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  1. the not authorized is not an error it is part of the redirect. It needs to be change in your portal to redirect to a website
  2. Find the driver used by the usb wifi and if openwrt has a driver its a simple fix of just installing it over shell.
  3. what firmware version are you using and the 100%cpu on the dashboard is fine. If you ssh to the pineapple and run top it wont show constant 100%cpu.
  4. they have connected to an open ap and it is saved in there settings
  5. if the conditions are right, then yes. You get alot more warnings from web browsers and devices but most people ive found, dont care and swipe past them. Android 9, latest iOS, OSX, and windows 10 will still connect if conditions are right
  6. Youtube is your best bet. Not many videos for the 6th gen Pineapples from Hak5. Most videos of the MK5 are somewhat relevant also.
  7. I have stuck with Linux Mint for years because of how easy it is. I started on Ubuntu 10.04. Over the years I have at least installed and tried for a day or two... kali, parrot (home,media,pentest), Ubuntu and all its flavors, arch, Fedora, Suse, Tails, the list goes on At the end of the day I always go back to Linux Mint
  8. you can get a handshake but the pineapple will not crack it. not enough power
  9. the 2.5.2 fixed my issue
  10. What is the dimensions of the the 12v dc plug on the Tetra?
  11. If and when new hardware comes out, if the nano stays the same size I can only see slight upgrades like usb-c and a better way to deal with storage then an sd card. as small as it is im guessing its going to be hard to upgrade or make much smaller. The Tetra on the other hand will hopefully get a usb-c and maybe additional bands or generations ( however you want to name it). storage and ram upgrade maybe, but its pushing some pretty awesome radios right now that seem to still be top of it class for 5ghz.
  12. @n3d.b0y Seems like the module is broke after the update. It won't show scans after completed and the dependencies button is not all there
  13. Awesome, 2.5.2 is working great. Thank you
  14. Why does it say "Unsupported Device" in the top left where it usually says Wifi Pineapple? edit: also will not allow me to start pineap and do recons but red light is flashing and wlan1mon is up @Foxtrot
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