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  1. @123reg Hey guys! Your login portal is down on your website

  2. Hey guys, I am doing a course on your website, I dont know if you are aware but you have a #cleartext password data… https://t.co/Fc0uTAUvPq

  3. RT @WWE: OMG! @JEFFHARDYBRAND and @MATTHARDYBRAND are BACK! #WrestleMania #HardyBoyz https://t.co/EAgTyBWR7R

  4. @emmablackery Don't be a quitter Emma! ?

  5. CLOUD SERVERS FOR ALL YOUR SSH NEEDS! @DigitalOcean in 55 seconds. Sign up using my link and receive $10 in credit: https://t.co/kmdRpxEE2J

  6. RT @troyhunt: Watching @hak5darren at #AusCERT2016, complete with a quick-draw Pineapple on his hip https://t.co/E0PA9HshNo

  7. If I must have a back box at least spice it up a bit haha #hak5 https://t.co/9q97xR2pq0

  8. My FACE when I win the SurFACE 3 #Giveaway :O Enter here - https://t.co/9YgBK7iXIR via @BoingBoing

  9. 50+reasons why #YesAllWomen keep having to speak out about what's wrong with our world @gogreen18 http://t.co/q45KJr303b #LaciIsAlwaysRight

  10. RT @InspowerMinds: It's never too late to be what you might have been.

  11. The Wolf of Wall Street VFX Highlights: http://t.co/ebF3ThUEbw #bloodyAmazing @KittyHarris_ @AndieBarry Saw this and though of you guys :)

  12. would this not also be effective on the new windows 8 , when people have the option to change their signin password with a pin ? :)
  13. My name is Doug aka SilverMoonshine Favourite game: Minecraft Favourite Windows OS : 7 /XP Favourite Linux OS : Backtrack 5 R3 / Pear Linux Favourite console: NES Nationality: UK Accent: British , I think Sex: Male Age: (Time Lords Dont Age) Race: White British Height: 5'11 Status: Living with my Girlfriend Build: Athleticish Favourite band: Favourite book: Too many too choose from Favourite author: Akira Toriyama Favourite movie: Monty Python , Holy Grail Favourite director: Too Many Favourite TV / IP Show: Doctor Who / Hak5 Favourite actor: Enjoying Matt Smith , But David Tennant Favourite actress: Zooey Deschanel Favourite Pinup: Hayley Broughton Favourite Comedian: Bill Bailey Other hobbies: Compositing, Photography, Playing my instruments , feeding my thirst for knowledge , getting some code , making my own code , putting them together and making shit happen :) Bike : Road Bike until i can afford a motorbike Occupation: IT Engineer at a computershop :D
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