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  1. Hi, Could you please generate a debug log from the Help module and attach it to a reply in this forum thread? I'd like to look into any potential faults and narrow this down.
  2. Hi, Could you please generate a debug log from the Help module and attach it to a reply in this forum thread? We'd like to investigate further :)
  3. It sounds like the issue you're experiencing is related to your OS's network manager, which can cause this issue (it's something that trips me up from time to time myself). Either set an interface priority in your network manager, or disable the network manager and configure the interface directly using ip or ifconfig to see if the issue disappears.
  4. Hi, Thank you for reporting this issue - it's something I've been looking into the past couple of days to try and narrow down, but could do with some more information. Did you add the SSIDs manually? Either by typing the SSID into the Pool management box in the UI, or by adding it to the Pool via a Recon scan in the UI, or was the SSID added to the database automatically through the "Capture SSIDs to Pool" PineAP option? If you could attach the /etc/pineapple/pineapple.db database here, it would be very helpful. Be aware that the database will contain other information, such as Filter MAC Addresses and SSIDs, so remove those if you don't want them public. Kind Regards, Foxtrot
  5. I'm sorry that you're not happy with your NANO. I looked through your post history and noticed that your first forum post was only yesterday at the time of writing, I would suggest allowing more time for a response on the forums as it's community-driven. If you could send me your support ticket number via Private Message, i'll take a look as soon as possible. Thanks
  6. Does your device have internet access? What browser are you using? What firmware version are you running?
  7. This honestly doesn't sound related to the firmware update as we didn't change anything that would stop the host from recognising the Pineapple. Are your Networking settings correct? Does the device show up as USB Ethernet device?
  8. I'm sorry you're having issues with the NANO, can you include more information? Does the device enumerate on your computer? Can you access the UI at
  9. Hi, Please ensure that you're uploading the correct file - It sounds like you're uploading a NANO image instead of a TETRA image. You should be able to follow the Firmware Recovery steps to fix the issue you're having.
  10. Honestly, there really is no need to keep bumping this thread... If you run `make menuconfig` (as the link I provided states) and select "Hak5 WiFi Pineapple NANO" and then return to the CLI and run `make` you will get a bootable image for the device...
  11. I suggest you read the OpenWRT wiki on how to build firmware, as I previously stated, the repository is not out of date. You still need to configure the build yourself... https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-developer/build-system/use-buildsystem
  12. Thanks for mentioning that! The checksums have now been updated.
  13. Attach a debug log here, generated via the Help module.
  14. Hi, This isn't really the topic for this, but nonetheless, I apologise if you're not happy with your device. The book covers the fundamentals of operating the WiFi Pineapple and explains the attacks used as a Rogue AP. You can also find detailed help on each aspect of the Pineapple (read: the modules) via the Help module in the Web UI. If you have more questions that the help text doesn't answer, please feel free to make a new topic on the forums as this one is solely for new firmware releases. Thanks
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