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  1. Can anyone help me mod the se.json file? Really need to run a payload and it doesn't work since the Swedish file uploaded to https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/tree/master/languages is wrong, so the "~" or "\" doesn't work...
  2. The Swedish language is corrupt for OS X. Can this be fixed? @Skiddie @Sebkinne I can't either use the "~" or the "\" and that makes it almost impossible to run any payloads. Really frustrated. Can you please help me out guys?
  3. This videos are for the LAN Turtle (actually the best ones from Darren I seen), however I find them essential for setting up AutoSSH. Everyone on this forum should check them out: and
  4. Maybe you're not the only one with a WiFi Pineapple in your area :)
  5. Hi, my Wifi Long Range Booster from the Hakshop doesn't work. I get a better strength using Wifite and Alfa wireless card without the long range WiFi booster. The RX and Power LED are lighten up, the TX is off. There is an option "--tx TX" on Wifite. Do I have to specify the strenght for it to work? I tried the command "wifite --mac --tx 30" but it still doesn't work. Is it broken or do I have to do anything else?
  6. It's because you have the module Occupineapple on as stated above. Happened to me too before. Provide it with a list of BSSIDs (BSSID is the MAC address, not the SSID name) and it will broadcast only thoes. Otherwise it will spam with non sense characters. I simple deleted that module and it went back to normal. I didn't know I could provide it with a list then. Now I know :)
  7. Should the 2 microUSB go to the 2 Pineapple Juice 15000s and the regular USB to the Macbook? And what if I want to use the Ethernet cable? I don't have any AC so I have to use 2 batteries. There's no video explaining and it doesn't work.
  8. Lol :) I rather pay you for 1 hour consultation over Skype... DM pls.
  9. Tried it, it can't find wlan0 or wlan1 since my NANO gets the eth1 interface...
  10. I have exactly the same problem! It works with the Alfa-dongle but not with the Pineapple NANO. I'm using VMware and Kali Linux. The wp6.sh gives my NANO : eth1. I don't think that Wifite understands that this is in fact a Wifi interface. How do I change it to wlan1 since the Wifite is so stupid?
  11. Ok this is really a SUPER LIKE if you can make a module to capture a handshake. I'm learning Wifite right now and it's really cool! Using a Alfa since my NANO doesn't work with VMware + Kali + Wifite (Interface not found error), but the Alfa USB-dongle does.
  12. How do I make wp6.sh (latest update) give my Pineapple wlan0 or wlan1 instead of eth1? Wifite is so stupid so it doesn't understand that I have connected a WiFi interface otherwise. And as I understand it the Pineapple is not able to capturing the WiFi handshake by its own and Wifite is needed... I have a feeling that this question will remain unanswered and right now I really feel I wasted my money on both the NANO and the TETRA since non of them can crack the WiFi passwords and that's what I tough they could do!
  13. Trying to use Wifite. Connected my NANO to my Kali Linux instead of my Android in order to do that. Got the wp6.sh sharing Internet and it works to login to the portal. However Wifite says: [!] no wireless interfaces were found. [!] you need to plug in a wifi device or install drivers. I got my Pineapple to eth1. How do I change it to wlan1 so Wifite understands that this is in fact my wireless interface? (connected over USB ethernet). I'm using Kali Linux from VMware Fusion Pro for Mac.
  14. Then what's the difference of using this module that to simply browsing to the site online and paste the hashes? It's the combo of (1) Deauth, (2) Getting the handshake and (3) send it for cracking online without needing a directory and process power that noob Pineapple users would want... At least I do... I can't find the module for my Pineapple to download by the way.
  15. That's way to complicated for me at this point. What modules does capture the handshake today?
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