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  1. As a security practice, it's highly recommended to have all these remote management features turned off, or only allowed on local intranets instead of over the internet. My router security is pretty tight, I only allow a certain computer to manage it remotely and management over wireless is disallowed too Any other services such as Telnet or HTTP, which transmits information in clear-text is also disabled, I use either SSH or HTTP(s) Port forwarding rules are disabled, unless it's required or otherwise.
  2. Hey bro refereing to this thread


    wat do u mean by wiping of the boot sector ??

    and how do u do that ??

    why am asking means , if we reinstall the the winidows OS the old OS files will be saved in the form of Windows.Old

    Which means still infecte...

  3. Are you giving me the finger, or just introducing yourself?

  4. What's up bro, I have accepted your friend request.

  5. Aw i have plenty of stuff for that, are they not making that cert redundent ?

  6. The exam I am taking is 70-290

  7. I am studying for the MCSA/MCSE (70-290)

  8. Good luck dude and soon I will be MCSE (Microsoft Certified Server Engineer) too.

  9. what windows server exam? (number) i might have some good materials for it.

  10. Studying for my MCSE server exam...

  11. Ati graphics card are generally cheaper than the Nvidia ones but they also offer very good performance and value for the money. Nvidia cards have the performance but too expense unless you have deep pockets.

  12. Glad to hear there is someone in these forums who plays C&C. I still haven't had a chance to play the new game, I'm still playing the older editions, Kane and Wrath.

    Furthermore, I've only seen the preview of the game and have to say, I can't wait to buy the game.

  13. Just saw that you play C&C. Have you played Tiberian Twilight yet?

  14. Being quite can be good, you not only learn more yourself by listening to what other people have to say, but you learn more about other users.

    Anyway see you around.

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