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  1. Newbier

    Is HAK5 dead?

    Don't listen to this snowflake there is nothing coming soon just more talk from Darren
  2. I use the rt5370 with it's the only one I have used with it that works I have one that they sell in hakshop and another one with a fixed antenna I had bought off ebay
  3. https://github.com/joelsernamoreno/BadUSB-Cable anyone given the above cable a shot
  4. they are good to have in laptop bag or backpack while carrying on with your day
  5. Pwnagotchi on PI 4 using any display https://cyberarms.wordpress.com/tag/tech/
  6. APT20 has been busy hacking government entities and managed service providers. https://www.zdnet.com/google-amp/article/chinese-hacker-group-caught-bypassing-2fa/
  7. ask hak5 if you could return their half ass product and put your money to better use
  8. https://bestestredteam.com/2019/11/28/building-a-better-wifi-pineapple-with-open-source-tools/
  9. You wasted your money buying their hardware i done the same the hardware in hak5 store can be replicated with other hardware and opensource software
  10. https://www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/xwekw4/pwnagotchi-is-the-open-source-handheld-that-eats-wi-ufi-handshakes https://pwnagotchi.ai/
  11. get the thing that does the thing a raspberry pi with kali linux and alfa wireless card solves the problem as for the pineapple, time is valuable.
  12. KYour original question wasnt refering to any particular hardware that why you couldnt get an answer and 24 years of linux thats impressive
  13. Which hardware are you refering to and can you link to the rom.
  14. working condition, will ship pineapple at my cost.
  15. have you given linux a shot that might help
  16. of the comparsion to apple is nonsensical dude cause release is new
  17. because that version of firmware has come and gone, imagine having to downgrade your mobile just to get those third party apps in the app store to work hak5 should create their modules and also include user created modules as a bonus
  18. why should have to do this it should just work and do the thing but mums the word hak5 should front up and say we follow the lead of apple and what they do with phones
  19. so its only the third party modules thats left in the dark on my tetra
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