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  1. AES-128 is an encryption algorithm which would take somewhere around and roughly 1 billion billion years for a 10.5 tera flop super computer to crack as there would be (3.4 X 10^38 possible combinations). Technically half of that because you can average about 50% of attempts will eventually crack the password. Still a lot of time. The bits in which you are referring too do not use AES it is RSA which is much different. RSA is decimal digits which greatly decrease the number of possible combinations. This would still take a while perhaps too long for someone to process in the applicable short time RSA keys are actually used. Correct me if i'm wrong someone.
  2. The article mentioned luks and I think that's what I'm going to go with. Picked up some cryptography books for some added fun. I really want to analyze the raw data and try to use some decryption techniques to pickup as much metadata as possible without decryption the drive. Using the USB drive technique you mentioned it would be sweet to use a hardware encrypted thumb drive on top of that.
  3. I'm interested in encrypting my entire disk as I'm getting ready to install a fresh Ubuntu Image. Any recommendations for encryption?
  4. Oooh. I'll test it out a bit. Thank you all.
  5. I wanted to share this with you all. It is was of the most educational documents I've found on cryptography/encryption. My guess is many people are using TrueCrypt incorrectly. Even using a hidden volume doesn't establish plausible deniability as well as writing random data to a USB (for example) before encrypting. Then on top of that you would want to fragment the data on the drive after it is encrypted. There is a bit more too it, but this guy explains why and how they overcome encryption to eliminate plausible deniability as an escape route. http://bitly.com/185k33n
  6. Yeah, I get all of that. Just trying to determine my own method is what is interesting. Security is way too dependent on trusting others. From software development, to ISP to VPN servers. My two last questions still stand. :)
  7. So now I have protected from taps off my ISP/mitm, one would have to track/connect the dots from vpn to my real ip and decrypt data. This raises two more questions: I've been successful in creating a 2 headed proxy chain by using my main os to connect to a paid/no log vpn then using vbox to spin up a vm and run a separate paid vpn (diff provider) through that. I cannot think of a way to use a third other than taking over a remote host through the second proxy to establish a 3rd. Any other ideas? Also, what kind of encryption software could I use that requires use of private key? I know truecrypt can do this and it's proven open source code. Anything better? What about just using 7zip with aes-256 to encrypt files? No key though.. This is all for study btw.
  8. So it is useful and necessary, because I'm adding another layer to the onion. The problem I have with that is if I just use my personal exit node I'm a small target, I can control my own internal security and even build ssl/tls tunnels to my own firewall internally. I am forced to trust a network and company I know nothing about, technically. They could all be honey pots for all we know. Not to mention when using OpenVPN or like products, once I leave their exit node my packets enter plain text internet anyhow. so I may be adding another layer of security. 1 for https and 1 for vpn = 2; I have to trust my isp 1 and now trust another provider whos network I don't control 1 = 2. seems to cancel out 2 pros 2 cons.
  9. I understand IP isn't encrypted but since my exit node is no longer my personal firewall my IP is "masked" because I'm NATing through a different firewall. Why does adding vpn under https add more security? To my knowlege you cannot read ssl encrypted traffic, or the encapsulated packets of ssl headers. This is why firewalls offer deep ssl inspection where the firewall proxies traffics and uses its own ssl cert so it can then read the ssl headers.
  10. Why does adding vpn under https add more security? To my knowlege you cannot read ssl encrypted traffic, or the encapsulated packets of ssl headers. This is why firewalls offer deep ssl inspection where the firewall proxies traffics and uses its own ssl cert so it can then read the ssl headers.
  11. Wow! I was totally headed in the wrong direction. I really like the XPS12. I thought $500 was a good target but I was wrong. Looking at another Asus option but will be ordering this week. Thanks for the slap in the right direction.
  12. Hello All, I've been greatly considering the purchase of my first business-purposed tablet. I'm not a big fan of the Apple IOS and the Windows 8 Tablet has is running the much underpowered Atom processor. I believe that I can get most of my business application running on the Droid IOS. However, I am at a loss for which Droid tablet will serve me best. I do like the idea of a larger 10" screen as well as the addition of a bluetooth keyboard. My intentions with the device would be for notes, browsing, gaming, and a Visio like application. I've been considering the Google Nexus 10 as it falls within my budget of $500 for a tablet. There is some flexibility with the budget, but spec wise, what are the top Droid Tablets? I've spent some research time, but there are various inconsitencies amongst the reviewing parties. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks~
  13. Hey All ~ How would one add lets say the /home/dropbox directory to the Unity Files & Folders Lens Search? I have some exe's that synch over dropbox such as winbox.exe which is working well with WINE. I'd like to make winbox.exe, for instance searchable so I can type in "winbox" press enter and it's open. Basically, I created a shortcut on the desktop for winbox.exe but I couldn't add it to the Unity Sidebar so i'm seeking other alternative above.
  14. Wow, I couldn't find it becasue I didn't know what it was called. "Unity Lens Shopping". Much appreciated my friend!
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