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  1. This might work for a common use case, but not all ;) The biggest issue here is that in many use cases the person managing the Pineapple is not This could be a mobile device connected, or perhaps the device is being accessed through a network itself is connected to.
  2. Hi Wamo, I merge the open module pull requests when they meet the standard for making it into the module repository. I am often in communication with those module authors, so it's usually just a matter of time while adjustments are made.
  3. Thanks for the bug report! Could you share which module you installed when this happened? Thanks.
  4. If you don't require the use of the API, you may also simply copy your SSID file (seperated by newlines) to the device via SFTP and use PineAP to add them: pineap add_ssid_file <path_to_file>
  5. I'm not really sure what you're describing here. The Management AP is not (and never has been) affected by the Filter settings, so there is no need for it to be automatically added to said filter. If I understand correctly, you have named the Management AP and the Open AP the same, and your client device is preferring to connect to a WPA2 AP over an Open one. This isn't an issue with the Pineapple but instead just the behaviour of your client device. The device should be able to handle this many SSIDs in the pool no problem, I'll play with it and see if I can reproduce this. UTF-8 characters are fully supported.
  6. Hi @jderp Thanks for the bug report. It would seem that all of the issues you are describing stems from one thing: the UI seems unhappy, which after some error is causing other elements (like buttons, recon data) to not load. I'm not quite sure what is causing the error yet, but I'll continue to try and debug it. I appreciate the screenshot of the browser console, was there any more? Could you describe how you've configured your device and what browser you're using? Thanks!
  7. 1) Seems like a network issue you're having. SSH is available over Port 22. 2) I don't think it's **that** big of a deal. We'll look into changing it in the future. 3) No domain means self signed certs, and self signed certs suck. 4) For what in particular? 5) This is new to me, not enough information to diagnose a potential issue on. 6) Pinned modules are sortable.
  8. 1.1.1 has been released to the Stable channel. Changelog is in the OP.
  9. 1.1.0 has been released as a successor to this version, including bug fixes and feature additions mentioned in this thread. Learn more about the update in the thread below:
  10. 1.1.0 has been released to the stable channel! Thank you for the valued feedback during this beta.
  11. AC Adapter Support With the 1.1.0 release, enhanced support for compatible 802.11ac modules has been added out of the box to enable dual band Recon scans. Upon logging into the UI with a compatible adapter you will be presented with the following dialog. You can then click "Configure" where you'll be able to set the Recon Wireless Interface in the settings. Doing this will stop the dialog from showing in the future, otherwise it will show every boot when an adapter is connected. Package Manager To make the vast library of available packages easier to browse and install, the Modules page now includes a Packages tab that allows you to fetch a list of all available packages, and install them with ease. WPA/2 Evil AP The new WPA/2 Evil AP feature allows you to clone an access point discovered in Recon, enabling you to spoof an AP with a PSK you've already recovered, or with a default passphrase to trick clients into associating with the real passphrase, recovering enough of the 4-way handshake into a convenient .pcap or .22000 format file to crack with tools like aircrack-ng or hashcat.
  12. Hello! This firmware marks a massive release for the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII, with a huge set of feature additions, bug fixes and improvements to many aspects of the project and it's user experience. From reliability fixes in PineAP and Recon to the addition of the Package browser and a WPA/2 Evil AP or out of the box support for supported 802.11ac adapters, there is sure to be something in this version for you. As always, you can grab the update OTA by giving your WiFi Pineapple an internet connection and navigating to Settings -> Software Update in the Web UI. A huge thank you to the beta testers for this release who provided great feedback and bug reports, you are invaluable and much appreciated! To further join the discussion, feel free to join the Discord chat. You can catch the full changelog below, and highlights of the new firmware in the second reply to this topic. Changelog 1.1.1: General Update the Pineapple Python library. Setup Fix a UX issue where the Filter description doesn't show until a mode is selected. Recon Fix an issue where some partial handshake captures would not have enough data to be crackable. Settings Remove the Nightly Update channel. Changelog 1.1.0: General Add a setup walkthrough dialog when attaching an AC-capable USB radio to the WiFi Pineapple. Improve the displaying of dates from the future in some UI pages. Move warnings into an "Informational Messages" dialog. This new dialog adds more information about system messages, and provides convenient links directly to the relevant setting. Removed bluelog and other bluetooth related tools from firmware. Note: You can now install these packages and more with ease using the Package Manager. Swap PineAP and Recon location in sidebar. Enable SSH earlier in Setup process. Removed polling for Reset button. Add password reset functionality. Notifications Notifications are now previewed in the title bar. Notifications can now be reported as "success", with a green color. Changed to a better download icon. Decrease clutter in title bar for mobile displays. Fix an issue where some kernel modules would cause the device to reboot. Setup Add Sweden to WiFi Country Code list. Fix typo in Client Filters page. Added GIFs to indicate how to proceed with verification. Added the ability to fine-tune filters during setup. Generally improved layout of various setup elements. Dashboard Improved connection error message for "Get News". Campaigns Fix an issue where some reports will use the first Recon scan, instead of the latest. Fix an issue where reports would not be removable. PineAP Fix a crash. Fix an issue where extended Recon scans would lead to a memory leak. Add Sweden to WiFi Country Code list. Fix a hang introduced in the beta which would cause Recon and Filters to show an incorrect status. Change "WPA & Open" tab to "Access Points". Change "Authenticated AP" card title to "Evil WPA AP". Add "View Handshakes" button to Evil WPA AP card. Evil WPA AP handshakes now only send one notification per client. Fix an issue where empty SSIDs would be added to the SSID Pool. Add a new tab for Management and Open APs. Fix an issue where the "Handshakes Captured" counter wouldn't be accurate. Add Evil Twin WPA Access Point. Recon Add a dialog to clarify what a handshake capture does, when clicking "Start Handshake Capture". Fix an issue where handshakes in custom locations couldn't be downloaded. Scan settings are now loaded from the current scan across devices. Added the ability to specify save location for Recon scans. Added the ability to specify save location for Handshakes. Fix an issue introduced in Beta 1 where handshakes could not be deleted. Fixed an issue where the table would become unsorted during a scan. Added graphs for wireless landscape and channel distribution. Moved Settings into a new card, with search functionality. Added the ability to select which radio is used for Recon scanning. Supported devices are listed at docs.hak5.org Add dual-band scanning support for supported adapters. Add the ability to download handshakes in hashcat format. Improved the user experience for cloning access points. Cloning options can now be fine tuned from inside Recon. Add the ability to clone WPA/2 access points. Fixed an issue where BSSIDs would not be highlightable in some browsers. Fixed an issue where a handshake capture button might show for open APs. Massively improved scanning performance by rewriting result de-duplication logic. Massively improved WPA/2 Handshake capture performance. Changed how partial and full handshakes are written to disk. Fixed a rare crash when scanning in client-heavy landscapes. Handshake MAC addresses are now censored when censorship mode is enabled. Handshake MAC addresses now use colon seperators. Logging Improve default colours for log entries in dark theme. Improve column width for the System Log. Improve parsing of System Log. Added the ability to specify PineAP log save location. Added pagination and search functionality to the PineAP Log. Create a new system module for logging. Add ability to download and search the device system log. Modules Add hot-link support for Available Modules, Package Manager, and Develop tabs. Move search box into table footer. Add a new tab for package management. Add the ability to search and download a wide variety of packages. Improve user experience when the device is offline. Settings General Improve user experience when the device is offline. Added a scrollbar for longer changelogs such as this one. Networking Add a placeholder for when the Pineapple hasn't receieved a Client Mode IP address yet. Add signal strength to discovered Client Mode networks. Rewrote Client Mode handling to improve reliability of connection. Improved reliability of automatic route setting when handling USB Ethernet, ICS, or Client Mode connections. Disconnect button is now disabled after being clicked once. Thanks, foxtrot
  13. Hi Decoy, The Mark 7 package feed sources are at https://github.com/hak5/mk7-community-packages. I will update the description on the older 6th gen one you linked to clarify. A lot of the packages in the older repo are no longer needed, superseded or otherwise updated (for example, we package mdk4 now instead of mdk3 as well).
  14. On the 1.1.0 beta and newer, you can do "opkg update && opkg install kmod-rt2800usb" to get the driver for that card. You can also just use the search function of the Package manager in the UI.
  15. You usually don't need to do this. Why do you? Also, please post in the right section of the forums from now on.
  16. I'm kind of confused, there should be no instance where you get a white LED, and updating the firmware shouldn't cause anything like that. As @chrizreesaid, follow the firmware recovery steps.
  17. Hi all! 1.1.0 Beta 3 was just pushed to the beta update channel, you can grab the update as normal by going to Settings -> Check for Updates. The changes this time are relatively small, including a fix for the Filters issue reported here and in Discord (thank you!) as well as some other UX and stability improvements. The updated change log is in the first post of the thread.
  18. Hello This isn't specific to the beta, but an issue with the module package. I just pushed a fix, everything should download fine now. Thanks!
  19. I don't know what "wifimodule" means. Will fix in a future stager update.
  20. This isn't an issue with the browser, it's an issue with the UI which is fixed in 1.1.0 beta 2. We didn't anticipate the changelogs being so long (oops). Edge Chromium works fine.
  21. You shouldn't need any additional kernel modules for modeswitch, this is all done in userspace.
  22. Hello! If you are looking for help or discussion regarding existing modules, please use the existing forum thread for them. Those threads have a star next to them (featured), as such: Please remember that modules are community authored, and are not created by Hak5. They come AS-IS with no warranty. Be courteous and polite to the module maintainers and other community members. Links to module discussion and help threads: EvilPortal HTTPeek MDK4 TCPDump Nmap Cabinet MACInfo Thanks, Foxtrot
  23. I apologise for not seeing this sooner, just came across it now. The web interface will automatically start the module's Python back-end automatically, so if you want to debug it, I suggest you SSH into the device and kill it (use ps auxw to find the process) and then run it manually. This will allow you to restart it quickly every time you push an updated file to the device, as well as being able to see the debug output.
  24. Can you include some more information? You've made one forum post in this thread (a thread for firmware discussion) that doesn't specify any problem.
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