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  1. did you try compiling your own linux kernel from kernel.org
  2. I was Thanking about useing my ALFA card and clone my wireless AP for a honeypot
  3. I can not use shielding I am allowing my neighbor next door in apartment C to use my wireless AP and I did change my channel 1 to 12 and add Mac address filtering
  4. thank the attacker is becon flooding
  5. yes I am sure when I run airodump-ng and tcpdump on my wireless network lots of fake mac address show up and tcpdump pickup deauth
  6. I turn of wireless for one week then turn it back on and it start up 3 days later is there way to trace the attacker
  7. yes the attacker DDoSing my wireless side
  8. WIFI DDoS Attack and how to stop it I have a N00b DDoS my Wifi Router and I can not stop it I try Mac Filtering my bad I try stop it I try Mac Filtering
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