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  1. We're happy to announce the latest release of the Cloud C2! Change Log (3.1.2) Fixed an issue where the UI would hang Fixed a rare server-side crash Fixed HTTP2 errors on instances using HTTPS Improved UI request efficiency Improved error handling Fixed an issue where errors might not display in the UI You can download the latest version over-the-air in your existing Cloud C2 instance on Linux or Mac, or visit the Hak5 Download Center to grab the release for all supported devices and operating systems. Special thanks to our beta testers. As a
  2. "Error getting token" is UI session related; hence why it served you login. Not to be confused with setup token.
  3. Feel free to DM me the output / errors you're getting.
  4. We're happy to announce the latest release of the Cloud C2! Change Log (3.1.1) Add Historical Recon data Improvements to Recon data filters, sorting and Cartography view Fix Recon sync issues with WiFi Pineapples Add Chat and associated permissions Add Device Notification History Add Notes and associated permissions Various UI styling, usability and performance improvements Device notifications are now decoupled across users and decoupled from device notification history Improve uptime tracking for connected devices Fix a bug whe
  5. We've identified the issues some users are experiencing with recon streaming consistently to C2. These changes are currently being tested and will be available soon with the next release of Cloud C2.
  6. @Sec4Fun You can configure the video recording duration in your config.txt using CAPTURE_INTERVAL <SECONDS> - it should work up to 10 minutes For example: CAPTURE_INTERVAL 60 should produce 1 minute long video files while in CAPTURE_MODE VIDEO (as opposed to it defining the time to wait between captures while in CAPTURE_MODE IMAGE) Let me know if you're is still having trouble after trying a longer interval in the config
  7. I'm sure everyone at some point in their life has unplugged something from a Windows machine and heard the notification sound. This is obviously way too robotic and lifeless for my taste; here is a ducky payload that will replace device disconnect sounds with a scream. Just in case you want it to feel like a living thing that is suffering as you rip parts off of it. Inspiration from watching too much Michael Reeves. Requires internet access on the target Windows host; this is just the shortest/fastest way to drop this kind of payload. Other staging/injection techniques c
  8. @Rekondo Our newer JS Ducky Encoder is available here listed under tools : https://downloads.hak5.org/ducky The original Java encoder (duckencoder.jar) is available here: https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky
  9. @Rekondo That is a 3rd party tool, have you tried one of our first party encoders?
  10. @TeB DuckToolKit is 3rd party. Have you tried using one of our 1st party encoders?
  11. @kuraz With these settings I was able to get probes in the Logging section of the UI on both the Nano and Tetra: Pineapple UI > PineAP: [ ] allow associations PineAP Daemon: Enabled Autostart PineAP: Disabled [x] Log PineAP Events [ ] Client Connect Notifications [ ] Client Disconnect Notifications [x] Capture SSIDs to Pool [ ] Beacon Response [ ] Broadcast SSID Pool Beacon Response Interval: Normal Broadcast SSID Pool: Normal Pineapple UI > Filters: Client Filtering: Deny Listed MAC(s) SSID Filtering: Deny Listed SSID(s) Could you post your configura
  12. Thank you for the report and I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the new encoder; I will take a look and see if I can find the issue.
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