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  1. Going on a trip to Japan...

    I was working in Tokyo for about a year and a half. Got to travel about and see the country over that time. It really depends what you're into, the food is fantastic, hit a temple or two, ect. The torrist spots are torrist sports for a reason. Tech wise, it's nothing special, it's just as if they took a tech site and dumped all the goods in a multistory shop. The prices aren't as good as web prices, but if you show your passport, you don't pay tax. This is useful when buying machanical keyboards, it's still the cheapest place to buy HHKB, but they still aren't cheap. Best things I can say is go to a jpop gig, as it's very unique, even if you don't like the music and hit the sex shops and laugh your arse off at the range of crazy shit and thousands of porn games and the heeps of VR porn. Retro gaming is quite good too, loads of stores.
  2. Old Days

    I've been here a while. Had an account on the old forums, probably been here since ep1 or 2. I watch the show every so often nowadays, check the forum once every month or two, it does not really feel like a community any more, more a user support forum, but times change and its good the Hak5 team are making a living out of this.
  3. Operating System & Tools

    I just install straight Debian or Slackware and just grab anything I need from github/ect, only reason I do it is I use the systems for other things and I don't need or want things i'm not going to use.
  4. Uncovering trolls/cyber bullies

    Just deactivate your account or ignore it. If its threats towards your life then report it to the police.
  5. nano Tactical Pouch

    Got to say if I see someone in my company or street, living that tacticool lifestyle, its going to draw my attention and others. Sometimes is better to looks completely normal and unremarkable, just blend in and do what you need to do.
  6. Hardware Lock?

    If I saw a pelican case, I'd break into it as it's probably got something good in it, as they are silly money, well unless you need to ship/carry a high end camera or rifle/scope. You could just roll your own device using OpenWRT and one of the many, many, many cheap chinese mini routers. The only good locks have abloy protec 2 cores, you would want some kind of harden steel box and mount the antennas externally.
  7. Introducing the WiFi Pineapple TETRA

    Why the name TETRA? TETRA is a very common trunked radio system, for example a lot of police, prison service and corporations use it globally in ether its none encrypted or optional encrypted forms.
  8. Introduce yourself

    I started it years ago, as there was a sea of posts everyday, all basically saying the same "hi i'm (insert name) I like doom and asian pron, and I'm all about the Linux"
  9. Introduce yourself

    A very long time ago I was Metatron and I spent many hours here and even helped sort out meetings in person. Nice to see the place is still going too.
  10. Introduce yourself

    lol :D
  11. Hacking: Where to begin

    Just started playing with it but it seems like a great way to learn. Just use a VM and the ISO. http://www.damnvulnerablelinux.org/