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  1. We can't help you if you don't specify your issue. Just go on youtube....
  2. Can you wait like 4 days or something? I was also sick of the password grabber payloads, they've never really worked for me. So I decided to write a fast, clear payload by myself and I just finished it yesterday (it works perfectly). I'll post it on github and make a topic here.
  3. At the top of your topic left to "start new topic" and "reply to this topic" is a button named "moderation actions" From there you can go ahead and delete it
  4. On what device would you like to execute the payload? What should the payload do? Give us more infos
  5. Hey there Looks like you are new to the forum. One important rule is: Search before ask. The Forum has a search bar where you can search and I guarantee that you will find 90% of what you need. It isn't good when the same questions are posted like 10 times. It just saves everyone's time. You could easily find out that this topic was posted before. Have a look at that and look if you find similarities. And please note: These payloads are just Bruteforce attacks. If the user has a good password, you won't be able to crack it. If the password would be 1234 (and if the payload would work) it would be possible for sure to crack the password. I don't know much about the P4wnP1, but the payloads for the BashBunny can be improved for sure. You could do that for example. Hak5 isn't responsible for the payloads. They are just responsible for the devices to work, but the payload is only community-based. They help where they can for sure, but they are not responsible when a payload doesn't work. To make it work, you could help find the "mistake" and improve the payload. If you have any other questions just feel free to ask in the forum or PM me.
  6. Is think what PoshMagiC0de means is like: can you manage to run the payload by hand on the victim computer? Like if you can open the explorer, then you could also make a way to execute the program via the explorer. Like you could make Win+e and then go to the BB somehow, idk... Another way maybe: if you just press the windows key, and then type "cmd" you should be able to open the cmd. I hope cmd isn't banned as well. With cmd you could also easily locate the BashBunny and execute the application/payload then. There is theoretically no need of the run dialog. It is just a faster way to execute commands, but it does not have any more privileges or something.
  7. Have you already bought the BB or do you just not know which tool to buy? Or do you not know which tool to install on the BB? Please clarify a bit. Which tool you want to buy depends on what you want to do. Tell me that and I will try to lead you to the right tool.
  8. As far as i know, the BashBunny does not work with CloudC2.
  9. The BashBunny is always a great Christmas gift hehehe 🙂 I recommend watching the hak5 episodes on youtube first. I'm gonna explain it, just for you This is for Windows, on Mac it doesn't work LED SETUP (this is a LED status. LED SETUP is a shortcut for led g slow i guess?) please correct me if i'm wrong ATTACKMODE HID (attackmode Human Interface Device) LED ATTACK (again a shoortcut for a LED status) RUN WIN "notepad" (it is just the windows key + r, and then types the word in "" into the run box and then presses enter.) Q STRING hello world (the Q stands for QUACK. Every command with a Q or QUACK in front is a RubberDucky script. And everything behind STRING will be printed. You dont't need to put "" around your text. This is only in RUN WIN. LED FINISH (is another LED status. LED G FAST and then LED G.) Into the payload.txt you put that in without the brackets obviously. I attached the payload.txt below if my explanation was not good. If the payload doesn't work, be sure that you have set your keyboard language to en-US. To do that, just go to powershell and write Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList en-US -force; If you have any other questions, just ask me, I will help you. payload.txt
  10. Oh I didn't know that. Nice! I have a feeling like the more I use the Pineapple the better it works (the LED) (sounds strange but I think it is like that xd). #(Ich habe erst jetzt gesehen dass du aus Deutschland kommst. Habe jetzt extra noch auf Englisch geschrieben, falls andere Leute das selbe Problem haben (werden). Danke für deine Hilfe! :D)#
  11. I mean, it's not like I can't work with it now, it's working totally fine, but I'll just maybe have a hard time recognizing if it has already booted up or if it's doing something else. Im fine with it
  12. I've haven't changed anything yet. I've just SSH'ed once because i wanted to see if it works (it worked :D). I haven't touched anything. I wasn't solid from the beginning. It was like this when it arrived. Maybe it got damaged or something, idk.
  13. Just got my Pineapple Nano and I noticed that the solid blue led isn't as solid as it should be. It doesn't has a pattern or something, it's just a fail in the LED or the lack of power. I have plugged it in with both USB cables and tried it on 2 different devices To make things easier, I just made a short vid and uploaded it on youtube. (
  14. The Mark V doesn't get selled anymore in the hakshop. You should ask someone in the forum who doesn't want it anymore.
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