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  1. What is the packet squirrel?

    So.... my case of beer is almost gone and Ive only seen an eclipse. lol
  2. Headless Pi Wardriving w/ Kismet

    This setup you have is awesome. I setup followed that for my rpi3 and worked great. but still stuck on the being able to disconnect from the pi and still keep kismet running and then be able to reconnect later to check on it or stop it. So my experience with screen is very little. I read through a couple pages about it and got the tl:dr. would this something I can do from my android phone with an app like juicessh? I installed it on my pi and use it on osx to connect to the bashbunny via serial. but thats about it.
  3. Evil Portals

    Im pretty sure these portals were created for the 6th gen platform pineapple and the module for that device. From what your saying, you are using the 5th gen pineapple. Which if your using the EP for that pineapple it might be work differently with that version of the module.
  4. Reaver v1.6

    Not downgrading package reaver on root from Big_endian-1 to 1.6.1-1. I get this error after $ opkg install reaver_1....... (etc). I tried downloading and using filezilla to get it on the pineapple and also used @Zylla #1 option because its the Tetra.
  5. if your in the US, you could go straight talk. they offer 8gb data for $50 and 12 for $60, or the cheap $35 for 2gb. the sim card will cost you another couple bucks. @Foxtrot made a module for this. Idk if you have checked it out yet.
  6. Kali on Nexus vs Android

    I had an OTG to usb A and used a mini dongle like the one for the nano. worked great and didnt need a separate power source. I also used a tp-link wn722n and didnt need an external battery to power that. I used a nexus 6p.
  7. wifi pineapple nano setup

    So if your running MacOS then its a bit harder to get ICS working with mac because they like to be difficult. The wp6.sh will not work with OSX, its a linux only type thing. You could make a Virtual machine to connect it with kali or another linux distro, or you could plug a wifi dongle in and connect that to your home router which is what I do now with my macbook. Its way easier than messing around with osx and ICS.
  8. wp6.sh Setup Fails

    So... how are you powering the Tetra (very common question I always ask) . Have you run the wp6.sh with the manual option? Being the Tetra, do you have an RJ45 plugged in, that might be an option to explore. You could then login to whatever address your router gives the pineapple such as for example.
  9. wifi pineapple nano setup

    plug your pineapple in and let it start up. Then run the wp6.sh with the manual option. make sure you know your gateway ip, for example mine is from my wifi router. then connect!!
  10. Fluxion on tetra?

    you could use Evil Portal with DNSmasq spoof
  11. connect to the AP you setup with your phone after the pineapple powers up. it might take a min or so. navigate to the
  12. the provide dongle is for a 3rd wlan radio to connect to another wifi like your home, so the pineapple has internet connection. with the battery pack you have two options. browse to the ip the router gives your pineapple with the wifi usb dongle, or make sure the Management AP is setup and connect to it with your phone or something, you can do the second without internet connection to the pineapple.
  13. Fluxion on tetra?

    Not at all. Not even in the slightest. Sry but its been asked multiple times.
  14. connect the pineapple via usb y cable and depending on your pc you might need to use an external battery to power all the way. that will show up as an asix 88178 and youll connect that to the vm your using and then it should show and you can run the script
  15. If your going to use your pineapple on a Parrot VM you dont need to use the all the OSX stuff to connect it. I suggest hard restarting your nano and go through the setup on mac without ICS and when its setup start your Parrot VM and on the bottom bar of Virtualbox you will select the usb devices and make sure you have the nano going to the VM and not mac. Then run the wp6.sh with the manual setup. make sure you know your Gateway IP from your router and that should be all you need to do.