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  1. Cleaning up all the components and equipment no longer need/use. Solder station, desolder station, bench top adjustable power supply, other misc tools 1,000s of component parts. (Resistors relays capacitors transistors connectors chips etc etc etc.....) Dozens of dev boards including arduinos, raspberry pis, digisparks, etc Displays LCD and Segment, rfid readers, relay boards, keypad, etc for use with dev boards Several Alfa wifi boards with dozens of connectors, cables, antennas So much more it would take days to list!!! The whole lot would be everything you need to get started or stock up your current lab. Will package and ship entire lot. For more details message me.
  2. Valid question. Sometimes the simplest possible things are the problem.
  3. Its not a super easy answer, but mainly has to do with how radio logic/circuitry works. The operating range of the device is up to 6 GHz as you stated above.
  4. What features are you trying to use? Always helps to post some more direct questions. It also helps other users answers questions if you post things like: FW version OS of connecting device Way the device is being powered etc, etc,etc
  5. I would for the time being look at this method. The Pi zero W would be really cool but as you said, it is not realistic interfacing wifi to work jointly with computer login. You could even look at adding a small GPS module if the laptop has internal room for it. Write a script to pull data from whatever sources you want and email out at regular intervals. This should protect against the laptop being wiped as well. Just a waiting game for it to be connected to internet.
  6. This would require a microcontroller if you plan on protecting it from system wipes. You would basically need a stand alone low jack. The next issue you will face is interfacing the built in WiFi adapter to the system for sending data. There are some things out there similar to this but are something usually the manufacture has be installed/setup that the owner activates.
  7. You could use a dongle for use in client mode. What is you plan to connect remotely? Over LAN or WAN ? Have you looked at Cloud C2 ?
  8. What firmware version is it running? What battery pack are you using? (hak5 or other, if other rated power) Please go into little more detail on not being able to see "all clients"
  9. Most likely you are not close enough or have strongest signal for a success deauth between Target AP and Client device.
  10. Have you installed the required driver for SDR Sharp? You need to use Zadig to install the correct drivers for it to work with SDR Sharp. You can find tutorials on how to do this. Look at second half of this website link to get some starting info: http://recolog.blogspot.com/2018/02/installing-drivers-for-rtl-sdr-and.html If you have questions once you start the process, post back here. Good luck!
  11. It picks up nothing at all? Or just weaker signal than factory antennas? There are a few common reasons antennas don't work as expected and most of the time it comes down to the wrong style of antenna being selected. Factors include: polarity gain directional style omni patch panel yagi etc, etc, etc impedance ( less likely when buying WiFi antennas but is possible) ETC, ETC, ETC Hope this helps with the basic idea.
  12. Good to know. Haven't tried it either on a MS account linked machine. I personally dislike how you have to create/have an account on consumer system now for login just then to switch it back to local...
  13. This is a very simplified and vague explanation but it usually for pen testers it the entry door to a LAN. Depending on how well the WiFi network is deployed it may be a HUGE open hole in the network. There are other things like eavesdropping on the actual WiFi along with other tactics. Just look at it as a door way to possible full network access.
  14. Did Windows try to initially install a driver? Or it has never been detected at all? Most likely a driver issue.
  15. Great tool to try. What are you trying to actually do in regard to disconnecting clients? The time a client is disconnected doesn't matter when capturing handshakes as long as it causes the client to re-authenticate. My guess is you are trying to deauth a station longer than required for handshake so a client connection will hopefully look for a new AP to use? In hopes of them selecting your rogue AP? Eavesdropping is what you are looking to do?
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