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  1. I was watching your video on how to make a custom portal and I must have typed a dot or something wrong lol I simple could not see it good. Is there anyway you can shoot me the two lines of code you used in both those files. when I review the portal it looks great but when I input info in the field I get nothing.

  2. when you get a chance can you give us a work flow. I have downloaded the portals and they are cool , but when i activate one, then get on and connect with my phone the first thing I see is the portal pop up. if I enter info I do see it in log which is awesome. I thought and maybe I am wrong, but the evil portal only pops up when someone tries to login to say Face Book?

  3. For your usecase it sounds like you want a Basic Portal which will show the same captive portal page to everyone always. Targeted Portals allow you to change the page that is returned to the user based on different conditions that you set in the rules editor. For example, you may have a target that you know might connect to 2 different SSIDs based (lets say `Corporate Wifi` and `Coffee Shop`) and based on this you want to show a page that relates to the SSID. You would create two rules in the targeted rule editor for SSIDs and route them to two different destinations (we'll call them corporate.php and coffee.php). Now when a client connects to the Pineapple thinking its `Corporate Wifi` they will be shown the `corporate.php` page. If the connect thinking its `Coffee Shop` they will be shown the `coffee.php` page.
  4. This should be fixed in the 1.0.1 Beta 4 firmware. Sorry about that.
  5. Would you mind sharing the portal with me? You can DM it to me. I never actually tested portals from the previous pineapple so something might be broken. I'll try to help you migrate it so I can write some documentation on what to do going forward.
  6. Did you create this portal new on the mk7 or is it from an older version created on the nano/tetra? I'll take a deeper look into this weekend. Which version of the firmware are you on? Also can you please include the output of the module log file? You can find it at /tmp/modules/evilportal.log
  7. I'm assuming this is a custom made portal since you are submitting credentials. My guess is the portal's backend code isn't handling the authorization flow correctly.
  8. The goal of the Evil Portal module is to provide a captive portal platform with a few bells and whistles, not necessarily to create pre-made templates for every use case. If this is something you need I highly encourage you to build it. If there are any specific questions you have about how to do something with Evil Portal I'm happy to help.
  9. This module isn't really meant to be left running while you're not looking at it. If you need to do a packet capture that records the data it collects I recommend using tcpdump.
  10. Sure can. Permanent clients are clients that will always be allowed to connect to the pineapple without ever having to go through the captive portal. Its good to make a permanent client because this is often used as the host address of a compumter when doing wired client mode. Allowed Clients are clients that are currently allowed to have internet access. Clients can get on this list by either being a permanent client or by signing on through a captive portal. This list is reset every time Evil Portal is started/stopped.
  11. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  12. Description This module is a web front end for mdk4. It allows you to easily preform wireless attacks and manage history. Features Manage dependencies Preform attacks with mdk4 Easily apply options to your attacks View and download attack history
  13. Description HTTPeek displays all images, urls, cookies, and post data sent in plaintext by clients connected to the Wifi Pineapple. Features Display images, urls, cookies, and post data on a web page. Start/Stop capturing Start/Stop live updating
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