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  1. Mark5 for Sale NZD80 Shipping around New Zealand Only
  2. does this service work, so i can recommend this to someone
  3. thats africa, try this link and see if you can get the help you need https://getsupport.apple.com/?caller=grl&locale=en_EG
  4. yeah step by step and inch by inch we getting there by not paying attention, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47715415
  5. if it your phone and have receipt go tv apple store and while you there ask for a demo of the new apple tv plus
  6. had same issue with mint and yubi key with gmail
  7. you sir are a super linux trouper, I used backtrack 4 and 5 gave tails a spin a couple of times but now that you mentioning it might have a look at it again, i thought version 1 of kali was called kali after the end of backtrack didnt know it was named something else
  8. I have got kali on a machine and re4sons kali on rpi and lint on another, was looking at centos and gentoo maybe later ill switch my daily to one of them
  9. been using Linux Mint Debian Edition as day to day desktop
  10. no doubt but do you understand the ramifications of this law in Australia being part of the five eyes and all, and i do know if they want your data they already can get it, or are people like EFF just wasting their breath.
  11. I have got friends that say that is cheap and easy
  12. yeah there is no 100% anonymity found this on pastebin: DIY Guide
  13. ok have look at these see if its any help
  14. some help finding a linux distro that suits your needs
  15. easy don't trust anyone and think through what t is you want to do
  16. will you sell bag separately ?
  17. Hi matey i don't your know your level of knowledge, but see if these are of any help to you. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgTNupxATBfWmfehv21ym-g/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0ZTPkdxlAKf-V33tqXwi3Q/videos
  18. Any one that says nothing to hide, nothing to fear does not deserve privacy

    1. Glowinghot666


      So why dont you post your banking info right below

    2. Glowinghot666


      Or your address

    3. Newbier


      I agree with you anyone that says that should publish their banking info and address publicly, but I care about my privacy.

  19. I'd say ask the people hak5 if it what their plans are with the tetra or nano, cause you interested in getting one and if you get no reply spend your money somewhere else like a single board computer and load kali on it
  20. No continued support from hak5 so its gone the way of the dodo bird like the sixth generation pineapple will too some day but you can probably get some usability out of it like with this guys tools https://github.com/adde88?tab=repositories or hooking it up to a raspberry pi with kali linux
  21. Newbier

    need help

    Did you try root/toor for user/password
  22. YouTube you pick up a few things as well
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