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  1. PineAP had disabled its self, once I started it again the notifications reported as normal.
  2. I am getting some strange notifications on the dashboard using Firefox on Kali Linux, i'm getting the following notifications reported! at NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN AM at NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN AM at NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN AM at NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN AM at NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN AM
  3. PixL

    Wifiphisher update request

    It would be even better if it would generate an SSL certificate also.
  4. PixL

    Tetra reset

    Take a look at the Configuration page, there is a dropdown that lets you do a factory reset.
  5. I'm using Kali 2018.1 and i've added the bleeding edge repository (not sure if its relevant) when I try and use MDK3 to deauth a MAC address it just hangs at "will refresh black list after 3 seconds" and doesn't inject and packets. I found a copy of MDK4 and when compiled this does work... has anyone else experienced this issue?
  6. This is a simple script, the first click of the button lights the yellow LED and starts sending beacon frames for SSID and MAC addresses contained in a text file /root/ssid. A second click of the button stops the beacon framing and turns off the yellow LED. Requirements: opkg update opkg install mdk3 echo "11:22:33:44:55:66 My_SSID" > /root/ssid Then add this to the button script section: #!/bin/bash file="/tmp/beacon" if [ -f "$file" ] then killall mdk3 led YELLOW off rm -rf /tmp/beacon else touch /tmp/beacon led YELLOW on mdk3 wlan1mon b -v /root/ssid -w -c & fi
  7. 2.1.1 is working good, i've got clients connecting again..... now to try 2.1.2.... Update: I am finding that PineAP has a tendency to freeze unless it is restarted, the dashboard will work normally except for the SSID count will not show. Also on the PineAP page the SSID pool will remain blank.
  8. PixL

    Convince me why I should buy the TETRA

    ...and a slot for a GPU to crack captures 4 way handshakes on the go? 🙂
  9. I'm not sure which bug you've fixed but with the latest firmware plus the live update from the modules page my Tetra finally appears stable. It used to reboot every 5 or 6 hours but now i'm getting an uptime of 3 1/2 days and counting! Well done guys. :)
  10. I would say mount it inside a an IP67 rated enclosure.
  11. PixL

    MacOS on Virtualbox

    As the title suggests i'm trying to run MacOS Sierra on Virtualbox... i've followed tips from others on the settings needed but when I try and boot the .iso to install the OS I get the following errors. For info i'm running Virtualbox on Mint Linux.
  12. PixL

    Free wifi

    They are excellent places to have fun with your WiFi Pineapples! Thats my take on it 🙂
  13. PixL

    Deauth Module help

    I think the module doesn't work properly with the latest firmware. 1. Log into the pineapple with ssh. 2. Create a text file with a blacklist of mac addresses one per line. 3. Make sure wlan1 is in monitor mode (red LED flashing. 4. Use the command "mdk3 wlan1mon d -b blacklist.txt -c
  14. The question is, can I plug a gps dongle into the tetra usb port and go wardriving with this?
  15. Wow, this works great!