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  1. Nano Pineapple 403 error

    Just really slow internet Thank you for sharing what fixed it though :)
  2. Questions about PineAP

    Hi ZEROI, I would recommend reading this thread and seeing if your device is affected.
  3. Hi JwP, You can solve this by connecting to the Management AP and setting the Filters to "Deny" with no filters listed.
  4. Security student seeking help

    Don't try building it on the Pineapple, it's much easier to do it on a desktop. Also, there are pre-compiled binaries for Bettercap in the Git repository. Also also, as Bettercap is written in Go, compiling for MIPS is as simple as "GOOS=linux GOARCH=mips go build" on the command line.
  5. Piratebox

    Both the NANO and the TETRA run OpenWRT Chaos Calmer, you can just install the package as per the instructions listed in the OP. A module would be cool, though...
  6. Drivers seem to be corrupt

    The airmon-ng output has changed because we ship a different version of grep, which produces the output you see - regardless, the program works as it should and does indeed put the interface into monitor mode.
  7. DDOS

    Same thing that happens to any website that gets DDoSed. Enough bandwidth and the site goes down.
  8. Bash Bunn won't work

    Have you set it to the right switch for the payload?
  9. Tetra gets IP in wrong subnet @ setup

    Interesting, perhaps your network manager set the interface IP instead of listening to the pineapple? I assumed the actual ethernet port because you said eth1, not thinking you could have already had an ethernet connection on your computer.
  10. In addition to Rinilyn's advice, ensure that an interface is being created on your computer and that it has an IP address assigned to it.
  11. Tetra gets IP in wrong subnet @ setup

    You should connect via the USB Ethernet port, not the RJ-45 port. The RJ-45 Ethernet is for a WAN connection.
  12. PineAP Beacon Response

    It's no worry, just safer to not flash modified .bins :). Thank you for helping out, it's greatly appreciated.
  13. PineAP Beacon Response

    Thank you for trying -- please reply here when you've completed your tests.
  14. PineAP Beacon Response

    @Zylla Don't provide downloads for hex edited factory images, there's a few things that could go wrong with that. I've removed the links in your post. Also, I specified the -F flag for a reason. The -v flag does nothing. @Smurf4u Have you tried turning the PineAP settings on without the antennas attached?
  15. PineAP Beacon Response

    Could you please try to downgrade to a 1.1.2 firmware available under the "TETRA" section at https://wifipineapple.com/downloads, and SCP that upgrade.bin file to your devices /tmp/ folder. Then, SSH into your TETRA and execute "sysupgrade -n -F /tmp/upgrade-1.1.2.bin". After it completes and the TETRA boots back up, could you see your device exhibits the same behaviour? Also, please try booting it without antennas.