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  1. meh too many people use python where perl or bash would surfice ;)
  2. This plugin allows you to log gps co-ordinates via the pineapple to the sd card. Small tile - Displays GPS Location and GPSD / GPSPIPE status Large tile - Displays most recent log file / location and a link to the read me. Changelog: Initial release. HINT : READ THE README FOR MORE INFORMATION Enjoy have fun any issues / bugs / comments either drop me a message on here or on irc. Peace Tea/Caffeine/Coffee Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By_tIemE3tiAZzV1bFJGQVBoeTA/edit?usp=sharing
  3. learn everything !! (seriously) EVERYTHING. bash, c, c++, python, ruby, html, java, batch, javascript, vbscript, powershell, basic etc etc the more you learn the easier it gets hehe :)
  4. im glad you can copy and paste ;)
  5. A note to all new members dont forget about the official hak5 IRC server. Grab yourself a client eg hexchat (xplatform irc client) Connect to : irc.secfo.org Using port : 6667 (Plain text) or port : 7000 (SSL) type: /j #hak5 and introduce yourself Peace Tea and the rest of the irc users :D:D
  6. Trip


    welcome and enjoy your stay.
  7. < facepalms fuck apple. completely goes against my ethics
  8. lul well i doubt there going to use apple hardware Not really sooo many new apps / hacks / code etc released weekly and hacking is very diverse
  9. use cat5 ? lol probably been mentioned though also why not try those adapters you can buy that use the electric ring main to extend your network ... might mitigate the wireless attacks
  10. Shouts to everyone I met & special thanks to Darren too for taking some time out for a short interview .... great meetup with great people a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Please drop a post in this thread with your contact / twitter / g+ details ... or get your butts on the official IRC channel :) irc.secfo.org:6667 #hak5 (fyi ... hexchat is a great xplatform client if you have any trouble registering either drop a post in the subforum or #help) Thanks also to the cameraman I grabbed at random great job and a steady hand hehe :D Peace Tea Hakology channel: http://www.youtube.com/hakology Video:
  11. so get your butt on irc.secfo.org 6667 #hak5 peace Tea
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