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  1. If you can give me a few days I'll combine them for you
  2. Foxtrot mentioned it in discord. They discontinued it because....I don't know exactly. But I think it was because of the lack of costumers.
  3. I don't know exactly - I'm not an expert. However, there are more people active here on our Hak5 Discord, mabye someone there is able to help you. https://discord.gg/Z2jsSWyT
  4. Hm, strange. I've always had success with defining the DUCKY_LANG in config.txt. Mabye it's just a typo error, just like there is a typo in your example here https://forums.hak5.org/topic/53256-language-configuration-with-configtxt/ :). If that is not the case, have you tried re-installing the firmware?
  5. There is no i.vbs and e.cmd anymore. You can see that on github. You'd have to download past releases This made me laugh🤣
  6. kuyaya


    Googled it, didn't find anything. I guess you have to provide more details :).
  7. Hmm, sorry. I won't tell you that. Let's see if I find some other ways and then I'll PM you about it, ok?
  8. OK, now try this: Download the bunnyupdater from here. Run it twice, so you're 100% sure everything's fully upgraded. Try a payload with the following contents: LED SETUP ATTACKMODE HID LED ATTACK DUCKY_LANG=xx # Example would be DUCKY_LANG=ch RUN WIN "notepad" Q DELAY 1000 Q STRING "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" LED FINISH and see if it outputs the sentence correctly.
  9. Then there is probably an issue with the language or something else
  10. That's my little secret😉 If I upload it here, I'm sure some idiots will upload it to virustotal and then it'll get flagged soon. There's a lot of information about obfuscating scripts out there, I'm sure you'll find your way :).
  11. Hey I guess this is a username problem (it's on metasploit, not the bunny). I'm sure there are some videos that show how to use it on domain machines.
  12. kuyaya


    Seriously??? Read the post from darren again. What does it say on the third line? Exactly. This post is made pre firmware v1.6 You said you want this to work on firmware 1.6_305. So you're following a guide for an older firmware. To install it on your firmware, just get the metasploit firmware from here. Copy it to the tools folder and then replug the bunny. Then you're done :). Then you can SSH into it, cd /tools/metasploit-framework, ./msfconsole and you're presented with the msfconsole And for god sake, please stop with the "....", it pisses me off. In case you t
  13. Jep the Bash Bunny was the first tool I've bought from hak5. I still use it today and I still love it. It's very useful and you can do all kinds of pentests with it. It's the best Hak5 tool imo.
  14. I don't have a lan turtle and don't know the modules, but I assume that the quickcreds is 'specialized' on the quickcreds payload, while you have more options with the responder module. Just guessing from the name.
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