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  1. Payload

    Error 500 on the website
  2. /payloads/arming/payload.txt

    Yea I just copied over the payload I already used on switch 2 so now that it's up I'm going to play around a bit. I way over thought that one lol
  3. /payloads/arming/payload.txt

    am i maybe doing it on the wrong root directory? I ssh to the bunny and cd / mkdir /payload/arming nano payload.txt does this directory need to be on the storage part of the partition EDIT: I over complicated this setup and have now figured it out. thanks lol
  4. Payload

    wget http://packetsquirrel.com/ps.sh
  5. /payloads/arming/payload.txt

    For some reason I make this directory /payloads/arming/payload.txt to change arming mode from serial storage to ecm_ethernet and storage and use a standard payload of LED B SLOW ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET STORAGE the bash bunny doesn't recognize it and keeps the default serial storage payload after a reboot. Am I doing something wrong or is there a step I'm missing?
  6. BashBunny connected to Pineapple

    Ok so I still had problems getting a database to connect with msf when it starts. So I found a new way to create a database and user to connect too. I pulled the msfdb script from a live version of kali and changed one line and it set everything up for me and autoconnects when metasploit starts. @Just_a_User https://github.com/eapolsniper/msfdb/blob/master/msfdb put that in your metasploit-framework folder. some people will have it in /opt and others have it in /tools. youll need to edit the file. change this at the very top of the script. METASPLOIT_BASEDIR=/pentest/exploitation/metasploit to this METASPLOIT_BASEDIR=/tools/metasploit-framework or METASPLOIT_BASEDIR=/opt/metasploit-framework
  7. little help please

    if your computer is not supplying enough power to the pineapple it will do funny things. the nano needs 5v2a so depending on your usb ports you might need to use 2 or 1 and a battery. I usually always connect mine with a battery that is 5v2a just to make sure its not going to do anything funky on me.
  8. little help please

    how are you powering the nano?
  9. VID_PID Swapper

    it will work on any firmware. Just make sure you have that .bin file and the inject.bin file.
  10. VID_PID Swapper

    check this out https://ducktoolkit.com/vidpid/ . find the device you want and download the .bin and place it next to your inject.bin. boom you have a different keyboard.
  11. This thread will help
  12. Help with Nano ALL TOPICS

    have you tried to use a live usb and run kali that way? It is way better than messing with a vm if you are unfamiliar with vm software.
  13. Headless Pi Wardriving w/ Kismet

    its amazing, been using it ever since lol
  14. What is the packet squirrel?

    I think the Packet Squirrel is going to be something like this with a hak5 twist.
  15. Help with Nano ALL TOPICS

    most of the modules are basic programs that are used on kali, so if you can watch a video or read an article or the man page for say mdk3, that would be the deauth module. so anything that mdk3 can do on kali, deauth can do on the pineapple. thats just an example.