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  1. CANADA - Mark 5 for Sale 80$CAD

    im in ontario? 100 fo everything is my offer
  2. Selling what I got

    can ship to canada?
  3. How to connect SATA to USB?

    i got my sata to usb cords for 5 bucks i boot win 10 everything runns great
  4. need bash bunny

    i can sell u one my email is glowinghot666@gmail.com im in canada and want to sell mine
  5. Hack 5 gear loot - can be recovered!

    good to keep in mind
  6. BurpSuite Pro

  7. Payloads for Chromebook?

    good idea anyone make a payload for ChromeBook
  8. What is Your Favorite EA Games?

    road rash
  9. Yardstick 1 implemented with RPi 3?

    im gonna be doing this soon ill keep u posted
  10. The Nano Truth

    learn the term the NANO IS A greAT tool and has only made me better at everything linux i own BB.LT WP
  11. KRACK: Bypassing WPA2

    i am on it. too. will post all progress.
  12. deployed the pine apple ran wifite and got alot of handshakes also ran Site Survey i then ran hash cat and cracked a few.... whats my next recone move on the network can i connect and scan using namp i want to find all shares and any windows machines i have bash bunny. lan turtle and pineapple nano with usb wifi and 16gb sd
  13. WiFi Pineapple - Themes

  14. Wifi Pineapple Wifite

    it does not crack any other way to crack my test routers wps with pineapple NANO? i factory reset and installed your wifite on sd but cant get wps going right any advice plz I also disable mangment mode in the web gui