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  1. Glowinghot666

    CC1101 dongle/transceiver on eBay -- anyone used this?

    Save your time go with a yardstick or hack rf .
  2. Glowinghot666

    Training / Conference

    I would just show them how unsucure public WiFi is most people have no clue
  3. Glowinghot666

    Way of getting passwords from network?

    Nice little job for Mr.Responder
  4. Glowinghot666

    selling pineapple / nano

    80 cnd? That's my offer
  5. Post all of your favorite learning guides for the ton of noobs on this site(+_+). :-\^_^^_^ Best guide for first time Linux users https://linuxsurvival.com Learn GRUB best guide https://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/grub.html#mozTocId29646 Power shell https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/tree/master/docs/learning-powershell Bash scripting https://ryanstutorials.net/bash-scripting-tutorial/ Anything helps I will add your sites to my master list
  6. Glowinghot666


    Here's a few resources for learning PS https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/tree/master/docs/learning-powershell
  7. Would be sweet bash bunny/Ducky payload ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Glowinghot666


    I don't get what it trying to do.. confused me too..
  9. Glowinghot666

    Has anyone hacked the ACT testing system?

    I just start dropping shells on teachers laptops and so forth. Anyways it's pretty risky I would just study hard
  10. Glowinghot666

    Not one of the hak5 products is working properly

    This guy's a school kid wow
  11. Glowinghot666

    Not one of the hak5 products is working properly

    Yes indeed I agree you don't know your way around a command line I love the nano and my bunny all night long๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Glowinghot666

    Pineapple nano

    Come on guys..Google Linux survival course then take the admin course there all free and really useful ...figure it out seems like you have not played around with your nano them some weak questions and the answers are all-over u tube and the forums Good
  13. Glowinghot666

    Has anyone hacked the ACT testing system?

    Duh buy a ducky
  14. Glowinghot666

    Why is Hak5 leaving the warehouse?

    Need to lay low and lose the NSA
  15. Glowinghot666

    Pi Zero w Bash Bunny

    I'm gonna do a you tube video pi zero vs my bunny. HAK 5 is always a good sport on the forum I don't see a problem with the topic. I'll post a link when done the video