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  1. @123reg Hey guys! Your login portal is down on your website

  2. Hey guys, I am doing a course on your website, I dont know if you are aware but you have a #cleartext password data… https://t.co/Fc0uTAUvPq

  3. RT @WWE: OMG! @JEFFHARDYBRAND and @MATTHARDYBRAND are BACK! #WrestleMania #HardyBoyz https://t.co/EAgTyBWR7R

  4. @emmablackery Don't be a quitter Emma! ?

  5. CLOUD SERVERS FOR ALL YOUR SSH NEEDS! @DigitalOcean in 55 seconds. Sign up using my link and receive $10 in credit: https://t.co/kmdRpxEE2J

  6. RT @troyhunt: Watching @hak5darren at #AusCERT2016, complete with a quick-draw Pineapple on his hip https://t.co/E0PA9HshNo

  7. If I must have a back box at least spice it up a bit haha #hak5 https://t.co/9q97xR2pq0

  8. I STUMBLED UPON THIS LIKE 2 DAY AGO, Bloody love it hahaha
  9. Yeah, iv wrapped my head around that i'm just having issues setting my one text box as a variable to be able to drop in arguments for my exe's however learning a hell of a lot about C# today :)
  10. Update : Gui Designed, now for the bloody hard bit of re writing the whole bloody thing. http://i61.tinypic.com/2yos86e.png C# tutorials here I come.
  11. I'v recently been doing a hell of allot of batch files for work to help me out, but in the past I have used pretty basic C++, Python and java, as well as now dabbling with VBS. As much as I love my CLI and dont get me wrong, I adore it and have put alot of work into it. I have gone form v1 to v 2 to v3 and then applied mac logic to version 3.1 to 3.2 etc so forth , I am determined that v5 will have a gui. Like i said before I have Visual studio , its v2015, and my main issue with any other languages, is how to attach parameters with variables to exe. this has been my main hurdle in other languages. I can get the basics, but sometimes I get stuck , im going to give it a try in C# today as overwraith suggested. side note, granted iv put alot of work into this script and if anyone does wish to use it , feel free. cc.exe is relative to crisscontrol as an emergency remote protocol, but side from that, if anyone wishes to use it :) enjoy as it makes my life hellza easy haha :)
  12. Hi guy's I have a tool I created for my work place as an IT Helpdesk supporter I primarily am the second line support, i get calls on a daily basis and have created this tool to help me work much quicker, I am trying at the moment to evolve my program to an exe with a user friendly GUI, my program consists of 3 Bat files which I have added to paste bin with the links below, has anyone any suggestions as to how I could evolve my software, I have visual studio on my PC but have no idea how to get a gui to communicate or incorporate my cli tools, the gui is a whole new world for me and am happy jumping in the deep end, but have no idea where to begin, as I have tried unsuccessfully to create a C + environment on visual studio, tried multiple bat to exe converters hoping for a gui option to point things around, and tried VBS scripts to incorporate my script. any suggestions. (sidenote: I have most of my tools in my PSTools folder in its directory " Hence the pointing to PSTools everywhere) http://pastebin.com/KxQ7KY7s which opens the next two windows with the IP or host name from the Remote Helper bat http://pastebin.com/jHSCUqMN and http://pastebin.com/Hyzegids also this program is my baby as most of the reg fixes incorporated (but not uploaded) are of my own creations.
  13. DigIp's description gave me a very vivid image in mind
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