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  1. tin foil hat "nah" Personally i feel like its a no-brainer , welcome to America 👽
  2. I would have to agree on the " depends on who is actually on duty and their experience of dealing with electronic gizmos " the battery rules , kind of confuse me, i recently flown "delta" to Tokyo japan , at the begin of September , had a external battery pack for my phone, never got flagged "going/return trip" want to the Philippines right after my japan trip got flagged with the battery pack, wasn't able to bring it on the plane , both times was delta, same international airport so not exactly sure how that works hahahahah but thanks ever one for all the kick backs . high appreciate it,
  3. oh sNap, after seeing that thing contraption i should be fine, that's a lot Mandingo ,
  4. hey Mandingo's anyone ever have any problems with trying to get a pineapple on a flight ? just doing a little home work, before i trying taking both on a flight with me.
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