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  1. Hi @Marshmello, Sorry to hear that you hadn't received a support reply as of Dec 31st. Tickets sometimes get seen to slower than usual over holiday periods. If you have a ticket number, feel free to send a private message to me containing it and I'll see to it. Thanks
  2. Hi! We've just pushed Beta 1 for 1.0.2 to the WiFi Pineapple BETA Channel. This update features some small bug fixes and UX improvements since 1.0.1. If you'd like to try the upcoming release, updating is easily done by following the above guide. Change Log: Recon Fixed an issue where the dBi column would not sort. Show a message if all table columns are disabled. Fixed an issue where results would not update when navigating back to a running scan. Campaigns Added the functionality to delete campaign reports. Misc
  3. Supported (as in: we ship the driver in the firmware for it) adapters are as usable as they have ever been. The only thing that is not yet implemented (and coming soon in an update) is integration with Recon, etc.
  4. Hi! Thanks for the report, I've amended the script to reference the correct variable and tested from a clean state - it successfully sets ICS up for me. Thanks
  5. Hi, This issue has been fixed and has been updated in the Download Portal. When we released 3.0.1 the ZIP file did not initially have the binaries marked as executable, so we quickly updated it so they would be, but in the process forgot to update the SHA256 sum that is displayed on the Download Portal. @qsmxpilot The SHA256 sum you are seeing on your downloaded .zip (A7B0046AD87AC34F3FF0427AD9BD856785A25651FD99D8B69FBDFB598786DF67) is correct. I apologize for any confusion caused by this.
  6. Hi, To provide a quick update, this issue has been resolved and will be released with an upcoming update. Thanks for the bug report 🙂
  7. Hi, The missing setup button for Owl devices is not intentional, and we haven't removed support from the Cloud C2 for it. We'll look into the issue and release an update if necessary. Thanks
  8. Our services seem to be working fine. Please make sure your WiFi Pineapple has internet.
  9. Thank you for the detailed report! It really does make a difference. I'm not able to check right now, but perhaps there is an issue with connecting to WPA2/3 Mixed APs. I'll update this thread when the week starts and I've had time to investigate. Unit replacements are for hardware faults, which this is extremely unlikely to be. Can you confirm if the AP you're trying to connect to is WPA2/3 Mixed also? Thanks
  10. Have you considered the possibility that this is because you've installed all available modules? "News" on the Dashboard.
  11. Unfortunately, that isn't enough information to diagnose the issue. What firmware version are you on? What security does the AP you're trying to connect to have? Is there an error message?
  12. No, you can use the modules with Passive mode (or even with PineAP disabled), as well as have clients connect if your filters are configured to allow them. The settings for PineAP are just tools to try and assist in making certain attacks more effective.
  13. Hi, The scan will refresh in the UI every 5 or so seconds, the scan duration is how long Recon will run for in total. - This could be due to Recon just not seeing activity from that device at the right time since the re-association. Your expectation is wrong here - the Filters are meant to prevent associations to the device, not to prevent devices from showing up in the Recon scans. If it worked this way, it'd be frustrating to add new devices to the filters via Recon, which isn't the workflow we are working towards. These are settings you shouldn't mess with u
  14. The UI explains the differences between the two modes, but essentially Active is the same as Passive with the addition of Beacon Responses and SSID Pool Broadcasting.
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