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  1. yes, I get 4ish hours on my nano from a 5000mah battery
  2. b0N3z

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    That would be great
  3. These are what I bought 2dbi sma antenna you have to select SMA (NOT RP-SMA)
  4. This is not paid support its community support and as long as you try to look your self on something like google or if your old school check yahoo. If your asking about a problem or concern keep it in the category it belongs in. Double posting the same thing usually wont get you any where any quicker. To you question..... you dont need to upated to 2.6.2. The bunny firmware 1.6 includes ruby 2.3.3 which will work with jackalope payload.
  5. You can get stubby antennas for it on ebay or some other website. I got 4 2dbi antenna for mine and it is very small. lack some range with them compared to the stock antenna
  6. probably not, but how are you connecting the tablet to get the data
  7. rooting android is different per device. What do you have and can you unlock the bootloader?
  8. get a tetra, the nano is a smaller version of the mark 5 with a new interface. Tetra has the power and the radios, its an upgrade for sure.
  9. @Foxtrot do you have any recommendations on what type of usb modem to get that will work with the pineapple out of the box?
  10. nano is good and the tetra is better. both do the same thing, but the tetra has more power and 5ghz
  11. There is an option under the Advanced tab to format the sd card and it will do all that for you with just one click. Also it is recommend to format the card after putting it in so that it works right with the pineapple
  12. the one in the hak shop. just a shorty due to range you wont be far from it. or you can look on amazon for an RT5370 i think it was. they are pretty cheap, i grabbed up about 3.
  13. do you have a client connected to the nano?
  14. if your using the app... it can be hit and miss, Try using a 2nd wifi dongle on the nano and making a wifi hotspot on you nexus and connect the pineapple that way. I have had a lot more luck with that than i have with the app
  15. When the Bunny flashes red and blue it is in the process of updating the firmware. DO NOT UNPLUG IT.... I repeat, DO NOT UNPLUG IT. while these lights are flashing it is the flashing the new firmware. It takes time, a lot of time. might want to start fresh with a reset then check the version of bb firmware you are running and upgrade from there.
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