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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all! So so far I have: 1. Bash Bunny Mark II 2. Rubber Ducky Deluxe 3. WiFi Pineapple Mark VII 4. Shark Jack 5. Cloud C2 Now, I got the Key Croc yesterday and I cannot get this thing to work properly on Windows 11, Windows 10 and Kali Linux 2021.3. My config file looks like this: DUCKY_LANG us WIFI_SSID Spraggins \WiFi WIFI_PASS Lotuspod9898 \$\$\$\$ DNS Why is this not working for my wireless network? I thought I had the backspaces, correct? Also, I have managed to get the Serial Console to work as well. Also, I have all the payloads downloaded from the GitHub Repository and elsewhere, and I would love to start working on a new credential harvesting payload. Still, I need this thing to work first. Also, when I plug this into my PC and then plug my Razer Black Widow V3 2021 into the Key Croc, it doesn't work on my PC. Do I need to be running the Key Croc in Arming Mode while I plug a keyboard or anything in? Just some basic starter guide help would be tremendous. And yes, I have watched all the Hak5 videos, other videos on YouTube, and I have read all the documentation here: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/categories/360003797793-Key-Croc. Anyway, I hope you guys can give me some help. I understand I will get some "bro..really" or negative posts or that I am not ready to have these pentesting tools because I cannot even get the config.txt file working, but I have been pentesting for the last 18 months. I am a Web Designer and Developer, mainly React and mobile applications on Android and iOS, but I do know all the web programming languages and Bash, Shell, Powershell, DuckyScript, etc. But, for some reason, I feel like I am missing so easy and stupid. I just want to clarify what I am doing wrong so I can begin using this utility as I go into work tomorrow. They will want to see me use this device at work. I work in IT at my college and have access to Windows, Linux, Mac, Windows Server, etc. I am authorized to penetration test on any machine as long as it is part of my imaging line-up, more than 50 laptops/desktops a week.
  2. I think maybe I have a dud KeyCroc, I've got Cloud C2 configured on AWS LightSail, all working fine. I've connected my PineApple Mark VII to it in about 5 minutes with no problems but my KeyCroc refuses to connect, the key points: I've updated the firmware I've tried copying the device.config via Windows, via linux and via pscp It's connecting fine and picking up an IP address on the wifi It's on the same wifi as the PineApple (which works with Cloud C2 fine) I can ssh in to it via the wifi (and also via serial) with no problems I've tried copying the config to the /etc/ folder and root (as well as the udisk) just in case It captures keyboard input and save it correctly Basically, it seems to do everything except the one thing I really need which is connect to my CloudC2 instance (which is working because other Hak5 devices connect ok). Any suggestions? Do I start a returns process?
  3. Hey Dudes, at the Moment im struggelging to buy a bash bunny OR a key croc. I understand, that the Key - Croc perform key-logging and execute payloads when keyboard inputs macht against the script. But will the key croc work without an Keyboard ? Can i perform the execution of scripts without an Keyboard (like bash bunny or rubber ducky)? It would be great to use the key-logging features, but i need a device wich works without a connected keyboard too... i cant find any hint in the documentation. Thanks in advantage Dom
  4. Hi, We're happy to announce the 2.2.x release of the Cloud C2, which features a new notifications system and support for the new Hak5 Key Croc! Change Log (2.2.0) Hak5 Key Croc Added support for the Hak5 Key Croc! Hak5's Key Croc is a Keylogger armed with pentest tools, remote access and payloads that trigger multi-vector attacks when chosen keywords are typed. Live keystrokes, typed history and keystroke injection can be performed remotely with ease. Notifications Notifications can now be sent from enrolled devices. Notifications can be managed from the new bell icon in the status bar of the Cloud C2. You can download the latest version over-the-air in your existing Cloud C2 instance on Linux or Mac, or visit the Hak5 Download Center to grab the release for all supported devices and operating systems. As always, thank you for the support and great community feedback!
  5. Hello everyone! We're extremely excited to have announced the all-new Key Croc, and this update brings some improvements to the launch firmware as well as introducing support for the Hak5 Cloud C2. Change Log (1.2): General Fix non-ASCII logging Improved automatic VID/PID cloning Improved support for various ATTACKMODES Enable NTP Cloud C2 Add Support for the Hak5 Cloud C2 Misc Remove unneeded packages Improve LED status indication Update DuckyScript 2.0 lang files for US and GB Add fallback Arming Mode Framework now validates payload syntax at startup with LED feedback. Add INSTALL_EXTRAS script Add KEY_DEBUGGER script Add CHECK_PAYLOADS script Add RELOAD_PAYLOADS script You can download the firmware from the Hak5 Download Center. Instructions for updating your Key Croc can be found in the docs.
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