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  1. Okay, I found it. How long does it usually take for that to take effect?
  2. Hello, I just bought a domain from Domain.com and can't figure out how to get it to point to my server. In the past I have used a couple of free dns services that give away free subdomains, but on their sites I could just put in the IP address of my server and everything just worked. I can not find a place to do that on my control panel on Domain.com. What am I missing? It is probably really simple.
  3. I got ahold of a free vps over at host1free. I am attempting to turn it into a vpn server now.
  4. Hello everyone, I am planning on setting up a server to host a vpn, website, etc. and have a couple issues. When at home I don't even have my own public IP, my service provider has a central router that all the clients are connected to. When I go to school here in a couple weeks I will have a public IP, but it will be dynamic and a lot of the ports will be blocked. Is there a free tunneling service or something similar that will give me a static public IP and alow me to manage which ports are open? I am looking for a free solution, even if it fixes one of the problems it would be great.
  5. Hello all, I was looking around the internet and saw a bluetooth usb hub. Does anyone know if one of these would be supported by android? My smartphone doesn't have usb host capabilities so I though this would be a great thing, but I don't want to waste money on something that won't work.
  6. US copyright laws are a pain. Emulators usually use a ripped system rom from the original device so to be legal you would have to rip the rom yourself, or write your own(this would take a lot of time and wouldn't be worth doing).
  7. In another video they showed how to do it with plop boot loader. That method is much easier to use in my opinion.
  8. That looks like it might work, but part of what we would use it for is replacing bad motherboards so we would not be able to boot the machine to do this. I finally did find a trial version of EaseUS that will make the WinPE disk that has Universal Restore, but it would be nice if there was an open source method or a way to use sysprep without booting.
  9. The problem is I want to be able to restore to dissimilar hardware. And I would want a solution that would work with XP - 7. EasUS and Acronis both have a Universal Restore feature that strips the drivers out of a Windows backup during the restore process and will load in the Microsoft generic drivers as if you had done a fresh install. I am now working at a different computer repair shop and the owner wont pay for these programs so I'm looking for a free/open source alternative. I have used Clonezilla before(I currently just boot with a Ubuntu disk and use dd), but I don't think it has the universal restore feature.
  10. Hello, While working with a previous employer I used Acronis' universal restore feature to restore Windows backups to dissimilar software. I have been searching for something to do it for free and keep striking out. I did find a couple forums mentioning that an old free version of EasUS had that feature, but I cant seem to find it. Does anyone here know of a free software to do this?
  11. I have tried to do this with other Linux distros. The problem is that the iPod does not like to be used as a boot device. It might be possible to have a boot loader on another device that could chain load a specific partition on the iPod. You could also put a portable virtual machine on the iPod and just run from within another OS. I know the second solution isn't the best for BT, but it would be better than nothing. You may be able to get it to work on an Intel Mac(PPC Macs can't boot from USB). I have seen a couple of sites that say you can boot a Mac from an iPod but not a PC.
  12. I've looked at it a little and am sorry to say that I'm not pleased. I liked the developer preview better and even that is a horrible sight on a desktop PC.They need to put some sort of button back for getting to the start screen because I can see it being a problem to get the hidden button to work. I found it hard with a mouse and think it would be harder with a touch screen. I hope they keep Windows 7 as the standard for desktops. I personally hate metro, but I could see it working nicely on a tablet.
  13. I'm a person with the attitude that if you already have something that you can make work, don't buy something else. I have one of the black and white Nook 3g's and I was thinking that it would be nice to have a mobile source of the internet. Would it be possible to tether a laptop to the Nook to use the free 3g connection from AT&T? Would I have to modify the Nook operating system?
  14. The problem is that people think they are worth more than they are. I don't want to go over $100 for one. I'm watching ebay, but most of them have starting bids of $150 and up. Are there other sites I should look on.
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