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  1. On this though, what kind of things would you want to do from the air transmitting? The reason I ask is doing so from a moving airplane is probably not the most practical with stationary mounted antennas and the fact of having to always stay within range of a AP. This could lead to some difficulty without some large power on the TX side or some sort of signal tracker antenna setup.
  2. I will take a look at what you posted and do a little additional looking around. The USB option is convenient. Not sure what exact model Cessna your friend has but quite a few have or have been upgraded with a 12 volt source which could be a possibility if you are trying to avoid a battery pack. A lot of routers by default (rarely changed in my experience) support b,g,n so having a g amp should still be a feasible solution as well. That range you referenced will be effected by antenna selection so my do some research on to what kind of antenna that is rated on. I should get some time to dig into it with the next day. Have you decided on a software to go with? Still think kismet might be a good starting point with how well documented it is and the configuration options for channel selections on each adapter to give better coverage of the spectrum.
  3. Downgrade to firmware recovery (version 2.4.1) should get it working. If not then try 2.5.4. One if not both should work with the module. Modules are waiting for updates to be compatible with the 2.6.x firmware. I will test it as well later on firmware 2.6.1 to verify and update the status here:
  4. Glad to help. I do use FreeCAD personally time to time. Just depends on the what I'm designing. Here is links to two recent projects I did with custom 3D printed enclosures. Nothing to fancy. And this one: https://cap-sig.com/portable-kali-pi-v1/ Have a few more that will be posted in the coming week or so as well.
  5. @Bob123 I can't really say much on the bash bunny side of things as I haven't used them much recently. Payloads should remain functional through firmware versions as long as a dependency or syntax change doesn't occurs, but it is possible for firmware updates to cause the issue if so. One common issue I have seen with the bash bunny payloads is users not configuring them correctly or they payload not be compatible to work on the user target system. Depending on the configuration of the target system a payload may not work at all. For example, some payloads can be blocked by admin settings on for say a Windows 10 system. This is a long debated topic. I think it really goes both ways depending on the situation. If you have a direct need from a system and have it working the way you want, don't risk updating unless you are for sure the update is confirmed working or you have a reason to update. But on the other side, if a system is used in general it is best practice to update for improvements and patches you may be unaware of. I'm sure this could be debated for days but when it comes down to it, do whats best for you and your needs.
  6. Whats your experience with CAD software? I know Fusion 360 does not meet two of your four requirements (It is cloud based but can be cached offline, it is free - not open source) but it is very easy to use and a lot of documentation online to help you learn if you are new to CAD. Not the best software if you want to edit STLs but great if you want to design then export STLs for printing. FreeCAD is a good option as well but it is better suited for someone with some CAD experience or if a beginner plan to do a lot of reading/videos to learn. It has a ton of features and addons that make it very versatile but just not always the easiest to use. OpenSCAD is another option but it is different from what some users know as CAD software as it is a programming style software. It has some advantages like once a design program is written it can have editable parameters so others can easily change the design with just a few value changes. There are other options as well but really comes down to desired features and your background in CAD software.
  7. Thanks for info. Didn't look at the github for that module but when tested it the module will install but not the dependencies.
  8. So on the topic of the Wifi Pineapple Tetra and Nano. The issues users are having is with community modules. To explain to anyone not familiar, "community" modules are exactly that, modules made by community users to add features to the pineapple that is not included with the core firmware. Due to the recent update to firmware 2.6.x the OpenWRT version was upgraded several versions ahead of the last prior pineapple firmware version 2.5.4 from 15.x to version 19.x in the pineapple firmware. Due to this nearly all modules and any required dependencies for them to work need to be updated as well so they are compatible with pineapple firmware 2.6.x Now this is frustrating waiting for the community modules to be updated, BUT the pineapple is not sold with the promise of any of these community modules. The wifi pineapple firmware 2.6.1 I can confirm working on the Tetra. Core features like Recon and PineAP that are part of the Hak5 released firmware are working (may have minor bugs that will be updated in future firmware but are still at this point functional) which is what you are buying directly from Hak5. It is my opinion that nearly all current complaints are on the topic of community modules not working due to the update to 2.6.x. So again, it is frustrating to some level that modules you'd like to use will not work on the newest firmware BUT it is not fair to say as some users that Hak5 products are "junk" or that they are "ripping people off". I think like always the Hak5 team and community will work together so that things will be smooth sailing again but it does take some time. The only real issue is if a community module developer is no longer active someone else will have to take on the task of fixing it. For anyone looking to see the status of tested modules take a look here: If you have any info on a module and the status of it working/not working please post to the above thread to help keep a log until all these community module issues are resolved!
  9. Agree with this if looking for remote access. NordVPN personal vs business plans is mainly on the business account you get dedicated IP and multi user support with user admin tools to manage them. There are some other small features as well.
  10. I guess to rule out power issue is that on the same system that Kali is on, dual boot? Did you buy a genuine Alfa adapter? Some of the knock offs cause issues in Kali. The RT3070 chipset should be plug and play as long as you didn't load any other drivers manually into Kali.
  11. What are you running Kali on? Live ISO, VM, HDD install ? If VM, what software? Seen this before with VirtualBox
  12. 👍 Best way to help the community is be proactive help in my opinion 👍
  13. Great. Post your results here: Trying to keep a running log of module statuses for users looking to see what is currently working in firmware 2.6.x
  14. The pineapple is a device that can be used many ways. I think this is a pretty far fetched comment. @Darren Kitchen @Sebkinne @Foxtrot along with others have always worked through issues with devices in the past and I expect they will do the same now. The pineapple at its core is working. Built in modules are working in firmware 2.6.1. The issue most users are experiencing is with "community" modules. These modules are developed by community users and must be updated by them to continue working as the Hak5 team releases firmware updates. I don't think it is fair to say there products don't work when the community modules are not independently advertised as features of the product. They should be viewed more as bonus features. Most advertising of the products are of the built in core features like Recon and PineAP on the wifi pineapple.
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