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  1. Everyone can modify it and create pull requests to Hak5's module GitHub repo. A problem imo. opinion is that the reaver version on Hak5's repo is very much outdated. I'm cross-compiling the latest version of Reaver and keeping them updated as often as I can, but using the newest version requires heavy modifications to the WPS module, due to alot of changes to Reaver.
  2. You could theoretically brick it. But the Pineapples have that sweet factory-reset mode built into the bootloader. So as long as the bootloader isn't touched, you should be safe. Most upgrade files doesn't modify the bootloader.
  3. The Pineapples are running a custom version of OpenWRT 15. 05 (Chaos Calmer). That IPK you're trying to install is compiled for 18.06.1, probably with musl support. You could try to force install the the package, by adding "--nodeps" to the install command, but I can't guarantee that the installed binaries will run properly wihout being compiled for OpenWRT 15.05.
  4. I'll check the INSTALL script for bugs, thanks for reporting it. 🙂 Sorry for the late reply. But been busy with some real life issues these last months, so I've barely had time to keep the tools updated.
  5. Just wanna give people a heads up that these tools gets updated almost daily, as I'm trying my best to keep up with the changes from ZerBea. So please, always make sure you're running the latest release. 🙂
  6. Have you experienced it freezing when doing any other non-related stuff, like running aireplay-ng, or pineap? Does this happen all the time? If so, could you try detaching the antennas of the Tetra, and run the test again? (just wanna rule out antenna related issues other people have been experiencing) I have no issues running --enable_status=3 on all devices nearby.
  7. Could you provide any more details? Logs? Error message? Command and arguments being used? It really helps narrowing down bugs.
  8. Impossible to say without any information. Any error messages?
  9. I haven't tested the module in a while. I'll see if I can test it today. 🙂 Git can be used on the Pineapples, you just need to install it first. Which can be done using opkg. (Update it first, then install)
  10. @DoJo_Mast3r I did some testing on the pcapng file you mailed me. I also took a look in Wireshark manually. It doesn't seem to contain any PMKID's. (Total of 9 packets. 3 Beacons, 2 Probe Requests, and 4 Probe Responses.)
  11. Have you tried using hcxdumptool on the desktop to get the same PMKID, just to see if you can produce the same result there? Also. Could you share your pcap file?Just email it to me if you don't want it to be public: (adde88@gmail.com)
  12. When hcxdumptool successfully gets a PMKID it will display a message in the terminal. If the Pineapple is within reach of any AP's or clients, it normally takes just a few seconds to get a PMKID. My record was 11 successfuly PMKID's in under a minute. (I did have authorization from the owners) Read the help message, read the github page for hcxdumptool, and try playing with different "enable_status" variables.
  13. @Bigbiz If you're trying to install both hcxtools and hcxdumptool I suggest you read the first post in this thread. You can install the latest version of both tools automatically by issuing the command I have presented in said post. But please remember, you need to SSH into the Pineapple before running the command. PS. The reason you're make command failed is because there is no Makefile, and no need for it. PSS. If you're trying to install/compile the tools for usage on your Kali machine, take a look at ZerBea's github repo. As my repo is solely for the Pineapples.
  14. If you read the output carefully from your first find attempt: "find: unrecognized: ��" at means that there's a symbol in your input that it doesn't recognize. (They don't appear on the screen, so everything looks ok, but is not) Try typing it again. As for me, i just tested the package on my Nano, and it's working perfectly fine. It gets installed to /sbin, or /sd/sbin (if you install to the SD-card) Screenshot of my attempt below :
  15. Strange. After installing, try this: find / -name hcxpcaptool Typing from my cellphone, so sorry for not formating the post correctly.
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