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  1. I run a VPN service to connect to the Internet. I can open my C2 instance OK and see my devices and stats OK. When I select a device, terminal, and try to open a SSH connection to the device I get the spinning circle icon and never get the SSH session established. Any suggestion on how to keep my VPN session and be able to open a SSH session from withing my C2 instance would be appreciated.
  2. Yes, they are the same config file. I guess I misunderstood the tutorial on using the device.config file. Thanks
  3. I have two LAN Turtles. Both are listed in the Cloud C2 device list. I can have them both active in different subnets but stats only show for one device (the first device that was added to the list). If I used the same subnet and only power one on at a time the stats always show for the first device I added to the device list. Regardless of which one is active the MAC address is always showing the first device I added regardless of which one is active. Basically either LAN Turtle only displays stats as the first device added to the Cloud C2. The second LAN Turtle in the device list never sho
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