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  1. Thank you Mr-Protocol, the issue though is that I don't have a home server to set an OpenVPN server. I did configure a PPTP on Windows 7
  2. Yes, I am a noob....with 8 years of Microsoft Server experience. Fun stuff. I feel like I am behind on my technolust, and I want to get into the unix world, but I wanted to ask the community what I should learn first. I am currently running a lovely Dell Vostro 3650 with Windows 8 on it. No, I am not a gamer, I just like Microsoft's Operating Systems, but I do want to jump into Linux...with that said.... What operating system should I start with? once I install the operating system, what guidelines should I follow to become an intermediate user? I would also like to get into security and hacks, particularly CEH, any ideas? Android OS (I own a Galaxy Note 2) seems like a great little device, any ideas to start cracking that bad boy up? I know all of these answers are easily found online, however, I want to know what you guys think. I value your opinions. Thanks!
  3. Hey there everyone, I was curious as to what VPN solutions the community use. I am currently set with vpnbook (100% free) but I am having speed problems, I understand that VPNs will slow down your bandwith, but I was wondering if I should go with a different provider? I don't mind spending a bit of money ;D Thanks for your responses!
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