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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all! This monumental 1.1.0 Beta release gives you some amazing new features for your WiFi Pineapple that would not have been possible had it not been for the great feedback and feature requests from our community. Thank you. We hope you enjoy these new features and as always invite you to join us on Discord and the forums. General Add password reset functionality. Notifications Notifications are now previewed in the title bar. Notifications can now be reported as "success", with a green color. Changed to a better
  2. I'm looking for second hand wifi pineapple mark v, Needs to be affordable and not too pricey also be nice if ships from canada unless you offer free shipping. Just looking for the pineapple itself with default antennas and power adapter nothing else.
  3. Greetings! Where can I get the manual for the Mark V? Thank you.
  4. Looking at the online options to purchase a Pineapple WiFi router at http://hakshop.myshopify.com/ it seems Tetra is pretty nice for my needs; however, I found some online Mark V tutorials. What's current? Is it safe to say Tetra is the way to go for now, based on what's available at the shop?
  5. Hi there, I am fairly new to using the pineapple wifi Mark V and have been getting used to it over the past week but there is something I am having trouble with. I am trying to make my pineapple completely mobile, I have a portable battery with it, I can get it to connect wirelessly to my 3g network and can access the management console with my android that is also connected to the 3g network (I can also do the same with my laptop). The problem here is multi tasking is not possible when I have it set up this way, when I attempt to go into recon mode and scan for clients/APs, I lose the conne
  6. Hi, I'm new in this, someone could help me with the steps to make a usb (Twin duck)?? I would appreciate it very much.
  7. Hey all! Ok so I've come up with a crazy contraption concept that I'm getting ready to try and solder together. Wanted to colaboate with you all. I'm not sure if this exists: But I'm wanting to make a tiny little circuit the size of ones Thumb that basically enables constant circuit from a USB Pineapple Juice, then when you get home and notice your Pineapple Juice is almost dead, plug in the Mark V wall adapter and flip a switch to switch from USB Battery to the Wall AC outlet. Basically a constant flow from ether a DC or AC power source to have your Pineapple. I know it's intense voltage r
  8. So I was wondering if anyone knew when the wifi pineapple mark vi would be coming out like do they make a new pineapple once every year or every two years or 5 i just dont know so......
  9. Hello, I recently relieved my Wifi Pineapple mark V and connected it it worked and started to install and boot up. my power went out while doing so and now I cant access my pineapple at all on the browser even though I was able to before. I reset it with the dip switches and now it show that its ready to install the updates on the pineapple but I cant access it through the browser. I have a mark V and a 2012 macbook pro (running mavricks)/ pc windows 8.1 Please help! Thank you
  10. So im new to the pineapple. I have little networking experience but im very intuitive and a fast learner. I was just wondering where i would start? What are some basic task to get familiar with this amazing product? What should i read up on and where should i look, the web seems a little dry on info for the pineapple. Im interested in pen testing my own networks, understanding how an attack works (Phishing, Spoofing), so that i may better protect myself and my networks. Thanks for all the help in advance guys.
  11. Have you guys read the recent news? http://thehackernews.com/2013/09/hacking-facebook-to-delete-any-account.html The researcher literally shares the single .php line to put into the URL that is needed to delete ANY facebook account, and even the ID data needed is publicly available too. It's an even more shame because the researcher turned this into Facebook (for those who know, Facebook pays those who find bugs in their system) and they won't even look at his submission. It's a shame
  12. I'm new in all Pineapple hacking stuff, know that you can phish and give false web pages. But can it phish only specific IP, which is connected to public wifi? If there is 10 people, and I want to use phishing on one of them. Can I send pop-up, which opens automatically when user is in web browser?
  13. *Edited 12/19/12 Ok so here's pretty much what's up with my MK4, I can NOT see any beacon requests, no devices calling for their "remembered" ap's, not even my own devices! I also cannot connect to the MK4 (Posing as a client "Oh look, unlocked Wifi") Running a Mark IV Software running 2.7.0 Connecting it VIA Ubuntu 12.10 I use the pineapple WLAN out to an Apple Airport Express , which is wirelessly connected to my router. If necessary , I occasionally connect my laptop via local ethernet on the MK4. Wireless, MK4 Karma (Which doesn't work, I see ZERO beacon requests from other device
  14. Hey guys!! Ok, so Speaking as a Pineapple no0b, I'm still learning the ways of my Mark IV. I was watching the episode where Mubix explains how to Tunnel your way out of a WiFi Hotspot with DNS (essentially not paying the fee at the hotspot and connecting to your server and bypassing it all). And he started talking about how to incorporate that with the Pineapple. Even though it was on 1st gen Pineapple, It got me thinking: how could something like that be done with the pineapple? Not sure how much could be said obviously (legality and what not) but just my curiosity brewing.
  15. Hi!, the WPS button of my pineapple get stuck, how i can open the case of the mark4? I ask because i don't want to broke the plastic case. Thanks
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