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  1. Hi, Am moving to plusnet for my ISP so taking the opportunity to get a new router, am looking to get a triband, VDSL router that can runn ddwrt. Any recommendations?
  2. Has anyone come across a substitute for gpedit.msc which doesn't come in win10 home ed.?
  3. Big part of the reason for purchasing the Mac is that students over here get a really good deal on Apple Care - it will mean that whatever happens she will always have a laptop while at Uni .
  4. Will be nipping out to order an Apple Macbook Pro for my daughter as she starts University in October and am after recommendations for a good quality backpack with a laptop pocket for her to use. As am shelling out a lot of money on the Macbook I'd like as much protection as possible for the laptop. Thanks
  5. Sorry for the hijack but just had to say hi and wow - haven't been back here for a while but last time I was here Metatron had been MIA for sometime - this is the Metatron from way back isn't it? And cooper as well! re; the IT jobs field. Learn to code, Java, C, python whatever and make sure your Linux skills are good. Head over to Edx.org and Coursera - both have good quality free courses on these topics.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I have enough python experience to deal with a lot of it so if i can compile the python I think maybe thats the way to go with a bit of extra study!
  7. Hi I'm after some advice on a project I'm working on. It involves taking some input of hours worked in different departments over a time period for 5 to 10 staff members and storing them, doing some calculations with them to produce total hours, salary etc and then producing some graphs and reports to compare the activities of the staff. In the first instance this can be done as a standalone program on a pc with single user input. Obviously there will need to be some sort of database/table structure to store the inputs and calculations. I was looking at doing this myself as I have some programming experience. A lot of microFocus COBOL from years ago - but non recently so have no experience of using it in a windows gui environment and anyway the license and runtime fees for Microfocus are extortionate. I am fairly competant C programmer but again not suitable for this is my experience. I have done a bit of python but want something that I compile into a binary. So I find myself in the position of having to either learn a new language suitable for this or bring someone into work on this with me. Either way I need to know what would be the best language language to use given the requirements of the project. Is there anyone on here that has experience that could give me some advice? Thanks
  8. Got an internet connection problem on one of my pcs on my home network. I have 2 laptops, a wdtv, nexus7 and a number of kindles connecting to the internet no problem. Both laptops and the nexus can connect to websites . However the browsers(IE, chrome and firefox) on the pc will not bring up the web page, just getting a server not found message. The pc connects to the router by wifi, I can even ping servers outside my network including the dns server at from this pc. My first thought before I checked the laptops etc was dns server problems but obviously not as the laptops etc are connecting to websites fine. However i have now narrowed it down to a program I use on that pc called Spotflux, which automatically sets up a vpn to the spotflux servers in the states so i can watch US tv prgrams. I have tried closing this program and flushing and renewing dns cache but this didn't work. However if I leave the spotflux vpn open all the time I am able to browse to websites. Any thought please?
  9. Wow- not many old posters still around! And what has happened to the site - only video feeds on the front page? Whats going on?

  10. Anything wrong with the syntax of this? Needs to return contents of root from a child directory: <!--#exec cmd="ls /../" -->
  11. If I was ever to go back to teaching it would be a good laugh to use this as the basis of a lesson (although in the UK its not actually onthe curricuklum ....hehehe)
  12. Errrrrrrr, why would it be spam? Have I ever posted spam since I joined 06? Just thought folks might be interested in the type of things that are used for initial testing in "Smileys World"|heheh
  13. use your IT skills: https://www.mi5.gov.uk/careers/itjobs.aspx Try the puzzle!llol
  14. As per the title. Just strated getting a couple of annoying ding and double dings sounds going off at irregular intervals for apparently no reasons. Nothing ergular happening on the system etc. Have tried to isolate sounds to see if its system related to no avail. Even set sound schemes to "no sounds" and the annoying dings are still there. Also checked processes running and can't see anything untoward their. Haven't installed anything new in the last few days either. Anyone come across this before?
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