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  1. In reality it is a combination of things. Most of the time it seems that their are three main purchasing groups for these products. Professionals: They typically have a good understand of the software/firmware being used before purchasing so the transition to the device is easy. In my experience this group will a lot of times not update there device once they have the features they need working. This help prevent issues due to "latest" version firmware and waiting for patches to modules. Hackers/True Enthusiasts: They typically are in it for the joy and learning experience. Help find bugs and issues as well as develop modules. Splurge Buyers: Ones who have no idea how the device works or functions. Most the time individuals who buy the device because they heard it can "hack wifi" so they buy it thinking they will click one button and have the password to any WiFi network they please. Issues seem to come most from the last group as the device did not meet their expectations. Now all groups have unsatisfied users as well but it seems not as much from the first two. This is a very rough overview but I feel this is important information when deciding to purchase the device. I have owned wifi pineapples since the markIV and have hand my ups and downs. Sometimes at the fault of buggy firmware and other times at my own cause. Most recent issues seem to be users not understanding that modules are "community modules" and not developed by the Hak5 team. This is my opinions, and I am in no way calling anyone wrong.
  2. Haven't personally done that exact combo, but it should be doable. Probably want a larger flash drive that will need partitioned correctly. Not sure how that would work with LVM encryption though. Someone else might have some more info on the idea.
  3. Like @Zylla said, take some time to read up on protected management frames. They provide protection for unicast and multicast management frames to help prevent eavesdropping. A quick search will find several good sources of info.
  4. https://www.kismetwireless.net/docs/readme/git_and_beta/ has guides for installing and setup. Not sure on performance of doing this with the tetra but have seen what you are wanting done with R Pi.
  5. That should be the same as one keystroke. What are you trying to delete? You may have to add some code to select all depending the situation.
  6. Looks like some kind of carrier signal. Need to dig into the exact freq range and see how it falls with 5G band.
  7. Sorry for the delay in for an answer in your other post. I plan to dig into the payload this weekend. Post any updates in the mean time!
  8. It could be several things causing it which is usually related to the target system. For example, one documented cause is DHCP being disabled on the target system. Red just indicates something failed. The base payload has not been updated for 3+ years so it is expected that changes will need made to work with your target. Best bets are an issue with Responder. If you target is not accepting the "Ethernet" connection from the bash bunny it will fail right out the gate.
  9. Try to stay with Nvidia cards as they are well documented for use. CPU does not have to be a monster since you are using GPU power. i3 or old i5 would be plenty but could even get away with less. Your going to need PCI slots, a lot if you plan to grow the rig, for GPU hookups. Another route that might be good is look for someone on eBay selling off GPU mining rigs. You could probably work your way into a good 6 or 8 GPU rig for a good price with current mining environment. Keep the PSU wattage in mind as well. Again depending on how much you grow the rig a 600-800w PSU will not cover it several modern GPUs
  10. So you have done a firmware recovery then upgrade to latest successfully? The files in storage portion of the drive should not effect speed. It just keeps files requested by payloads to function. Keep in mind that the speed of the target system will also determine how fast things like the drive being recognized is.
  11. Cap_Sig

    Merge pw lists

    There are several ways to do this... One of the simplest is using sort sort -u pwd1.txt pwd2.txt -o master.txt Other methods posted should work as well. There are also hashcat utils to aid in this. Another option you might see is dymerge but personally it does not work for me due to its limit on list size.
  12. @Ddanraks are you doing an: airmon-ng check kill before starting monitor mode? If not you have other processes preventing the card from working properly.
  13. The biggest unknown is actual load of the tetra. 24 watts is most likely MAX with it running all transceivers TX at full power. So the real question becomes what are the characteristics of the module you plan to run and its effect on power load? Lets say you are only scanning (RX) so your load will be lower meaning more battery life. That is just one example. If you are concerned about being super accurate for a project, I would recommend doing a load test for an hour with it in operational mode and see what the average is.
  14. DHCP settings will need adjusted as well if you want the port to issue an IP to the pi. I am only speculating but iptables will most likely need some work done as well. This is to allow proper routing and possible firewall exceptions. But I'm by no means an OpenWRT expert.
  15. Just do a firmware recovery. You could try doing a reset but seems to rarely yield results. Guide here: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery Just make sure you download the correct image.
  16. You will need to get the NTLM hash then run it through something like John the Ripper or hashcat.
  17. post what your edited config is for this. This would be the easiest/fastest way, but understand wanting to do something just because you can.
  18. To do what you are wanting there are some setting that will need changed through the tetra terminal. Just setting static IP on the pi will do no good as the tetra needs set to share it WAN connection over the RJ45 port. This is not a typical configuration for the tetra as it would be mostly used for WAN connections then using the wireless interface for connection clients to the AP. Do you have a pre model 3 pi? If you do have a pi 3, why not use the wireless interface on the pi for connection?
  19. Are you trying to recover data? Unless the drive in encrypted you could recover data off the drive without the admin password.
  20. Nice payload! One issue is I'm pretty sure this will only work on a machine running Windows Defender. When adding the exception for the drive letter this will not work if the system has Windows Defender disabled due to having something like AVG installed as AV program. I plan to mess around with the payload some and post back.
  21. It is best you start with the basics of WiFi and get a better understand of protocols, security standards, etc. Once you do that it is great to take a look at the aircrack suite. This is a widely used software in the WiFi pentesting world. There are others but again a good starting point. There are some videos as to the workflow behind using the pineapple that can be found around the forum and YouTube. Most content related to what you are asking require a basic understand of WiFi.
  22. You could use it to find the signal direction. But when it comes to strength there are a lot of variables. The majors ones are antenna type, antenna location, and the transceivers RX sensitivity would effect how will the signal strength is Most companies in our area installing fixed wireless will come do a signal evaluation at no cost. Or at least cancel your install at no charge if a tech finds the signal to be weak at your location. Maybe something you want to ask the provider about. I know they use panel/patch style antennas in our area and require there techs to install them.
  23. Cap_Sig


    As in someone you know? What is giving you the idea you are being spied on? Finding it is not to big of deal but figuring out who is another thing. There are ways to do so. And the likely hood is high that a system has something like this on it. For example tracking cookies do exactly what you are describing. There are many sites that try to use these for targeted marketing, links, etc. Need to monitor web traffic and check for open ports. Depending on the person's skills, if done sloppy, it will stick out like a sore thumb that you are being tracked.
  24. More info is needed to help. What is the IP settings? A common issue with the script is selecting the wrong interfaces for WAN and the nano.
  25. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360034798193-Case-Misfit-Special-Instructions
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