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  1. This is untrue. The MT76* chipset family still has active and well-liked chipsets, namely the 7612 and 7610. They're modern, but hard to get currently because of the global chip shortage.
  2. Hi, Any MT7612U based adaptor will work out of the box with the latest WiFi Pineapple firmware. Other MT76-driven adaptors will work with the right packages installed, which you can obtain from the Packages page in Modules -> Packages. (Such as the MT7610U based devices requiring the "kmod-mt7601u" package).
  3. As I have said in other topics: doing this will overwrite packages and configuration files that are custom to the WiFi Pineapple, likely causing things to not work. May I ask what you seek to gain from upgrading all packages on the device? Is there something missing that you want?
  4. Adding a compatible dual band (MT7612U is recommended) adapter and selecting it in the WiFi Pineapple settings (Settings -> Network -> Recon Wireless Adapter) will enable you to pick between 2.4 GHz, 5GHz, and "Both" options in Recon.
  5. No... The handshake capture works by sniffing wireless frames from the air. It doesn't disconnect anything. Deauthentication attacks are done by sending frames on an AP or STAs behalf. These two things are not exclusive to eachother. Everything here is working as intended, it seems.
  6. You can do an opkg upgrade, but I don't recommend doing it because it will pull in packages from the upstream OpenWRT feeds overwriting any custom/patched ones in our firmware. Doing an upgrade will likely break the system for you until you do a recovery.
  7. You shouldn't have to change this, the error was a problem on our infrastructure side and has now been resolved. Thanks
  8. The 7 second button hold isn't a factory reset. It resets the root password, but keeps data intact. This was a highly requested feature for people who tend to forget their credentials but don't want to lose any data stored on the device. If you wish to reset the firmware to factory defaults, Please follow this docs article.
  9. Hi, Firstly, thank you for sharing your experience using the device. I'll go through some of your questions in the order you asked. There are two files produced from a successful handshake capture (partial, full or Evil WPA): .22000 and .pcap. The .22000 files contain the handshake data in Hashcat's -m 22000 mode for cracking. The .pcaps contain the EAPOL data captured, along with a beacon frame. The pcap can be used for cracking with a tool like aircrack-ng, or for your own inspection with a tool such as Wireshark. I'm not sure which tools you're referring to here, could you elaborate? Hard to diagnose an issue from the information given here, but usually the cause of such an issue is a closed port on the firewall, changing the C2 domain after generating a device.config. We pull feeds from upstream OpenWRT, as well as making some other tools available via our own repository. You can use "opkg search" and "opkg list" to see the available packages, or use the Packages tab in the Modules page from 1.1.0 onwards. Thanks
  10. Hi @adrian656, Be assured that I haven't forgotten about your issue. I unfortunately haven't been able to replicate it using Firefox or Chrome, on Windows or Linux. My hunch is that your web UI issue is caused by an issue with the connection to the device, can you share how you're connecting to it? Thank you
  11. Hi PIX, It seems like your "no internet error" is caused by the WiFi Pineapple not having an internet connection. A dialog is presented upon login that will show you some ways to get online, but if you missed it, that information is available at the Hak5 Docs. There is no default root password for the device, so I'm not sure what you're trying. If you have forgotten the root password, you can reset it by holding the button down once the device has been fully booted, for 7 or more seconds. This will reset it to "hak5pineapple". You'll know it's happened when the LED flashes a rainbow colour. Once it reboots and comes back up, you should be able to log in. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, I've posted in another thread about this issue, but the TL;DR is the issue is solved. Thanks!
  13. Hi, This issue seems to have been caused by a change in our Cloudflare, causing some requests from Python's "urllib" (which the Pineapple modules make use of) to get blocked. I've reversed this change and it should now be solved. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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