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  1. Well I feel as though I've tried everything at this point. I reset and even changed the CMOS, checked all my connections, my power source, my hard drives, cleaned everything out... guess it's time to fork over the cash for a new mobo 😞 if anyone wants to interject I'll relink the video of what it's doing. (Trying to boot up and shutting off right after afew seconds; endlessly) https://mega.nz/#!RPBSgYxb!1RYQsVPR-P2mjk_spCN4oRWraaDF6m51xuGyt8k76tk
  2. Well I plan on going through and checking all the connections and then trying to turn it back on again but to answer your question I have an SSD and run windows 10. My HDD just hold games and pictures and stuff like that... but I'll check those too. I want to try everything before I start throwing money at replacement parts.
  3. Can confirm, not CMOS. Still suspect bad motherboard... can anyone offer help
  4. Really... that simple... well thanks! Ill check that first! I'm probably just panicking and overthinking -_-
  5. First I just wanna apologize for being absent from this thread for so long, work and my semester have been beating me over the head the past couple of weeks, and thank everyone again for the excellent feedback... however if there's anyone that is proficient in computer hardware it could use some real serious help at the moment... here's the link for anyone willing to aid me. I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is I just wont a second opinion/confirmation.
  6. I went to boot up my computer this morning and it began trying to start but then couldn't and then shuts back off, followed immediately but trying to boot again. It repeats this process endlessly if I don't cut the power. I'm pretty sure its a motherboard issue and i plan on disconnecting and reconnecting essentially everything and giving the internals a good cleaning with a can of air tomorrow. I really just want a second opinion on the situation from people that are more experienced with this sort of stuff than I am. I have a 30 second video of what's happening via mega upload if you like, thanks in advance! https://mega.nz/#!RPBSgYxb!1RYQsVPR-P2mjk_spCN4oRWraaDF6m51xuGyt8k76tk
  7. Getting alot of good feedback here! I've been rooting through kali to see what I like and wanna get better with while at the same time going through basically step by step the "kali linux revealed" book and will most likely be doing what @icuras255 did and just take what I like and customize it on mint. I also have some good friends that volunteered older computers they have to let mess around in/on(depending on end goal) and just get the feel for some of the massive amount of programs out there to use.
  8. Awesome! thanks for the advice man, and I'll try out those challenges. Anymore questions ill be sure to post.
  9. Well ideally I'd like to learn how to be able to access a network and acquire or leave behind data/programs. I know its far easier said then done, but from what I've been informed of it seems to be the core concept behind penetration testing and cyber security.
  10. Well I've been working with linux mint-cinnamon for abit to just get the feel for linux itself. Id like to learn more of what the tools given to me are capable of doing so CTF challenges maybe a good place to start. Direction, after all, is what im looking for here. There's so much out there picking a path to travel down has proven to be the toughest part.
  11. Im looking for some ideas on how to work on and practice using kali linux for the purpose of pen-testing and using all the various functions kali comes with. Things to bare in mind: I am fairly new to this, I have more then one computer, Im looking to aggressively expand my knowledge in this area, and of course i wanna be able to do this w/o breaking or damaging anything. Thoughts and suggestions, please and thank you!
  12. Also i saw the thread about needing a data cable, ive tried every USB cable in the house and got nothing each time; the cable the phone comes with should get the job done right? either way im at a lose still.
  13. Just got my pineapple nano, attempting to set it up on my android device and I cant get past the screen that says "waiting for wifi pineapple to make connection". rather frustrating, anyone else have this issue and maybe able to provide some help? the phone is an S7 by the way.
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