v2-squashfs-factory.bin It threw an error. So, mtd -r write /tmp/lede-17.01.5-ar71xx-generic-tl-mr3040-v2-squashfs-factory.bin linux This worked for me. My previous post left out the "-r" after mtd. If anyone else tries the image, then let us know what you did with your reclaimed Mark V.
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    I've NANO pineapple model and I need tutorial or document to follow for cracking WPA2 password. Until now I didn't find any useful resources for it.
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    Yeah, "here's an executable you run it." is not a great approach. I have seen a "killswitch" in action deployed en mass. You want to hook the .dll (possibly even replace the windows version of the .dll). By grabbing it at the OS level there is a less noticeable action/reaction to the plugging in of usb devices. If the machine just turns off the port/device then mitigation has occurred. Have windows log the time, users logged into the machine and other details for automated reporting. The "attacker," who could be a disgruntled employee, will think the machine is locked down, or even that his attack was successfully silent.
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    If you insist on monitoring, something like https://veyon.io/ works well. Schools use it, and it can be passive or active monitoring, But depending on age will define a lot of things, left alone with the computer, or only can use it in a family area. Filtering say via OpenDNS free family and child filter (rather simple to use and works well), rather than full on active monitoring. But more than anything else, communication is key.
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    How old is your daughter? To be honest the worst thing to do is to monitor her all the time. Simple things like AdBlocker (to protect her from harmful ads) and maybe a firewall (see PfSense) on your router could be enough. "Black Mirror Season 4: Arkangel" <-- for when you don't know what parental controls in the future might do ๐Ÿ˜… Just make sure you talk to her about it, that she needs to be wary of the dangerous/strange stuff she can see online.
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    If I do not compile my go apps in the alpine docker container I get the same error. Here is the fix below. Build a new container with this one additional line. RUN mkdir /lib64 && ln -s /lib/libc.musl-x86_64.so.1 /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 Enjoy.
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    Enter stage left, grumpy old man , MUPPET SHOW THEME PLAYING... Young man...listen up, and listen veeeery carefully. Since RKiver gave you the short version, and right now, you're wondering why, I'll give it a try. Since you haven't gotten permission, dont do anything to those machines. just bypassing login restrictions, would be a crime. Launching any kind of exploit, botnet, or malware is a crime. Since you dont know what you're doing, its a real dissaster waiting to happen..period. Go do your learning on a virtual lab, or private lab network, not on your schools gear. But you could try and ask the network staff if you can give them a hand, because you want to learn, and maybe someday be an admin yourself. Some of them might actually think it's cool, and start you in the right direction. Exit stage right, grumpy old man
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    If I do a select statement on the table ssids I get the following error: sqlite3.OperationalError: Could not decode to UTF-8 column 'ssid' with text 'gโ–’isQโ–’Jโ–’)อบโ–’โ–’โ–’โ–’F|โ–’Tโ–’โ–’vZ.c3โ–’ษš'
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    There might already be some man-in-the-middle tools that provide this types of technique. To do this yourself will take research, it's not that hard to accomplish but also not that simple to explain. The quickest suggestion I have is with a ettercap filter. What I have done in the past with a ettercap filter, replace a html lstring like </TITTLE> with your payload </TITTLE><iframe SRC=rat.exe> do research on ettercap. Learn what works and does not work.
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    Youd have to be connected to that network. Then you can do it. Kind of like picking up your tellephone and calling your bros.
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    Ok thanks! It's working now
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    Set your filters to "Deny" and ensure that there are no entries listed.
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    Found this: http://a.co/fVdZ22y If you look in the "Customer's also viewed" you can see others.
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    About Antenna A bit more Watch these videos and that should give you a better understanding of dbi, dbm, etc The Tetra has 5 or 6Dbi antenna with the Tetra running at 29Dbm. Im going to say the highest would be a 9Dbi antenna for the tetra. this is for 2.4ghz, I havent ventured in the 5ghz range myself.
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