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  1. I'd say ask the people hak5 if it what their plans are with the tetra or nano, cause you interested in getting one and if you get no reply spend your money somewhere else like a single board computer and load kali on it
  2. No continued support from hak5 so its gone the way of the dodo bird like the sixth generation pineapple will too some day but you can probably get some usability out of it like with this guys tools https://github.com/adde88?tab=repositories or hooking it up to a raspberry pi with kali linux
  3. Newbier

    need help

    Did you try root/toor for user/password
  4. Newbier

    Newbie question..

    YouTube you pick up a few things as well
  5. Newbier

    What Top 3 things hackers do?

    Educate yourself about pen testing, do some testing in a virtual lab and use your powers for good
  6. Newbier

    Looking for VPN Recommendations

    Its tough but i understand i hope its layered with tor and using a linux os
  7. Newbier

    Car Theft Sacnners - understanding

    Hi Paul, i remember seeing something about car theft in United Kingdom whereby a transceiver is used to relay signal from car fob to unlock the car then the engine is started then drive off is this perhaps what you trying to achieve
  8. Or code offer an alternate version of your piece of software for the kangaroos if it doesn't go against any morals
  9. Newbier

    kinda useless device in 2018

    good one to show my linus tech tips watching mates, that asks me "so are you trying to get people's wifi passwords?"
  10. Good one hey, only thing missing is a cup of java a HackRF Looks like it could fit in there nicely
  11. Newbier

    Looking for VPN Recommendations

    check out this video let me know what you think of it
  12. In the name of national security...yeah right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2h3iSA-Vac https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2018/12/australia-passes-new-law-to-thwart-strong-encryption/https://thehackernews.com/2018/12/australia-anti-encryption-bill.html https://www.extremetech.com/internet/281991-australia-becomes-first-western-nation-to-ban-secure-encryption
  13. https://salmg.net/2019/01/12/nfc-payment-relay-attacks-with-lora/
  14. Newbier

    Looking for VPN Recommendations

    Do some people regard their privacy as jacob's ladder because I think the people that want your data already have it and that passwords and two factor authentication is just an illusion of privacy instead of backing up your HDD just ask ask one of the five eyes for a copy of your data backup
  15. Newbier

    Your favorite episodes

    Good times, We what happens in January, maybe darren can take it back there or will it be Bad boy records post biggy smalls