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Found 16 results

  1. Bash Bunn won't work

    I've been trying all day to fix my bash bunny, but nothing seems to work. I've been trying all kinds of payloads on the GitHub repo and even making one my self. The issue I'm having is that the bash bunny won't do anything when I plug it in, but it's still recognized though. Keep in mind that I got my bash bunny yesterday so I'm not good at managing it. So if you think I'm making a beginner mistake Just go ahead and tell me. Hope you can help me, thanks!
  2. First off I have searched forums. I could have more carfully, but nothing seems to have matched exactly. Now out of the box; I connected the squirrel.i immediately lost internet. I checked to insure I had it correctly, and I did. The hookup looks like ISP modem--->> squirrel -->> wireless router I also tried it over again from pc. NO issues on pc. no wire issues. has to be squirrel I tried the sqitch and ran it with windows restore. This thing just doesn't work. Help me, help me said the k
  3. hi guys i've a big proble, in the last weeks i won a usb rubber ducky during an hackathon but the replay buttons seems broken. When i press it the rubber ducky doesn't replay the script, what could be the problem?
  4. Cases for Hak5 equipment

    I have purchased about 80% of your equipment, Pineapple Mark V, Nano tactical, bash bunny, pocket squirrel, lan turtle, usb rubber ducky, router, wifi dongles, etc. Unfortunately I purchased them separately as they came out. Therefore I don't have a custom Hak5 case to keep them in. I wish you would consider selling the cases separately. I would be your first customer to buy one. Love your products, and the show.
  5. I would like to thank the Hak5 team for developing such a great little product that is the Packet Squirrel. I see posts with people complaining that it doesn’t do gigabit, POE etc.. An people are missing the point, you get get a lot for your $60. The packet capture facility alone is worth the price tag. I would imagine that, to add gigabit and POE would probably triple the price, double the size and triple the power requirements. I for one, am very impressed with the devices that Hak5 have developed. I recently managed to buy a pineapple nano(second hand) , USB ducky and a Packet squirrel. My only regret is that I can’t afford the other devices at the moment. So come on gals and guys, let Hak5 team know the positives instead of the, why doesn’t it do this!
  6. Hak5 artwork

    https://instagram.com/p/BatFZAIA8Pk/ Anyone know where I can find the Packet Squirrel and Ducky version?
  7. Hak5 diagram icons

    I know this may be seen as a very pointless and stupid question. Does the Hak5 team provide a set of the icons they use for the various diagrams they publish? E.g https://www.hak5.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/openvpn_diagram1.png Although not essential it would be good to be able to produce diagrams while learning, using the same theme as used by Hak5. Must admit I really like the simplistic look of them.
  8. Cannot get hak5 irc

    Hello, I must be doing something totally wrong. When I try connecting to irc.hak5.org/6697 it takes me to the darkscience irc. I am using hexchat. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Missing old Hak5

    Dear Hak5, don't mean to anger anyone with this post... but im finding myself missing the good old Hak5 podcasts. The days when we had tutorials based around hacking tools , readily available . It seems the show is now based purely on Hak5's amazing products. An as great as they maybe, they aren't very affordable outside of the US e.g. Wifi Pineapple nano, being £125 , from European supplier. i appreciate, that Hak5 is a business and they have to eat. But would it not be possible to setup another channel to provide the tutorials for the products you sell and get back to the old format? I mean, how's the Hak5 van? Has it been turned into a hacking mobile command centre? Have you guys built any custom gear of late e.g. Password cracking rigs, photo framed pc and all that goodness. I've even noticed a decline in the discussions and help that is available on the forums. please, please, please bring back the show we all loved and admired.
  10. I am so hyped for the new Gear

    xD I just hope its not to expensive
  11. pineapple

    Hello everyone. Can you explain What a pineapple network is and why i would want to use 1?
  12. I saw your latest Defcon video packet squirrel. Any more information on that?
  13. Hi, Just wondering when the hak5 feeds will be working again? RSS Feed: HD MP4 Video: https://feeds2.feedburner.com/hak5hd RSS Feed: SD MP4 Video: https://feeds2.feedburner.com/Hak5largeQuicktime as listed on the page: Subscribe | Technolust since 2005: https://www.hak5.org/subscribe Love the shows Cheers Ferrettie
  14. Support Response Time

    Hey Guys About 5 days ago I sent a support ticket to the Hak5 zendesk about receiving the wrong items I ordered. They say that response time is usually 1-2 days. I know that only Jayson and Sara run the support but it's been quite a while and I've gotten no replies. How long do you think it will take for a reply? I sent my support ticket in here - https://hakshop.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Thanks
  15. Missing Items From Elite Kit

    Ayy Hak5 people I recently received my Elite kit I ordered, only to find out the kit was missing a bunny basher and it had an extra rubber ducky. I contacted them 3 days ago and they still havn't responded. I just wanted to ask how long it may take for them to respond? Will I have to send back the extra rubber ducky? Can I use my tools in the meantime, or should I wait until I get a response (If they do need me to send the items back, will they accept them if I have used them) Thanks!
  16. So I tried doing everything that is mentioned in Hak5's episode 2101, but when it goes to execute the .ps1 file, there is an error in the cmd prompt which says: Specified cast is not valid. At line:2179 char:7 + if (($PEInfo.DllCharacteristics -band $Win32Constants.IMAGE_D ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : OperationStopped: (:) [], InvalidCastException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.InvalidCastException When I look at the .ps1 file through my web server, the error seems to be somewhere here: [IntPtr]$LoadAddr = [IntPtr]::Zero if (($PEInfo.DllCharacteristics -band $Win32Constants.IMAGE_DLLCHARACTERISTICS_DYNAMIC_BASE) -ne $Win32Constants.IMAGE_DLLCHARACTERISTICS_DYNAMIC_BASE) { Write-Warning "PE file being reflectively loaded is not ASLR compatible. If the loading fails, try restarting PowerShell and trying again" -WarningAction Continue [IntPtr]$LoadAddr = $OriginalImageBase }