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  1. I was planning to assemble a little portable package, composed by: WiFi Pineapple Nano Raspberry Pi Zero W USB mini HUB Powerbank 8000mAh Adafruit PowerBoost 500 LiPo Battery 2700mAh Basically, the powerbank powers the PowerBoost, to which RPi0w and Pineapple Nano will be connected via the USB HUB. The LiPo battery is a power supply support, so you can safely shut down the RPi0w, instead of suddenly turning off. As an alternative to the PowerBoost, I could put a LiPo Shim, which detects the LiPo battery charge and automatically performs a clean shutdown. Described the project, my question is the following: With this kind of setup, in you opinion, how long can the whole set run, before shutting itself down? The purpose is to have a small package to perform really little tasks in short time, like 30 minutes. Do you think it can go so far with this kind of batteries? Thanks to all
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