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  1. Or... in San Francisco, where the company is ;).
  2. It's still the 22nd...
  3. This device is not an AWUS036ACM. As Just_A_User correctly pointed out, the 8812AU is the chipset used in the ACH, and other unsupported adapters. An AWUS036ACM will have an MT7612U inside of it, That specific adapter can be identified in lsusb easily as the PID is "7612".
  4. There are Makefiles for bettercap that another community member contributed a short while ago, at https://github.com/hak5/pineapple-packages-community. Bear in mind that I don't know if they still work - this is something I can spend more time on in the near future but unfortunately not right now.
  5. Unfortunately, @Zylla seems to have his private messages disabled ;) Feel free to reach out to me 🙂
  6. You probably want to --force-deps, not --no-deps. For what it's worth, I'll publish every kmod to the package repositories when the 1.0.1 firmware is launched.
  7. You need to install all the required packages, including the capture sources. For just WiFi capture: opkg install kismet kismet-capture-linux-wifi
  8. Hi L3N1, Sorry to hear that you're frustrated with the pushed back launch dates for the C2 3.0.0 release. While we originally wanted to target the above dates you mentioned, we feel that it's better to launch the product when we are happy with it's state, instead of rushing it into peoples hands. I'm sure you can agree that this approach is better for both us and you, when it comes to delivering a better user experience. In the meantime, you can follow the thread below, where we'll post any updates about the upcoming 3.0.0 release: Thanks for your patience.
  9. Beta 4 has been released to the Beta update channel.
  10. Hi, This was caused by a missing SSL dependency required by a recent change to the Python module API/Framework. It's been fixed in 1.0.1 Beta 4. Thanks for reporting this!
  11. Thanks for reporting this. It's fixed in the latest beta (Beta 3) and is available using the over-the-air update system now. I've updated the changelog in the first post to include the new changes. Thanks!
  12. I agree - I'll see about working this into a future update 🙂
  13. I realize we should have been clearer about this, but the current version of the Hak5 Cloud C2 (2.2.0 and below) does not support the Mark 7. Support for the Mark 7 will be coming in an update to the Hak5 Cloud C2 on September 28th 2020.
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