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  1. I'm using a script to exfiltrate PDF-files from Dropbox on macOS. However, I want it to also download the PDFs from the subfolders of the /Dropbox/ directionally. Example from "/Dropbox/Misc/" etc. How do I do that? Q STRING scp -r ./Dropbox/*.pdf /Volumes/BashBunny/$lootdir/docs/ PS: What's your best tip on clearing your tracks after this kind of command in the terminal?
  2. Awesome! In this video, there is talks about adding support to c2 for Bash Bunny. I would like to "backup" SSH-keys using my Bash Bunny and have them copied over to my C2
  3. What can you do with the data collected from the explored bluetooth surface area? What's the next step? How can this be useful? Trying to understand the use-case of having a list of devices with bluetooth ID's. What can I do with this?
  4. How can I use Bash Bunny to "backup" SSH keys and send the credentials to my C2? I want to do this but don't know how.
  5. Does Bash Bunny work with Cloud C2 yet? Saw this video over a year ago that said it should in the future but don't see the Bash Bunny in the drop down menu of Cloud C2:
  6. WiFiJuice

    Use cases

    What's the best use cases you have found with Signal Owl so far?
  7. This is the layout of the Swedish Pro Keyboard. The se.json file in https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/tree/master/languages is corrupt. It can't write out the very important Tilde sign " ~ " nor can it write out a backslash " \ ". Can anyone please help out to fix this issue? I will donate $50 in BTC to the one that fixes this, as I really need my BB to work.
  8. Yes, that that little character is really important to be able to write out something like "~/Library/Application\\ Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Cookies"
  9. Can anyone help me mod the se.json file? Really need to run a payload and it doesn't work since the Swedish file uploaded to https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/tree/master/languages is wrong, so the "~" or "\" doesn't work...
  10. The Swedish language is corrupt for OS X. Can this be fixed? @Skiddie @Sebkinne I can't either use the "~" or the "\" and that makes it almost impossible to run any payloads. Really frustrated. Can you please help me out guys?
  11. The Swedish language file is wrong @Sebkinne for example it can't write out a "~" correctly and messes up my code... How can this be fixed?
  12. How can I make something like this without Powershell? I want it to print out commands from a .txt file or similar saved on the Bash Bunny, but in OS X instead of Windows: QUACK STRING powershell -windowstyle hidden ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\1.ps1')"
  13. @Opticon just sent you a DM :)
  14. @Opticon do you mind sharing your payload? Mine didn't work... Have a Swedish keyboard, so used "QUACK SET_LANGUAGE se" on top, but it didn't do the trick...
  15. Awesome work with the Macinfograbber :) Thanks @Opticon. Hope we will have more Mac OS X payloads working on the BB soon. It's has a huge percentage of the operating system market share: http://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share/all/united-states-of-america
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