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  1. Thanks for the clarification. My skill level with routers is non-technical, and all the settings, and terminology make me dizzy. So I think the Raspberry Pi with a VPN setup will be more straight forward for me and less hassle overall. thanks
  2. So this is where get lost...I need a computer (raspberry pi, etc,) to act as a vpn server or are tweaks and software upgrades on the router alone able to do what I need? Or are both possible? Just looking for the easiest/ cost-effective method. Raspberry Pi looks doable. I am looking to spend under $100.
  3. I have a vacation home in Mexico. It has internet provided by a mexican company. Is there a way to bypass the geolocation, other than the commercial VPN services. The ones I've tried don't seem to work on all sites. Primarily I want to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. Is there a way to simply log onto my "Home" network in the USA, as if I was still home? There will be no computer on the "Home" network while I'm gone, but there is a network hard drive. If someone can steer me toward the terminology of what I need, or youtube, or articles, i can research. thanks in advance.
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