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  1. Hi Decoy, The Mark 7 package feed sources are at https://github.com/hak5/mk7-community-packages. I will update the description on the older 6th gen one you linked to clarify. A lot of the packages in the older repo are no longer needed, superseded or otherwise updated (for example, we package mdk4 now instead of mdk3 as well).
  2. On the 1.1.0 beta and newer, you can do "opkg update && opkg install kmod-rt2800usb" to get the driver for that card. You can also just use the search function of the Package manager in the UI.
  3. You usually don't need to do this. Why do you? Also, please post in the right section of the forums from now on.
  4. I'm kind of confused, there should be no instance where you get a white LED, and updating the firmware shouldn't cause anything like that. As @chrizreesaid, follow the firmware recovery steps.
  5. Hi all! 1.1.0 Beta 3 was just pushed to the beta update channel, you can grab the update as normal by going to Settings -> Check for Updates. The changes this time are relatively small, including a fix for the Filters issue reported here and in Discord (thank you!) as well as some other UX and stability improvements. The updated change log is in the first post of the thread.
  6. Hello This isn't specific to the beta, but an issue with the module package. I just pushed a fix, everything should download fine now. Thanks!
  7. I don't know what "wifimodule" means. Will fix in a future stager update.
  8. This isn't an issue with the browser, it's an issue with the UI which is fixed in 1.1.0 beta 2. We didn't anticipate the changelogs being so long (oops). Edge Chromium works fine.
  9. You shouldn't need any additional kernel modules for modeswitch, this is all done in userspace.
  10. Hello! If you are looking for help or discussion regarding existing modules, please use the existing forum thread for them. Those threads have a star next to them (featured), as such: Please remember that modules are community authored, and are not created by Hak5. They come AS-IS with no warranty. Be courteous and polite to the module maintainers and other community members. Links to module discussion and help threads: EvilPortal HTTPeek MDK4 TCPDump Nmap Cabinet MACInfo Thanks, Foxtrot
  11. I apologise for not seeing this sooner, just came across it now. The web interface will automatically start the module's Python back-end automatically, so if you want to debug it, I suggest you SSH into the device and kill it (use ps auxw to find the process) and then run it manually. This will allow you to restart it quickly every time you push an updated file to the device, as well as being able to see the debug output.
  12. Can you include some more information? You've made one forum post in this thread (a thread for firmware discussion) that doesn't specify any problem.
  13. Thanks for the detailed feedback! The goal of the UI is to make certain attacks and recon faster to use, and easier to understand on a basics level. As a fellow 802.11 enthusiast, I agree that having more technical information exposed to the user would be cool, but at the same time (as mentioned) the goal is to keep it simple on purpose. The MK7 UI introduced "modes" for PineAP where you can easily change from Disabled, Passive or Active, with an "Advanced" option to have greater control. We'd like to flesh this out more in a future releases across the other aspects of the UI (such as Recon and Logging specifically) so that if you want to be exposed to deeper information, you can be. Passive handshake capture is indeed happening during a Recon scan. The dedicated button is to isolate the capture to the channel that the AP is on. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, we'd like to flesh out the control to those who want it in upcoming updates. Control over the channels would be a cool addition there. I think I touched on the deauth methodology in the other post :). Partial handshakes are captures of EAPOL frames + a beacon that can be cracked, such as 1+2 or 2+3 as you mentioned. Evil WPA captures (in the beta and newer) are EAPOL 1+2, plus a beacon, as that's all that is available there. I like this idea, but I think it's fairly low priority, and Wireshark does this very well. Event logging is something we're working on currently, and this falls under that. :) I see this requested occasionally, the reason that the Open AP has never had a disable toggle is because it can cause issues for other parts of the device, but I agree that it would be a nice to have, so we'll put it on the backlog. Thanks again for the detailed feedback, we really appreciate it!
  14. I personally am much more active in the Discord, it may be faster for you to get answers there.
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