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  1. meh too many people use python where perl or bash would surfice ;)
  2. This plugin allows you to log gps co-ordinates via the pineapple to the sd card. Small tile - Displays GPS Location and GPSD / GPSPIPE status Large tile - Displays most recent log file / location and a link to the read me. Changelog: Initial release. HINT : READ THE README FOR MORE INFORMATION Enjoy have fun any issues / bugs / comments either drop me a message on here or on irc. Peace Tea/Caffeine/Coffee Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By_tIemE3tiAZzV1bFJGQVBoeTA/edit?usp=sharing
  3. learn everything !! (seriously) EVERYTHING. bash, c, c++, python, ruby, html, java, batch, javascript, vbscript, powershell, basic etc etc the more you learn the easier it gets hehe :)
  4. im glad you can copy and paste ;)
  5. A note to all new members dont forget about the official hak5 IRC server. Grab yourself a client eg hexchat (xplatform irc client) Connect to : irc.secfo.org Using port : 6667 (Plain text) or port : 7000 (SSL) type: /j #hak5 and introduce yourself Peace Tea and the rest of the irc users :D:D
  6. Trip


    welcome and enjoy your stay.
  7. < facepalms fuck apple. completely goes against my ethics
  8. lul well i doubt there going to use apple hardware Not really sooo many new apps / hacks / code etc released weekly and hacking is very diverse
  9. use cat5 ? lol probably been mentioned though also why not try those adapters you can buy that use the electric ring main to extend your network ... might mitigate the wireless attacks
  10. Shouts to everyone I met & special thanks to Darren too for taking some time out for a short interview .... great meetup with great people a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Please drop a post in this thread with your contact / twitter / g+ details ... or get your butts on the official IRC channel :) irc.secfo.org:6667 #hak5 (fyi ... hexchat is a great xplatform client if you have any trouble registering either drop a post in the subforum or #help) Thanks also to the cameraman I grabbed at random great job and a steady hand hehe :D Peace Tea Hakology channel: http://www.youtube.com/hakology Video:
  11. so get your butt on irc.secfo.org 6667 #hak5 peace Tea
  12. i tried using $config to hold the phrases but couldn't seem to set them @ runtime ... php isn't my favoured language and i threw this together in a couple of nights points taken tho ... ill try and improve on the code ... the infinite loop was in the original bit of source i used to make the bot thanks for checking it though :D
  13. damn i thought that was going to say derby uk lol :D
  14. what infiltrator said about short password .... only problem is wpa and wep are a minimum of 8
  15. fun little project php trollbot ... im not brilliant with php but enjoyed making this ... any suggestions to tidy up my code greatly appreciated :D have fun and dont abuse this code :) &lt;?php $chitchat = array("you cant beat windows 3.11", "linus torvalds is a blithering idiot", "stop haxing me i know you've got inside internet explorer!!", "internet explorer is soo win", "how do you install lunix?", "im stuck on trackback it says enter my login wtf?", "wait i bet you guys use lunix :D:D:D", "how does google work?", "my computer is an ibm mac", "i love bill jobs", "steve gates is my hero", "does anyone here use lunix?", "windows is far superior", "windows 95 was my personal fav", "oh fuckerty fuck", "hahahahahahaahahaha that wasn't funny", "you should really install gentoo :D", "i can compiles the lunix now", "im from the darknet", "uhoh bsod ffs when will ms remove this feature", "is there a cheat code for linux? rm???? idk im such a n00b?", "you will phaillz i will windowzzzz hahahahahaha", "firefox is a bucket of fail", "chrome sucks balls", "can u hack this ip for me ? ...", "im hacking your computer to get your passwords.", "have you tried restarting it three times?", "is it raining outside", "floppy disks will never die", "how can i fit a dvd on to a cd ??", "iphones suck", "i hate apples", "the only good mac is a macintosh coat", "wutchu up2 eneways??", "how do you install the skynet?", "I heard AMD processors are made of wood so I use mac like a real hackzor" , "AOL Is da shit, it so kicks ass in comparison to fiber." , "Heh, I downloaded a program onto my buddies pc to make his windorz boxor move the start icon, also renamed it to click my ass xP" , "Want to fuck with me? I'll hax0r your ass into tomorrow. My Ip is, haxs me pl0x." , "I use Lunix by Linyos Torovoltos" , "Telnet is my homeboi." , "Neurogansta and Haxors were awsome tape mixes.", "everyone knows osx is based on windows", "h4x0r in tha housizzle", "If at first you don't succeed call it version 1.0", "Never gonna give you up!", "lunix ftw"); date_default_timezone_set('GMT'); $booted = date(DATE_RFC822); $trollcount = 0; /** * Trollbot! v0.1 */ set_time_limit(0); ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); $config = array( 'server' =&gt; 'irc.lameserver.org', 'port' =&gt; 6667, 'channel' =&gt; '#lamechannel', 'name' =&gt; 'smeghead', 'nick' =&gt; 'smeghead', 'pass' =&gt; '', 'website' =&gt; 'p0rn.com' ); class IRCBot { var $socket; var $ex = array(); function __construct($config){ $this-&gt;socket = fsockopen($config['server'], $config['port']); $this-&gt;login($config); $this-&gt;main($config); } function login($config){ $this-&gt;send_data('USER', $config['nick'].' '.$config['website'].' '.$config['nick'].' :'.$config['name']); $this-&gt;send_data('NICK', $config['nick']); $this-&gt;join_channel($config['channel']); } function main($config){ $data = fgets($this-&gt;socket, 256); echo nl2br($data); flush(); $this-&gt;ex = explode(' ', $data); if($this-&gt;ex[0] == 'PING'){ $this-&gt;send_data('PONG', $this-&gt;ex[1]);} $command = trim(str_replace(array(chr(10), chr(13)), ' ',$this-&gt;ex[3])); switch($command){ case ":!stats": $this-&gt;send_data('PRIVMSG '.$config['channel'], 'Stats: (Boot time : '.$GLOBALS['booted'].')(Trolled '.$GLOBALS['trollcount'].' times)(Phrases : '.count($GLOBALS['chitchat']).')'); break; case ':!join': $this-&gt;join_channel($this-&gt;ex[4]); break; case ':!part': $this-&gt;send_data('PART '.$this-&gt;ex[4].' :', ' byebye!'); break; case ':!say': $message = ""; for($i=4; $i &lt;= (count($this-&gt;ex)); $i++){ $message .= $this-&gt;ex[$i]." ";} $this-&gt;send_data('PRIVMSG '.$config['channel'], $message); break; case ':!restart': echo "&lt;meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"5\"&gt;"; exit; case ':!shutdown': $this-&gt;send_data('QUIT', ' needs to recharge.'); exit; case ':!add': $trollphrases = $GLOBALS['chitchat']; $phrase = ""; for($i=4; $i &lt;= (count($this-&gt;ex)); $i++){ $phrase .= $this-&gt;ex[$i]." ";} array_push($trollphrases, $phrase); $GLOBALS['chitchat'] = $trollphrases; print "Added new phrase :&lt;br&gt;".$phrase.'&lt;br&gt;'; break; case ':!troll': $trollphrases = $GLOBALS['chitchat']; $rand_arrayno = rand(0, (count($trollphrases)-1)); $this-&gt;send_data('PRIVMSG '.$config['channel'], $trollphrases[$rand_arrayno]); $GLOBALS['trollcount'] = $GLOBALS['trollcount']+1; break;} $this-&gt;main($config); } function send_data($cmd, $msg = null){ if($msg == null){ fputs($this-&gt;socket, $cmd."\r\n"); echo '&lt;strong&gt;'.$cmd.'&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;br /&gt;'; } else { fputs($this-&gt;socket, $cmd.' '.$msg."\r\n"); echo '&lt;strong&gt;'.$cmd.' '.$msg.'&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;br /&gt;';} } function join_channel($channel){ if(is_array($channel)){ foreach($channel as $chan){ $this-&gt;send_data('JOIN', $chan);} } else { $this-&gt;send_data('JOIN', $channel);} } } $bot = new IRCBot($config); ?&gt;
  16. im still struggling to find a decent unit :(
  17. im looking for a new home phone and base unit ... i've looked in all the usual places but none of them seem to have anything techy at all. some cool features would be voip, colour screen, quality designed handset & base unit, etc any suggestions im all ears
  18. good luck the online google sdk documentation is pretty comprehensive but i hate java soooo much :( welcome to the world of popping up toast and the like :D
  19. que's really annoy me esp if the person standing in front of you smells of piss / decaying skin / shit
  20. and trying to get some good publicity nobody likes that group of people her and her family need locking up
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