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  1. I have not tried this yet on the nano, only the tetra. I did the exact same thing as you mentioned above. Ill give it another try tonight and report back.
  2. I've been playing around with the button script and it works great, so far. I've come to a point where I want to include the LEDs as a sign that the command started. Ive tried the new led command in the terminal and it works great but not in the button script. All off then sleep 3 and all on. Any suggestions or a way to add it to the firmware.
  3. Awesome, you guys are the best!!
  4. b0N3z

    TETRA Tactical on the go help

    Ive noticed that even a little movement from the micro usb plugged into the tetra can cause it to restart. I also use 2 batteries with a single cable from each. one in eth1 and one in uart.
  5. Noticed my timezone keeps resetting back to UTC. The "Current Timezone" section
  6. b0N3z

    [Official] wps

    your version of besside-ng works great.
  7. Idk if im just now noticing this or it is a change, but are you changing a lot of txt files to databases? Landing page call out, ssid pool, etc.
  8. @Tesla @Sebkinne Here is my Tetra also not displaying live scans. video below 🙂 . I have noticed this happens when using usb tether or access via wlan2 connected to my wifi router. basically when not directly plugged into the PC and using eth1 ( or eth0 on the nano ) and the webui using a different ip ( 192.168.xx.xxx ).
  9. b0N3z

    PineAP pool location

    I've moved on to firmware 2.1.0 rc1
  10. Just noticed the notifications for connected clients for PineAp, very nice. Also the fact the beacon response interval and broadcast ssid pool options on PineAP are now persistent 😊 Also im having a problem with continuous scans on the nano. I have my nano connected to the anker battery that comes with the tactical kit and my phone wired to the nano with usb tethering enabled. The nano will do a regular 30sec, 1min, etc scan, but never displays anything for continuous. I let it run for 2mins with no results. I've rebooted twice with the same results. Is the nano not getting enough power? When my phone is wired to the nano it shows my phone is charging. Is it pulling power that should be going to the nano? Next lol, sorry I'm seeing this as I'm testing right meow. After starting a continuous scan and then moving to a different module (i.e. dashboard) and then going back to recon, the scan continues but when stopped it shows a new blank option under scan duration. A blank option.
  11. autosploit is not easy to setup and very time consuming if you have never messed with it. Took me a couple days and editing the payload to get it fully working on my bashbunny.
  12. @Tesla After further testing with the tetra and nano, I still cannot get the OUI to download. I have reset all the browser caches and even tried a 3rd browser (fresh install). Chrome, FIrefox and Vivaldi browsers.
  13. @Tesla The problem has been solved, I was not providing enough power. But the Mac OUI download never finishes and does not show a vendor at all. I get modules to load and the bulletins. this is on both devices also. Chrome and Firefox. Do you need a debug for that? debug.log
  14. Ive noticed this on both the Tetra and Nano, but when I ssh in to edit my 'ssid_file' in '/etc/pineapple' it has nothing in it even though PineAP shows 8 AP's. I added 900 some AP's to the file and it does not show any in the PineAP module or on the Dashboard. I tried to change the path of the pool to the sdcard on the nano and got the same results. I have rebooted both Pineapples after making the changes and then did a full reset just to make sure and go the same results. Firefox and Chrome if that helps.