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  1. Nano VS Tetra (Tactical)

    They're both basicly identical, except for size, power, range, channels, and performance. One is smaller, and one is bigger and better. I can't explain it any more easily. :)
  2. How to get Clients

    Are you using a SD-card?
  3. How to get Clients

    The clients will only try to connect if the AP they're looking for is open. If the AP the client is looking for normally is encrypted with WPA, then it won't try to connect to your open network. (Unless it has the exact same encryption + keys) The de-auth is used to kick the client of the open network they're already connected to, and force them to use your open network instead.
  4. Dependencies What am I missing?

    Yeah i'd factory-reset it before adding a SD-card, as alot of dependencies may have been installed to the internal storage. Should fix your problem straight away. Just be careful installing to internal. :)
  5. You do not have to use them, i reckon it's a Y-cable just for convenience when using a laptop as the source of power, as it's a bit limited on each port. Wall adapters works fine.
  6. Dependencies What am I missing?

    Internal storage is just a couple mega-bytes, and using it should be avoided if possible. If not, make sure you know exactly how much space the stuff you're installing will take up. Are you sure the Nano has internet connectivity?
  7. Setting up the Pineapple Kali

    What's the output you get from these two commands within a Kali terminal? ifconfig ping
  8. On our devices it is possible to run Python code, but even a simple "Hello World" Python script can take up 6-8 seconds to run, at worst! Investigations seems to show that all Python modules are kept in .py source code, and is compiled in memory on each run. (To save space i guess) Due to having alot of modules and that we're using small embedded devices, this causes delays in even the simplest of Python-related code! Example: Alot of the python scripts on my Mana Toolkit is slow, and causes the CPU-usage to sky-rocket. So what can we do do 'fix' this? Open a SSH terminal to your Pineapple and issue this command: python -m compileall This causes python to pre-compile all your python modules to .pyc-files. Which is located at: /usr/lib/python2.77 This fix is relative straight-forward on the TETRA. On the NANO we're better of moving that directory to the SD-card and issue a sym-link from that directory to: /usr/lib/python2.7 before we run the commmand. (Saves internal storage) For example like this: mv /usr/lib/python2.7 /sd/usr/lib/python2.7 ln -s /sd/usr/lib/python2.7 /usr/lib/python2.7 python -m compileall You can also pre-compile the python files within the directory you're inside by using the same command, but adding a dot at the end, like this: python -m compileall . This was a huge improvement for me. Hope it can be of usage for you guys :)
  9. New PineApple firmware

    I'm so excited for this update. :)
  10. KRACK infusion / Tutorial

    I've uploaded it to a github repo. with a little tutorial to get it up and running on a fabric-reset Pineapple Tetra. Usage on the Nano should be the same, except using the SD-card for storage/installation stuff. (For example adding --dest sd to all the opkg install lines) The custom hostapd and wpa_supplicant is readily cross-compiled for the device with the same source-files that are in the directories. I've also included a enable-hwcrypto.sh script, to reset the changes made when you disable it. And a last thing: When you've enabled/disabled hwcrypto you will need to reboot to get the changes. Please test it, and report back any changes you'd like to see. :)
  11. KRACK infusion / Tutorial

    I'll be a honest. I haven't studied his attack into details, but it's starting to look a bit interesting now after i got it working on my Tetra. It says that the hostapd version he's' using is patched. It'd be interesting to merge these patches with hostapd that already has the Karma/Mana patches. We could then find vulnerable clients without having them to connect manually. Which i'll actually start doing some testing on. This also gave me some tips for possibly improving my scripts for the Mana attack. Sweet. :)
  12. KRACK infusion / Tutorial

    Yeah. I've got the script/attack working on my Tetra now. Just need to compile everything, and make a tutorial on how to set it up. Screenshot when testing on my iPhone 7+ connected.
  13. KRACK infusion / Tutorial

    I don't want to sound like a douchè here, but yes it actually will help. To be honest, me and my wife are having a tough time here economically, so i'm having to prioritize working on stuff that gives a bit of income over other stuff.
  14. RT @josephfcox: The stance of ‘I’m not important enough for hackers’ is one infosec needs to help people overcome. An email account is a pe…

  15. Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC4 IPK

    Aircrack-ng 1.2-rc4 compiled for the WiFi Pineapples: Download