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  1. what program are you using to change it? the web interface or over terminal?
  2. b0N3z


    I remember having to change a security setting on gmail to get this to work properly for me. I cant remember what it was.
  3. b0N3z

    Metasploit, Eternalblue and a Bunny

    @thatalbinofrog I looked up how to make a metasploit database and tried a couple different things till I got it. I cant quite remember how I did it though
  4. b0N3z

    Nano Tactical Floppy Antennas

    Yes this is normal. If you dont like it, or your ocd like me.... carefully disassemble the case ( voids warranty ) and re-assemble without nano board in it and drill the holes out for the antenna. you get a tight fit but need to be careful not to pull the connectors off the board when securing the antenna.
  5. b0N3z

    Should I get the bash bunny

    yes get one
  6. b0N3z

    Hardware failure question

    What operating system are you using? I experienced this same thing and it was a hard drive failure. The first time it was a secondary hdd that was used for storage and the second time it was my main OS hdd. How many hdd or ssd do you have in your pc? the 3rd time this happened to me, it was a motherboard failure which sucked. Try the hdd first.
  7. b0N3z

    Evil Portals

    deactivate it then reactivate. also helps if your on the nano to put the portal your using on the device and not the sd card.
  8. b0N3z


    this module was created on an older firmware and might not work so well now
  9. b0N3z


    if you think your girlfriend is cheating on you then obviously you dont trust her and you should move on. In any relationship, if you dont trust the other person or they dont trust you.... it wont work and will be a lot of stress and heartache. Find somebody that you trust and show them the world. for the app thing, nobody will help with that because its not your account and that is considered illegal and we dont do illegal things on this forum.
  10. b0N3z

    Weird things happening

    Definitely didnt think it was anything you guys did, just started when I upgraded to 2.4.2. Didnt know if it was just a windows thing since it only happens on my windows pc so far. I check it out on OSX to see if it does it there and if the same happens when I plug the nano in. exact url : https://www.msn.com/?ocid=wispr&pc=u477
  11. Every time I plug my Tetra into my pc to navigate to, a new tab opens up that goes to msn.com. Im using windows 10 and chrome. I dont ever go to msn.com for any reason. Has anybody else had this happen? @Sebkinne @Foxtrot
  12. b0N3z

    [Official] ngrep

    you need to install ngrep manually the module has not been updated or has a bug. read the post above yours.
  13. you didnt see the pineapple banner?
  14. b0N3z

    Portable Handshake grabbing device.

    why not just use your Pineapple Nano with a script to run besside-ng with the button script?