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  1. PixL


    Excellent, I thought I was missing something obvious because nobody else was mentioning it! Seems to work better now 🙂
  2. PixL


    I wonder if many others have experimented with mdk4? I am slightly confused, if I issue the following command: mdk4 wlan1mon d -B 00:11:22:33:44:55 (ie. deauth my target mac address) The output can be that mdk4 sends deauth packets to other mac addresses, this seems to be the same if I create a blacklist file and do: mdk4 wlan1mon d -b BLACKLISTFILE
  3. I think I just bought a $35 keyring.... can't get it to do anything with Mint Linux. The Yubikey Personalisation tool just says its not inserted... bahh **Edit... gmail works ok in Chrome and now Firefox
  4. So i've just ordered myself a Yubi Key NFC (the blue one) from amazon, has anyone used one of these with Mint Linux to add 2 factor to logging into their machine?
  5. When I first got into Linux (in the late 90s) I tried Caldera, it was quite difficult to configure hardware and any software have to be compiled and built from source tar.gz.....I've tried Redhat, Debian, Ubuntu...many many more.. Oh i've also tried FreeBSD and even gave Haiku a go once. Now I use Mint Linux on my laptop primarily because its the only Linux that gets my NVIDIA card working with Hashcat.... and I use Ubuntu MATE on my GPD Pocket because it is the only one that works without fuss on that laptop! If it wasn't a hassle i'd have Mint on the GPD Pocket too.
  6. I can't get past installing the dependencies, could this be because I already have some other versions of them installed?
  7. PixL

    Dropbox!! GRR

    I moved it from one LUKS partition to another and it has stopped complaining and now syncs...
  8. PixL

    Dropbox!! GRR

    I use linux and LUKS filesystem on my devices.... I also use Dropbox for storing my music collection and things.. the linux client has just stopped supporting my filesystem... any suggestions?
  9. There was a Hak5 edition where they powered a Tetra from a lead acid battery... however your issue is with the engine running you will be outputting ~15v to the Tertraa which may not be good. Use a 12v regulator.
  10. Answered my own question.... https://github.com/althonos/instaLooter
  11. I know a slow intensive way but is there a convenient tool such as youtube-dl?
  12. Ask someone who has one working what has worked for them....
  13. I know nothing about this but in the past (messing around with iPods and SD card adaptors to replace the hard drive) the specific manufacturer and model of SD card was often very important.... does the Nano have a sensitivity to certain brands?
  14. Great work! 1. If I select exclude and select nothing do I get the functionality from v0.1? I liked the ability to leave it running and collect new PMKID's as they appeared. 2. Has the command changed in hcxdumptool? Is it --enable_status 3 or --enable_status=3 ?
  15. Just to update, I go to the device and click setup, then I get the option to download but nothing downloads when I click the button.
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