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  1. I don't condone cheating but I also get that it's very much a part of the experience. This is why we would send mates to check out the rigs of our opponents at LAN parties back in the original CS / Q3 / UT99 days. Anyway - interesting concept. I've never heard of Cheat Engine. Care to elaborate? I don't have time to game anymore, just curious.
  2. The best way to diagnose this would be to have a logcat over adb of the issue happening. Unfortunately since the crash causes a reboot I'm not sure how you'd go about getting that.
  3. Hi mikogo - I've been trying to ascertain the information necessary to diagnose your problem via twitter and email now. This seems like a routing issue. How are you getting shell access to your 3G LAN Turtle when it's deployed (SSH reverse shell, meterpreter, netcat, openvpn, etc)? How is it being powered – connected to a computer or a USB power source?
  4. @David Byers I'm keen to get your particular unit in for testing. Please send an email to shop@hak5.org indicating such and linking to this post. Our customer service folks will send you a return label and ship a replacement.
  5. That is really strange. I've never seen this happen. It works perfectly on all of my Windows boxes. Do you happen to have a WiFi Pineapple NANO - because if that works with the Windows boxes I'm even more at a loss since they share the same ASIX chipset. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  6. Hi all - We're excited to introduce a new bit of kit to the Hak5 arsenal – the Plunder Bug! It's a smart LAN Tap with a new take on Packet Sniffing! This is a bit of kit I've been wanting for myself for quite a long time, as I've never been satisfied with the traditional RJ45 Ethernet-based LAN Taps, and if we were going to make one we'd make it special with the ability to act as not just a tap but a mini-switch and a USB Ethernet adapter all in one. It's sweet and simple with the convenience of USB-C and a very small form-factor while sporting some features you won't find in your typical LAN Taps – like the integrated USB Ethernet adapter (yay, no more mess of cables and dongles!), the ability to make passive captures or active scans (acting sort of like an unmanaged switch), and a companion Android root app that makes it possible to capture packets right from your phone! You can find the device for sale now at https://shop.hak5.org/products/bug The documentation can be found at https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/categories/360001482953-Plunder-Bug And the connection scripts are available in the Hak5 Download Center at https://downloads.hak5.org/ and on our Github at https://github.com/hak5/plunderbug-scripts As for the tech, we've packed in a 10/100 Base-T Fast Ethernet switch with the mirrored traffic heading to the integrated USB Ethernet adapter (ASIX AX88772C chipset) and the whole thing is powered over USB-C with a very low draw around 200-300 mA. INB4 it's compatible with gigabit links in that it'll drop 'em to 100 Mbit. I'll post a video here shortly – stay tuned! Huge props to the ever growing Hak5 dev team and their awesome work putting together these scripts and the killer Android app (more on that soon) and as always thanks again to you guys for being the awesome Hak5 community that you are, for your feedback and contributions and making this place somewhere all hackers belog 🙂
  7. You'd email me directly. Unfortunately YouTube leaves a lot to be desired for the gear giveaways I'm doing. Hopefully soon we'll have a better system.
  8. Powerful stuff man. Emotions - life's little signals - they're there to respond to (and take responsibility for) not to react to. Anyway - new episode is out now. Thank you all for the kind words of support 🙂
  9. Hey guys, I'm sincerely sorry for not making a formal announcement when the podcast went on hiatus a few weeks ago. I should have said something - but seeing as Hak5 has been in my life since the beginning - it was too hard to say that I was putting the show on hold. I've been going through a difficult time in my personal life (tl;dr: wedding is canceled) and I wasn't able to do the show the justice it deserves. That said, I'm resilient and new episodes will begin to air on January 2. We're also growing as a team, and we have amazing plans content, products, and community in 2019.
  10. Check the download center at https://downloads.hak5.org
  11. Correct. Rather than need a separate port for each device, all devices SSH back to C2 over 2022 by default. This can be configured with the -sshport argument.
  12. There's no hate for the Mark V -- it was a huge successor to the Mark IV and paved the way for the 6th generation ecosystem we have today with the NANO and TETRA. Unfortunately there are many differences that complicate the additional development streams. After porting a stable branch of the 6th generation firmware to the Mark V platform in Q3 2016 we focused solely on development with the current generation and growing the product line. It's not that we don't love the Mark V - it received 22 firmware updates in 3 years, each enhancing its capabilities - but in much the same way that we don't support the Mark I, II, III and IV - there's simply not enough resources to continue those development efforts. That said I'll take your feedback into consideration and should there be any further options for the platform we'll keep the community apprised in its respective forum.
  13. Check your spam folder for an email from Hak5 Downloads noreply@sendowl.com with a subject line containing your HakShop.com order number.
  14. When running Hak5 Cloud C2 for the first time it will display the setup token as shown above. If you haven't completed setup during this first run of the server and you've lost the terminal log / setup token - you can force initial setup again by deleting the c2.db file (or whatever other file you may have specified with -db). Do this with caution as any connected device will then be lost - so if you've completed setup, added devices and deployed them in the field then deleting the .db file is absolutely not something you want to be doing.
  15. Thanks for reporting this - we'll look into it. The wipe feature performs a factory reset as usual.
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