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Found 7 results

  1. Please post general comments here so we can have one place to answer the common questions.
  2. I've recently purchased a signal owl and have had some success just using the internal 2.4GHz radio. However I'd now like to step things up and use my AWUS036ACH (RTL8812AU) however I'm not sure how to set this adapter up as an interface (I'm new to OpenWRT). Currently the device shows up in lsusb as expected however it does not appear if I run ip addr or ifconfig. What's the process for setting up an adapter up in OpenWRT? Is this particular adapter supported? Do I need to install a driver? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. Okay okay I know, hold on. Before you mark this question as a repeat question and yell at me to search the forums a little bit harder, hear me out. So I recently became the (very) proud owner of a Wi-Fi Pineapple Tetra. I'm fairly well-versed in terms of the Linux system layout, but there is one thing that confuses me... For those of you who are unaware, (and this is the part where I need guidance, as I may be wrong) a Wi-Fi Pineapple Tetra is equipped with 2 radios, each radio having 2 antennas to meet a total of 4 antennas. That fact alone was pretty difficult for me to find, because looking at it from the operating system, I was under the impression that there were 3 radios, which is what has been confusing. All the schematics and descriptions I've seen describe the Tetra as having 2 radios... but then, how can there be three wireless interfaces? An even better question, how can they operate independently (I.E. one be in monitor, one be in managed, and one be in master mode)? Here is my hypothesis: there are 2 radios, wlan0 and wlan1. Wlan0-1 is somehow a hybrid of the two, utilizing some weird feature that allows us to make a pseudo-interface that isn't actually linked to a specific piece of hardware, but instead shares the workload between the two radios... but that violates the fact stated in the statement above: they can all act independently of one another. Then, another article I read described wlan0 as the first radio and wlan0-1 as the second radio, but then, where did wlan1 come from? I thought it only had 2 radios? I understand that wlan0 is the open/hidden AP from the Networking module and that wlan0-1 is the managed AP, that much I gathered from /etc/config/wireless. So I guess my final question is simple: Can someone please please please please help me understand where these radios are on the actually hardware device?? I'm looking into building some upgraded antennas for parts of the Pineapple, and I'd like to know exactly how they will affect what. I do know that wlan0 is hooked up to the two antennas closest to the ethernet port, and that wlan1 is the two antennas closest to the reset button, but that still leaves the vital question: where is wlan0-1? Plus, I'm curious and confused. Those two aspects of me like to combine into either hours of research, or a forum post. I've tried hours of research with no results, and so here I am. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  4. Hi guys, I am considering purchasing a Pineapple Tetra. I searched out the forums for most of my answers but I do have a question about the range. How strong of a signal does the Tetra give off as far as distance (when in AP mode)? How great is the tetra at AP (SSID) discovery? Can it's AP signal and (SSID) discovery range compete with an Alfa wireless card such as these two (A) (B)? Thanks.
  5. I am completely and utterly disappointed. i have been searching for weeks to find out how to preform a arp-poising MITM attack to sniff plain text credentials, the best thing i could find was Responder. There is no guide on how to use this explicitly on the WiFi Pineapple. I have basically paid $250 for a box. The last person to ask about this did not get anywhere in terms of help either. Please Can somebody in this entire forum show me how i can configure Responder to work on a Wireless network. Like from the ground level. What options do i select, do i connect in client mode (Wlan1, Wlan0) ect. Please, this was a big investment for me.
  6. When I connect the TETRA to a Fedora Linux laptop, the wireless connection does not work . ( if I disconnect the y-cable eth connection wireless does NOT work ) ( if I re-connect the y-cable eth connection wireless does work ) this is very strange has anyone encountered this behavior..
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