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  1. Wifi Pineapple - Themes

  2. Wifi Pineapple Wifite

    it does not crack any other way to crack my test routers wps with pineapple NANO? i factory reset and installed your wifite on sd but cant get wps going right any advice plz I also disable mangment mode in the web gui
  3. [Beta Release] Bash Bunny Updater

    after update used win32bit now its blinking blue and red plz help i should have never updated i dont have any mass storage drives popping up i need to factor reset i think looking for a guide now
  4. General Sidejacking question using pineapple

    I'm guessing nano what firm u running?
  5. General Sidejacking question using pineapple

    Dou u have the nano? Find out for u
  6. Wifite Pineapple NANO + TETRA Installation: wget -qO- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kbeflo/wifite-openwrt/master/INSTALL.sh | bash -s -- -v -v (This will launch an install script that downloads wifite, tools, and installs all the python-libraries correctly.) wifite is installed to /usr/share/ or /sd/usr/share when using the Pineapple NANO.
  7. Is it possible to use Pineapple Tetra with SET?

  8. Wifi Pineapple Rant

    Hi by the way Hak5 is not a wall Mart if you want surport email them and if I get a auto reply go on and ask the right people I and a long time user of all there tools and I leave one nano on fulltfulltime as my captive portal TTalking from experience once I talk to someone in person u can't rant they made me really happy after I got talking to a human...
  9. [PAYLOAD]USB_Intruder

    is it tested with the new F/W update
  10. Don't do this. Ever.

    thanks for the tip
  11. Porting Fluxion

    what os r u running fluxion on and who said here even could be a transplant EVIL PORTAL like bON3z said!!!
  12. BashBunny connected to Pineapple

    been thinking about this ever since i received my B.B but i work 12 hr shifts... keep it up tons of power
  13. Wifi pineapple not detected yet it is plugged in

    r u on android>? if so goto play store and download wifipineapple type in the pineapple's ip address https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/setup
  14. bashbunny vs usb arrmory

    ups just delivered mine, and im happy thanks HAK5 I have everything now you make and am never let down by your customer care...will be on fourms & git helping out where i can!!1!
  15. not yet but i just got my pine nano in the mail been non stop all dayz wife and kids take up alot of time. my nanos still in the box