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  1. Hak5 seems to have turned into a show about Android as a primary topic. Gone are the network, server admin shows, even the hacker challenge went away as fast as it premiered. Ever since hak5 moved into its own production office separate from Darrens living space the show has slowly lost its diversity of topic. Shannon is growing on the tech side but i miss her old gaming segments and my new girlfriend would love them. But I really miss the core admin, system building and tools. I have no interast in hacking android and it has no relevance in tech employment. Perhaps Android segments need their own mini show? As it is I dont 'wait' for episodes anymore as Hak5 is of less interest anymore, and not very exciting. Just like Tekzilla, the good content is overpowerd or shoved aside by content from other shows or what belongs in other show. So yes i also stopped regularly (i barely remember it exists) watching Tekzilla when they merged the show with the one all about pricey Theater gear for 1 per-centers. All good things must come to an end, as new people rise to the challenge with fresh perspectives Such as ThenewTech by former Hak5 host Matt Lestock. He is doing what Hak5 used to do, the things that had me thinking about the next show every day until it came out. Regards,
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