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  1. Really enjoyed the new and working "live Recon scans"! Awesome! :)
  2. Kismet - Pineapple Edition - With WEB-UI I just saw the video uploaded by Hak5 to youtube the other day, where they used an array of Tetra's running Kismet to scan ALL channels at all times. After that, i just had to get it working! Today i finally managed to compile the latest source-files for kismet, which also has a working web interface. I've tested it all day on my Tetra, but it should be working on the Nano as well. It might complain about the version of libmicrohttpd , so i recommend to also download the version of libmicrohttpd on my repo. (links to ipk's below) All the other libs should work (downloaded under installation), if you just remember to run opkg update before installing them. Kismet Kismet-remote libmicrohttpd After installation: Run "kismet" inside a SSH terminal to the Pineapple. Kismet should launch. You should now be able to access the web-interface on TCP-port 2501. (Eg: Another tip: run airodump-ng-oui-update on the Pineapple When completed, run: ln -s /etc/aircrack-ng/airodump-ng-oui.txt /etc/manuf This will make Kismet use Aircrack-ng's OUI database. 🙂 Ask questions, or whine about issues here. I'll try my best to keep it up to date. Makefiles needed for the OpenWRT-SDK can be found on the repo. mentioned above, if you want to compile it yourself.
  3. @kbeflo Finally, a working version! I've uploaded it to github. The download link in the first post has also been edited, and now points to the working IPK for tmux.
  4. I'll look into the possibility of porting Fluxion, or create something that does the same on the Pineapples. I haven't tested Fluxion extensively, so i'll give some feedback asap. 🙂
  5. Zylla

    [Official] wps

    Yeah, it seems stable. There was some changes done in RC5 though, for example the usage of a "trampoline binary". (Specified under: "Run time location of SIMD-binaries" on the aircrack-ng github). So i had to make some changes to the OpenWRT Makefile to add "support" for that. I've actually sent a PR on the "openwrt-packages-community" repo. (Also includes the bessside-ng patch-file). 🙂
  6. Zylla

    [Official] wps

    Yeah, It's working great for me to. 🙂 I'm considering modifying it a bit though, so it only scans the 5GHz spectrum when an arguments is provided. And rather default to the 2.4GHz range. Shouldn't be that much work though.
  7. Zylla

    [Official] wps

    I know this is the wrong topic, but i thought i'd just give you guys a heads up. I've compiled the latest Aircrack-ng 1.2-RC5 for the Pineapples. As usual, source and install files (.IPK) can be found on my GitHub repo.: https://github.com/adde88/aircrack-ng-openwrt EDIT: Forgot to mention, this contains my own customized version of besside-ng. Which will auto-detect usable channels for the wifi chip being used. On the TETRA that also includes the 5GHz spectrum. If you're building the source yourself, you can remove my version of besside-ng by deleting the patch-file for besside-ng.c inside the patches directory. 🙂
  8. Zylla

    [Official] wps

    No, but the Tetra does. So it will scan 5ghz as well on the Tetra. On the Nano = 2.4ghz. It simply checks what channels the chipset supports.🙂
  9. Zylla

    [Official] wps

    Thanks. Glad ppl. appreciate my work. Btw. I created a new repo. yesterday, since aicrack-ng has released version: 1.2-rc5. The repo contains the Makefile for building it yourself, and also the installation (IPK) file. BUT! It also contains a patch for besside-ng, tweaked for the Pineapples. So it will automatically scan the 5ghz channels as well. (more updates for this coming) If your're building it yourself, and you don't want that modification: you can simply remove my patch by removing said patch-file.
  10. Zylla

    [Official] wps

    I’m aware of the frequent updates, and the lack of openwrt’s repos tracking of them. That’s why i actually have a repo on my github (with openwrt-sdk Makefiles) that contains the «latest» version (when i last compiled it) of Reaver (IPK install file), working on the Pineapples. The repo has two branches: «master», and «static». Static is built with static libraries like libpcap, but it increases the size of the binary. https://www.github.com/adde88/reaver-openwrt
  11. RT @TiklishHoneyBee: This might be old news to some, but interesting nonetheless; someone built a MOS6502 microprocessor out of individual…

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  14. @Foone What memory segments are being checked on the 486’s? Is it the common ones C000?🤔

  15. @mubix Sooo many of them....!