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  1. Hello everyone! We're extremely excited to have announced the all-new Key Croc, and this update brings some improvements to the launch firmware as well as introducing support for the Hak5 Cloud C2. Change Log (1.2): General Fix non-ASCII logging Improved automatic VID/PID cloning Improved support for various ATTACKMODES Enable NTP Cloud C2 Add Support for the Hak5 Cloud C2 Misc Remove unneeded packages Improve LED status indication Update DuckyScript 2.0 lang files for US and GB Add fallback Arming Mode Framework now validates payload syntax at startup with LED feedback. Add INSTALL_EXTRAS script Add KEY_DEBUGGER script Add CHECK_PAYLOADS script Add RELOAD_PAYLOADS script You can download the firmware from the Hak5 Download Center. Instructions for updating your Key Croc can be found in the docs.
  2. Hi, We're happy to announce the 2.2.x release of the Cloud C2, which features a new notifications system and support for the new Hak5 Key Croc! Change Log (2.2.0) Hak5 Key Croc Added support for the Hak5 Key Croc! Hak5's Key Croc is a Keylogger armed with pentest tools, remote access and payloads that trigger multi-vector attacks when chosen keywords are typed. Live keystrokes, typed history and keystroke injection can be performed remotely with ease. Notifications Notifications can now be sent from enrolled devices. Notifications can be managed from the new bell icon in the status bar of the Cloud C2. You can download the latest version over-the-air in your existing Cloud C2 instance on Linux or Mac, or visit the Hak5 Download Center to grab the release for all supported devices and operating systems. As always, thank you for the support and great community feedback!
  3. We'll be releasing an update that adds Key Croc support soon :)
  4. You can try with --force-depends for kernel modules. We do the same thing on the Pineapple automatically.
  5. Hey Aaron, Thanks for the bug report, we'll see if the script needs updating and do so if necessary :)
  6. Hello, The issue seems to be with the nmap binary itself, not the module. It would appear that OpenWRT updated the nmap package with a version built against a slightly newer libpcap, thus it can't find the symbols it requires. (If you need it to work right this second, SSHing into your device and running ln -s /usr/lib/libpcap.so.1.3 /usr/lib/libpcap.so.0.8 will fix this issue. Working updating the module to do this now.
  7. Hi, We didn't make any changes to the licensing server. It looks like Google had a short outage today, it's likely that your license check and the outage just happened to occur at the same time. Please let us know if it happens again!
  8. AFAIK, Those patches are already applied to the driver that ships. Hence the log output via ath_warn. Currently I believe that the issue you're experiencing with lockups is different from the Atheros driver log output. The message shows that short packets are being discarded, which is desirable, and a result of the following patch: https://lkml.org/lkml/2020/1/7/1334 https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/11163657/ We'll keep looking into both issues.
  9. This typically happens when you flash the TETRA with the NANO's firmware recovery image. Please make sure you've downloaded the correct file from here. At the bottom of the page, you want the "Recovery Firmware".
  10. Doesn't really seem to make sense? I don't know where "re-image / rebuilding the firmware" comes into this. Sounds like the device has either faulty hardware, or the device isn't booting to the OS. If it's the latter case, it should be resolvable with a Firmware Recovery. The method is described at https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery. Please let us know if there are any other problems.
  11. I've removed the link to the "app" that was hosted third-party. This is the equivalent of downloading random .exe's and running them on your computer...
  12. Hi, Thanks for reporting issues with the SD Card mounting. I've spent some time trying to reproduce but can't, so I've gone and got a variety of SD Cards to try and isolate this issue with. Log output from "dmesg" and "logread" is appreciated as it helps trying to diagnose these issues. Thanks
  13. Please try to use the [ SPOILER ] and [ / SPOILER ] (without spaces) for long log output. From what I can tell the Atheros driver is just being very verbose about what data it is dropping, not necessarily indicating a problem (Depending on your area, network connection, etc), the driver will drop packets if they're corrupt or otherwise invalid. I'll spend some time looking into the issue to determine if it's just log spam or not. What about the continuous scans don't work for you? No results? Slow results? etc. Thanks!
  14. Sounds like you're upgrading from the stager (IE: a new unit)? Screenshots are useful in trying to diagnose issues, but it seems like it could be a caching issue? I'd suggest making a new thread for this.
  15. Modules are third party, we don't make them - The community does. Which modules? Specifics are needed to diagnose potential issues. Doesn't make any sense. Running "opkg update" doesn't update your device... it updates the package lists from the package repositories. Thanks, I can look into any modules that fail to download soon.
  16. Just to address this: Devices that are not sold by us or the retailers we partner with are not guaranteed to have not been used in the past. Buying new parts from us directly or the retailers we choose don't come with a password set.
  17. Hi, The WiFi Pineapple Connector App has been deprecated (for nearly a month now), due to difficulty supporting multiple types of devices considering the size of our team. I wasn't aware that NetHunter had the app built-in to their ROM otherwise I'd have tried to reach out and let them know.
  18. Cherry-picking details from the logs that you deem strange doesn't help us diagnose any potential issues. Full log output is appreciated.
  19. Rudeness doesn't get you far... The email address and/or order number is used just to lookup the order. There is no actual emailing required. At first it sounded like the device wasn't functioning properly, looking up the order would allow me to see whether it was eligible for a further diagnostics on our support platform and, if needed, a replacment. I highly doubt this is the case. It actually sounds like the newer versions of NetworkManager (the connection manager included in all of those distributions) is being more aggressive with wanting to manage the USB Ethernet connection. It's a common thing and is resolved by configuring the Pineapples static IP through NetworkManager's connection editor, or by disabling NetworkManager completely. I'm not sure what this means. wp6.sh isn't a flashing tool, and it doesn't (to the best of my knowledge) work on Windows, even under WSL2.
  20. Live scans work for me. What browser are you using? How're you connected to the device? More information is necessary to try and find any problems.
  21. Could you let me know your order number via a forum message? Thanks.
  22. The "zip" package should now be available via opkg. Make sure to "opkg update" first.
  23. I know what the file is... I'm telling you that OpenWRT don't build the package. So I will, and then I'll put it into our own repository...
  24. What? I'm not sure I follow. Edit: to clarify, OpenWRT don't build the zip package, it isn't in any of those feeds.
  25. Thank you! I'll add this package to the repository tomorrow by end of day. Not sure why OpenWRT stopped packaging this themselves...
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