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  1. Foxtrot

    Factory reset with no reset button

    The product in the OPs picture is neither a TETRA or a MK4, it's a MKV
  2. Foxtrot

    Not receiving items booked through Hak5 store

    Hi, sorry for the wait. As Rkiver said we've been at DEFCON. Could you private message me your support ticket number?
  3. Foxtrot

    Nano client mode VERY SLOW

    The "cat" command is lowercase. Ensure you have ran "opkg update".
  4. Foxtrot

    Country channels

    You also have the ability to set this during device Setup for both radios.
  5. Foxtrot

    Firmware Restore

    Those names are based on the MAC address of the interface. It's the 'new' predictable systemd network names. https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/
  6. Foxtrot

    Firmware Restore

    Likely to actually be your Network Manager interfering with your manual assignment of on that interface
  7. I wasn't able to reproduce this segfault, a screenshot of your full settings would be very useful. I did just find a couple issues that were introduced with the new firmware though, and have since been fixed for the next version.
  8. Foxtrot

    Removing Module over SSH

    As Just a User pointed out, a simple rm -rf should work fine. Does it do this with the SD inserted into the computer too?
  9. What are the settings you are using in the module?
  10. Foxtrot

    Hack The Box

    I signed up a while ago and had a quick play, but haven't had time to do more since. Seems well made and fun.
  11. Foxtrot


    Netman, the super hero that defends your router against all kinds of malicious packets?
  12. Foxtrot

    [RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Firmware v2.2.0

    Do you know how long the notifications have been in the list when it reports as not a number? I cannot reproduce this issue.
  13. Foxtrot

    Kali in XPS15 black screen after login

    Read the journal and dmesg. dmesg journalctl -xe
  14. Foxtrot

    changing mac address wlan1

    airmon-ng start wlan1 ifconfig wlan1mon down macchanger -m 00:20:91:13:37:00 wlan1mon ifconfig wlan1mon up Should work fine, if memory serves
  15. Foxtrot

    changing mac address wlan1

    It's an OpenWRT script that is editable, but I forgot the path for it and I'm not at the computer right now. In any case; I wouldn't recommend editing the script, but instead would recommend just spoofing the MAC of the monitor interface once it comes up.