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  1. Rinilyn

    BashBunny as mass storage

  2. Rinilyn

    Virus in MrRobot

    MrRobot uses Mimikatz. This is no surprise at all. Mimikatz is very old and almost all antiviruses will detect it. You can always write your "own" mimikatz and modify it as much as you can. Its not impossible but yet not easy.
  3. Rinilyn

    Payload Examples?

  4. Rinilyn

    Problems with loot folder and editing!!!

    I recommend you read other issues before posting. Your issues were discussed many many times. Lazagne will not stay persistent because of how the bunny works. About exfill, the bunny is probably in attackmode ro storage. Which means READONLY. You cant edit or change. Switch back to arming mode before editing
  5. The user is aware of the bunny. Samy here has pictures in his bunny. He is making the guy beleive its a normal USB. He wants to excecute payloads while showing pictures in the bunny. His best bet is using vbs. It can be hella silent but ofc you need powershell to launch it..
  6. Rinilyn

    [PAYLOAD] BunnyMute

    Yea, i just recently started learning bash and this was my first script. Thanks for improving it! feel free to make a pull request and ill set it like that! maybe make it as an extension.
  7. Rinilyn

    [PAYLOAD] Proxy Interceptor

    I recently added a payload that mutes a pc ;) Feel free to auto-add it to your fork. Only issue is the delays. it has big delays that could easily be reduced
  8. Rinilyn

    USB Power Prime To Eliminate Boot Time

    You beated me to it. I was about to upload this to my other post anout konboot bunny but had the upload size issue and was too lazy to fix. Will check out this payload later! Do you think this need cucumber enabled?
  9. Rinilyn

    Konboot on a bunny

    I'd like to see a discussion about booting stuff through the bunny( tiny stuff like konboot). lets assume we are restarting a pc( bunny will not be ready before the pc and bunny shouldnt shut down right?). can it wait for a boot or can a switch position become a USB bootable device? Hope i somehow make sense. if the pc shuts down, is it safe to use a power battery to keep bunny online? like the one used with the wifi pineapple? we could possibly remove the 7sec delay with this. the usb is ready to attack and we set a while loop. while there is no OS, delay (time). if its plugged,execute attack
  10. Rinilyn

    SSLSplit No Connection

    Mana toolkit includes ssltrip2. Google is your friend, learn about the mana attack there. I included an installation guide to get the mana module working in the mana post. A usb hub is required thought
  11. Rinilyn

    SSLSplit No Connection

    Sslsplit is very old. Most common browsers and sites are protected against such attacks. This is why i recommend making sslstrip2 and dnsproxy2 work with you( do not expect facebook or gmail to work thought). About randomroll, i never really experimented with it. Im not sure how it works so i cant help you there.
  12. Please read tutorial i typed in the few pages before. Search for the part where i speak of dependencies.
  13. Rinilyn

    BBTPS upcoming updates

    if only someone would create a video tutorial about this
  14. Rinilyn


    i appreciate the support guys, i posted this while using a hex editor app and trying to add or change the stuff that triggers the AV. i don't think i can yet understand what yall trying to explain. Sometime later ill lock myself in my room and see what else i can do. Only issue i still have is AV that block suspicious behavior before happening. Now thats the real challenge. Either stop the AVs or i dont know..make multiple cmd do simple tiny jobs that wouldnt get flaged. Again, thanks guys