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  1. Darren Kitchen

    Guide - HAK5C2

    Correct. Rather than need a separate port for each device, all devices SSH back to C2 over 2022 by default. This can be configured with the -sshport argument.
  2. Darren Kitchen

    Support for the MARK V ?

    There's no hate for the Mark V -- it was a huge successor to the Mark IV and paved the way for the 6th generation ecosystem we have today with the NANO and TETRA. Unfortunately there are many differences that complicate the additional development streams. After porting a stable branch of the 6th generation firmware to the Mark V platform in Q3 2016 we focused solely on development with the current generation and growing the product line. It's not that we don't love the Mark V - it received 22 firmware updates in 3 years, each enhancing its capabilities - but in much the same way that we don't support the Mark I, II, III and IV - there's simply not enough resources to continue those development efforts. That said I'll take your feedback into consideration and should there be any further options for the platform we'll keep the community apprised in its respective forum.
  3. Darren Kitchen

    Hak5 Cloud C2

    Check your spam folder for an email from Hak5 Downloads noreply@sendowl.com with a subject line containing your HakShop.com order number.
  4. Darren Kitchen

    Hak5 Cloud C2

    When running Hak5 Cloud C2 for the first time it will display the setup token as shown above. If you haven't completed setup during this first run of the server and you've lost the terminal log / setup token - you can force initial setup again by deleting the c2.db file (or whatever other file you may have specified with -db). Do this with caution as any connected device will then be lost - so if you've completed setup, added devices and deployed them in the field then deleting the .db file is absolutely not something you want to be doing.
  5. Darren Kitchen

    Cancel Wipe Button Not Working?

    Thanks for reporting this - we'll look into it. The wipe feature performs a factory reset as usual.
  6. Darren Kitchen

    Poblems with installing

    Integration would be possible in a seamless manner with Cloud C2 supporting layer 3/4.
  7. Darren Kitchen

    Hak5 Cloud C2

    The business version will add the ability to logically differentiate by site, along with multiple logins for teams / collaboration. There is no limit to where devices may be deployed, however the stats on the home tab are aggregated from all devices in the site.
  8. Darren Kitchen

    Status of the Project?

    There are new features on the roadmap but right now the focus of the development team is on Hak5 Cloud C2. There is obviously room for improvement in terms of payload repository moderation - which is hindered due to labour - and it's a problem I expect to tackle next with a solution more complete than our current system.
  9. Darren Kitchen

    Not receiving items booked through Hak5 store

    Hi all. I'm just now becoming aware of multiple related situations identified in this thread. I sympathize as no one should be waiting this long on their orders, and I offer my sincerest apologies. Looking deeper into the various issues it seems that most are related to a hazmat shipping situation that has prevented us from selling batteries outside of very limited circumstances (domestic ground shipments only). Unfortunately our logistics provider has been extremely slow to respond in rectifying the situation. For example, some international shipments sent by DHL had been shipped back then repackaged via FedEx. It's extremely frustrating to have high value orders containing multiple units get to the border and be delayed by days if not weeks and incur immense shipping expenses due to one unit. We have since removed all batteries from kits until a better logistics solution can be found. We are also investigating alternative logistics providers to alleviate these response delays. I'm terribly saddened that our plan to use a professional logistics outfit for fulfillment of orders at higher speeds than possible by the small team that is Hak5 has resulted in the exact opposite in these edge cases. It's absolutely unacceptable and I share in your frustration. Furthermore, our support systems have not been adequate to deal with these logistics challenges in a timely manner, and for that I offer my sincere apologies. We are back from defcon, we hear you, and while half of us are hard at work on the next big thing - the rest of the team is dedicated to digging into to each and every support ticket to ensure that you receive exactly what you are due. You will have resolution by the end of the week.
  10. Darren Kitchen

    [RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple Firmware v2.1.2

    We have a tractor ??
  11. Love the shows, keep up the  good haking.


  12. Darren Kitchen

    Not receiving items booked through Hak5 store

    Deano123 - I'm really sorry we completely dropped the ball on this. I really appreciate your patience and understanding - but you shouldn't have to wait a month for your order or a week for a response. You have my word we'll make this right - and in doing so we'll prevent this from happening again. I must admit we're pretty damn good for the 99% of orders, but the edge cases like yours where packages go lost, stolen, stuck in customs, bounced back to us or any number of other odd exceptions - we can do better. For what it's worth, we're in the midst of a transition here internally where we're revamping a lot of processes that were put in place ad hoc as we grew from the garage. For the most part there has already been a lot of refinement on the backend, but customer service - especially with these edge cases - is the number one area where we need improvement. Based on this experience, we're developing a bot which will monitor the packages tracking while they're in transit and alert us if an order is taking longer than usual to get to its destination. That way we can be proactive about notifying the customer and helping in situations where customs or the shipping carriers cause issues. I know this doesn't immediately solve your particular issue, but know that we're taking the issue seriously and we're working to solve your AWOL package in the process. You'll be hearing from us via ZenDesk/Email shortly. xinjie00 - Your order held briefly since there was a short delay between the order being accepted and one of the items - I believe the WiFi Pineapple - being available at the warehouse. I'm 99% certain it left the warehouse yesterday (Monday). Regarding the 30 day policy for international orders - I'd say that it's more like 2-5 days for DHL and 4-11 days for USPS - but unfortunately customs can add up to another 3-4 weeks if the package gets held and while it only impacts less than 1% of orders, sadly it's something that's completely out of our hands. The hope is that our new order tracking/alerting bot will allow us to be proactive in these situations.
  13. Darren Kitchen

    PineAP Beacon Response

    Hi all - I just want to chime in here as I've been monitoring the thread. After thoroughly testing a number of units from the most recent manufacturing run I have been able to find one which reproduces this issue. We're starting a comprehensive failure analysis process now. How can I tell if my device is affected? Affected devices will immediately cash and reboot after enabling any of the packet-injecting PineAP functions, such as Deauth, Beacon Response and Broadcast SSID Pool. You will notice this immediately after enabling these features on a new device for the first time. If your device has been able to use these features in the past, it is not affected. If your device crashes and reboots after attempting to use the packet-injecting PineAP functions - please use this test to confirm that it is indeed a hardware issue causing the problem. 1. Removing the antennas 2. Attempt to use said packet-injecting PineAP functions again. It is very important that you only do this if your device immediately cashes and reboots when attempting to use packet-injection functions as removing antennas from any wireless device has the potential to damage its radios. If, without the antennas, the device now does not crash and reboot it can be confirmed that your device is affected and the hardware needs to be replaced. What do I do if my device is confirmed as affected? As Seb mentioned, please contact Hak5 and indicate your order number and MAC address (printed on the bottom next to the serial number). If confirmed to be affected with this issue, we will send a return label to retrieve your damaged unit for further investigation. A replacement unit will be promptly furnished. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience this issue has caused for those of you affected. I want to thank everyone who has pitched in to help diagnose this issue. You have all been so helpful. It's unfortunate. We should have caught this sooner. We will stand by our product and make it right. Thanks all.
  14. Darren Kitchen

    How safe is factory reset for the Bunny?

    It's a pretty standard SSD so the usual read write wear applies.
  15. Darren Kitchen

    Android and iOS attack with Bush Bunny?

    I don't have an iOS device to test with, but does it not support ECM_ETHERNET? I know with the older 30 pin iPad devices we were able to pull off HID attacks using the camera adapter.