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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! We're happy to announce the release of 1.0.1 for the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII. Based on your invaluable feedback (especially the Beta channel testers, thank you!) - numerous improvements to PineAP, Recon, Settings and more have been made. Be sure to check out the changes below and grab the new release by giving your WiFi Pineapple Mark VII an internet connection and going to "Settings > Check for Updates". Changelog: Setup Improve screen real-estate on smaller mobile screens. Button delay now says 4 seconds, to match the recovery wizard. PineAP Dramatically reduce the CPU percentage used by PineAP during idle and during scans. Logging options can now be persistently stored in the browser. Tweak the appearance of the logging options side bar. A spinner now shows when PineAP is saving the users configuration. Fixed an issue where the PineAP Source MAC option was not saving. Fixed an issue where the PineAP Autostart functionality would not work correctly. Fixed an issue where the PineAP Autostart toggle would not report a correct status. Fixed a rare issue where PineAP would not start after being disabled. Improved the settings save time. Recon Recon Table Columns can now be toggled to show or hide. Added an OUI column to the Recon Table. Scan duration choice is now remembered when you navigate away from Recon. Fixed an issue introduced in Beta 2, where Recon would sometimes show an error if PineAP was not running. Result cards are now clickable, instead of using a button to open the bigger view. Result cards for Clients now render the timestamp in human-readable format. Modules Fixed an issue introduced in Beta 3 where modules would not start due to a missing SSL dependency. Modules can now use PNG icons as well as SVGs. Settings Add censorship mode. Keyboard shortcuts can now be enabled or disabled from the Advanced Settings tab. Software Update will now accurately display when the selected update channel is closed. Small text changes to Software Update. Fixed an issue where Client Mode may not report an error correctly. Improve reliability of Client Mode. Client Mode settings are now saved automatically, and will re-connect on boot automatically. Add an option to reinstall the current firmware if no update is found. Greatly improve Network page for smaller mobile screens. Greatly improve Settings page for smaller mobile screens. Cloud C2 Improved the reliability of Recon scans. Misc Fix an issue where the Web Terminal would not connect when connected to the WiFi Pineapple via WAN. Updated the Python library for WiFi Pineapple Mark 7 modules. Fixed a rare issue where the internet connectivity check would fail despite having internet. Add support for USB Ethernet adapters using the ASIX AX88179 chipset. Add support for USB Ethernet adapters using the Realtek RTL8152 chipset. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, and you're encouraged to join the community to discuss!
  2. Hello! We're happy to introduce the 1.0.1 update for the Signal Owl. It introduces some bug fixes and changes on entering Arming Mode to improve the user experience. 1.0.1 Change Log: General Simplified device mode selection. The device now starts in ATTACK mode by default. Enter ARMING mode by pressing the device button at any time while in ATTACK mode. Fixed a bug in USB Storage Mounting, which sometimes would cause payloads and firmeware upgrades to fail. Fixed a bug in the LED helper, which would sometimes prevent payloads from updating the LED. Fixed a network device driver bug and interface misconfiguration caused by some external wireless adapters. Fixed a bug in the device reset button, which made it difficult to perform factory resets. You can grab the update via the Hak5 Download Center and follow the Hak5 Docs Signal Owl Update article to get on the latest version. Cheers, Marc
  3. running windows 10 with nano tethered, am getting bulletins and the firmware search found the new version however it sits. have attempted almost 10 times to get it to load.
  4. The instructions in the manual are straight forward (RTFM), however what is the format for the MAC address when you enter it as a Client Blacklist? With the colons, dashes or none? And is there another way to list them via SSH, etc.?
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