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  1. Hi, We just launched 2.1.2 which resolves this issue.
  2. Hello, We have confirmed an issue with the Web Terminal on the Cloud C2, and it's been fixed pending release shortly. I would expect it to be released on Monday.
  3. 2.1.1 is live now, it should resolve your issue.
  4. That's quite odd, I can't reproduce this myself. What versions of Firefox and Chrome are you using it? How are you hosting the C2? EDIT: While I can't reproduce this myself, I've found an issue where someone else is experiencing this. I will fix this with a 2.1.1 update tomorrow. You can read more about the issue here.
  5. The ACME / Lets Encrypt issue has been solved with the 2.1.0 update. You don't need to re-enroll your devices in the C2 after the update, if that's what you mean.
  6. Hi, We're happy to announce 2.1.x of the Cloud C2, which features some quality of life improvements and bug fixes. Change Log (2.1.2) General Fixed an issue where the Terminal would not initialise properly. Links in the Terminal are now clickable and will open in a new tab. Change Log (2.1.1): General Fixed an issue where devices would not be deleted from the Hak5 Cloud C2. Fixed an issue where, in rare instances, the UI would not load. Loot Remove 32 character limit for loot export paths. Change Log (2.1.0): General Update ACME LetsEncrypt generation to use the ACME2 standard. Users are now forced to enter the name of the device in order to wipe or remove it from the Cloud C2. Loot Fix an issue where downloads for non-ASCII loot would be corrupt. Loot size is now displayed in human readable format instead of just bytes. You can update over the air via the Hak5 Cloud C2 Web UI, or via the Hak5 Download Center.
  7. Hi, This change is not a fix to the problem you're experiencing, but we'd like to know more. Could you let us know how you're connecting the Shark to the computer (Onboard Ethernet or USB Ethernet?), and what OS you're using. The output of "ip route show" on the computer would be very helpful too. Thanks, Marc
  8. Hey tweedge, The duplicates counter is used internally, and is also displayed in the Logging module in the UI. I will look into the issue you're experiencing when I can. Thanks
  9. Hi, We don't support disabling of the public accessible AP. If you really really want to, editing /etc/config/wireless and adding option disabled '1' to the iface block for the public access point will prevent it from coming up. Note that doing this will break other functionality on the device, such as PineAP and then some other tools.
  10. As Zylla said, with the release of the 2.6.0 firmware the C library implementation is musl, in the past it was uClibc. Looks like you just downloaded a package for the wrong version. Glad you got it installed :)
  11. Huawei E353. Anyway.... perhaps a bit of light reading will help you get your modem to work.
  12. No, we don't include the 8812AU driver in the firmware. I'd recommend staying away from that chipset until the driver improves.
  13. Hi, Firmware 6.2 has just been released. Grab the update OTA or via the Hak5 Download Center. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Firmware 3.2 for the Squirrel has just been released. Follow the instructions in the first post to upgrade to the latest version. Thanks!
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