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  1. Pocket Squirrel work with WIFI Adapter?

    I didnt either but there should be a better way to keep the AP even after shutdown without having to edit the /etc/config/network everytime you power up. Editting the /rom is a no go unless somebody knows how to make it a read/write directory.
  2. Tetra Power Bank

    @darkmatter0 a mini cactus would be awesome. Im still wondering how you powered the Cactus with the intel nuc and all 26 or 27 tetras and how long the batteries lasted for.
  3. How to get Police LED

    you cannot have multiple flashing lights as some light combos make other colors. If you really wanted to you would have to loop the LED command. At least that is how I interpreted it from what Seb explained.
  4. WiFiPinapple Tetra

    try to do a factory restore which is different from the factory reset. https://www.wifipineapple.com/pages/faq try the Firmware Recovery option.
  5. Power from outlet

    You can find it somewhere in the forum but I had it hardwired also with rj45 straight to the lan
  6. Pocket Squirrel work with WIFI Adapter?

    @Just_a_User I edited that might need to go throw it again just did a quick glance at the openwrt wiki
  7. Pocket Squirrel work with WIFI Adapter?

    @Just_a_User I have gone a different route here. i have installed hostapd-mini and got an AP up but it wont resolve an IP address to the device connecting to it. Didnt have anymore time to play with it yesterday. Hopefully today I can get something more out of it.
  8. Pocket Squirrel work with WIFI Adapter?

    @Just_a_User I was about to ask how to get it working all together.... then I looked down at the unplugged cable and it dawned on me, Ive been up far to long and had to many greens for function but im goin to give this a go Edit: I got it to show up on a standard "ifconfig" as wlan1 lol
  9. WiFiPinapple Tetra

    Ok so first off always use the wall adapter make sure its 12v2a which will give the Tetra 24w of power. Underpowering causes lots of problems. Since you will be using the wall adapter, only use one usb from the eth1 micro usb port (its labeled on the bottom). Give that a try and if no luck go into your network settings on your windows machine and get rid of anything you setup previously for the pineapple. If your still not getting anywhere, make a bootable usb with Ubuntu linux or Kali linux and see if it shows up on that. After the tetra boots up you can just do a "ifconfig" and see if the linux box has eth0 or eth1 with a 172.16.42.xxx ip address. I dont know if your hardwired or not so that will determine if its 0 or 1.
  10. WiFiPinapple Tetra

    Make sure you are using the wall pluggin as there are reported problems from under powering causing problems. From what im getting out of this, is that it worked once on windows and now does not? You shouldnt have to install any drivers for this to work.
  11. Pocket Squirrel work with WIFI Adapter?

    Unfortunately I have not had time to mess with it yet due to work and family. Darren said something about making an easy script to set everything up.
  12. [RELEASE] Packet Squirrel Firmware v1.1

    Some people have had problems formatting the usb and the PS not reading correctly. SSH in and do "$ df -h" and see if it even shows /dev/sda1 which would be your usb stick. If not, run "$ reformat_usb" and go through the instructions and then try. I have noticed that after I do that command and use the USB on my linux box (mint18.3), I have to run as root to make changes to the USB disk. Dont drink and root lol
  13. WiFiPinapple Tetra

    are you using the wall plugin along with the usb cable to the PC being used?
  14. Power from outlet

    I use a 5v2.1a wall pluggin and a 3ft usb-a male to usb-a female. works great.
  15. Tetra Power Bank

    What do you need 6 tetras for? Lol