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  1. BashBunny notepad++ syntax

    Would this work for sublime txt? never really editted a text editor
  2. I don't know if this is a bug or not but whenever I change the location of the PineAP pool to /root/, it won't collect ssid's but once I change it back to /etc/pineapple/ its not a problem. when switching locations I have completely disabled PineAP changed locations and then reboot. After reboot I have started PineAP again. @Foxtrot I have a custom list in the /root directory that I had used.
  3. Galaxy A nano cable

    if you want to root your device, dont start with a samsung, if things get messed up you could have a paperweight and thats not fun. Ive stuck to nexus devices. Hotspot Manager is the app
  4. Galaxy A nano cable

    even if it is wifi only it can still make a hotspot. I have an older wifi only samsung tablet and it works just fine with wifi tethering but I had to get the app to use it. Other option is root it and edit the buildprop < not the best way but it works
  5. Galaxy A nano cable

    download "hotspot manager" from the play store
  6. Nightly Builds

    So how are these Nightly builds for the pineapples going work? Just curious!
  7. Squirrel Linux

    The misuse of any of these products is frowned apon at the forums. We like to keep everything legal for legal reasons ;). One good place to start is the OPENWRT wiki to learn more and anything you have questions about can be answered either from those wikis, google or even here. This is a pretty good community when it comes to help and figuring out your device.
  8. It helps alot if you know how the devices works along with how wifi itself works. I had a lot of problems in the beginning also but now that I have done the research and have a better understanding of how both of these things work, I havent had any problems since. Im going on a year with my Pineapples and im still learning things here and there about it.
  9. 5.8ghz Management AP

    One thing to remember is that 5.8ghz is a shorter range frequency so that is something to keep in mind.
  10. what device do you use?

    normally chrome and android phone but for some reason looking at logs crashes Chrome so I have switched to firefox.
  11. 802.1ac when?

    the hardware does not support it from what Ive heard.
  12. Nano, WP6, Kali, Bettercap Video

    get Etcher for mac and it will do everything for you. Easier than going through the dd command on the terminal unless thats what you want to do.
  13. Wifi Pineapple - Themes

    after a factory reset its best to just format the sd card and start over.
  14. Wifi Pineapple - Themes

    any plans for a refresh? Im only asking because im to lazy to do it myself lol
  15. "Level Up" Cases for kits

    i ordered it 12/22 and as of now it is still waiting to ship. a shipping label has been created but not left the hak5 warehouse yet. im assuming