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  1. Cap_Sig, at  your suggestion I built a Kali system but the terminology is somewhat confusing for me. I am trying to hack my password field but not sure what it would be called or which program to use. I hate being a dumb newbie


  2. I am also a newbie: Make sure the micro sd is formatted fat32 on a non-mac system edit/build using a notepad type software save it into a folder on the desktop bring up a browser go to https://ducktoolkit.com/encode copy and paste your payload into the duck code area select language and click encode payload and click ok download inject.bin this usually seems to go into downloads copy inject.bin to micro sd, eject sd move physical sd into RDy put RDy into usb slot Hope this helps🙂
  3. Thanks for getting back to my post. My Mac is mid 2010 / Ubuntu is current at 18.4 and can't even run Mojave, I await the next Mac before I get a new one if my blinking video last that long. Right now I am looking for a good rainbow hack.
  4. Thank you, I prefer Ubuntu but use Mac OS, keep hdd's active for win 10 and 7.
  5. Is there a forum anywhere for Mac/Ubuntu, I have noticed that most of what I see is Windows old and new?
  6. Just received my Rubber Ducky and working thru the steps. On page 51 of the book there is a "BACKSPACE" command in the payload "Windows/Mac/Linux Browser Attack" encode rejects this as invalid. Did I miss something?
  7. Thank you, every newbie will understand!
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