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  1. Hi Matt, wait to have access to the devices, because after the updates you will need to reconfigure all them.
  2. I already downloaded and for all I saw, is working very well. So far, so good. Congratulations to the development team because the new UI is really light and fast. I will be using only the MK7 to make all the tests until I verify all the features. Definitely, is a Cloud C2 milestone: All new, all fresh, all fast. Is another Hak5 signature product. So, now this "controversy" is ended and I don't have to read anymore the comments from @Jtyle6 trying to justify the 4 times delayed release. šŸ˜€. So, let's work! I will describe how I did to help other users that are using the same platform. First of all, you need to update the Pineapple MK7 to firmware 1.01 (remember that you need to recreate the credentials and redo the configuration after the update) I enter on my instance were I have the Cloud C2 Community Installed (running as service) When you log in, a window will appear asking to upgrade to V3 version. After this, the process initiate automatically. When I tried to log in, the installation refused my credentials (I think that was lost in the update process). To make faster, I deleted the c2.db, forcing the system to recreate a new instance of the service with a new db file. You will need the License number (obtained when you bought a Hak5 product or was downloaded from the Hak5 site for free (Community Edition) and the setup Token (that appears when you start the program c2_community-platform) or use a command sudo systemctl status cloudc2.service if, like me, you are using c2 as service in linux. With this information, you can create a root user and a site (both with the possibility to use a file .jpg 400x400 as image). Great. And the UI starts to working. To add a MK7, just click to add a device and will be asked to choose the type (now we have the MK7) name and description and you can choose an image too. After this, enter on your device, click SETUP and download the configuration file device.config. This file needs to be downloaded in a folder that you can have access using the Pineapple. I made this using a device connected on the MK7 manager SSID. The MK7 is configured to use a WIFI link to provide the Internet connection. If you are connected to Internet (You can verify this on the MK7 checking the news or updates), you can enter on the C2 UI and download the device.config using a local folder and after make the upload to the MK7. At the end of left menu is a gear icon. At the end of Gear page you will find a button to do upload the device.config file. After the enroll process, you will see a popup with "Cloud C2 Enrolled" and the control now is on Cloud C2 UI. And, finally, let's do our job to use both products and give our important feedback to the developers, and make this product even better!!!
  3. You are right. I bought mine at September 9th. The problem for me was that I didn't saw on that day the information about the MK7 incompatibility with C2 2.2 (because there is not the place to inform about this). So, I tried, tried, tried and nothing. Later, I came to the forum to see if anybody was the same problem. And because this, I want to help to prevent others users to make the same mistake. We have a different point of view about this issue, and I accept that. For me, this issue is badly managed. Better, is not managed at all. Today is October 14th. Nobody talks about, we don't have any official information, nothing. If someone enter now in the Pineapple webpage, see this: ā€¢ Cloud CĀ² Teams Edition available October 12th, 2020. And think: It's OK. I can buy and continue to use like the Tetra and Nano and isn't true. You think on the Hak5 side, I think on the costumer side, like me. I don't ask for the C2 v3, I'm asking for a real release date. They can write December 31th, I don't care, but I will understand that on that day I can download the version and I can use my MK7 on cloud. But they are ignoring all this and for me is not a lack of time, but a simple "I don't care" and for a company (small or big) this is not acceptable.
  4. Neither you šŸ™‚ So, let's wait for the answer. šŸ™‚
  5. What is your version of Pineapple? Is the new MK7? If the answer is yes, is not compatible...yet
  6. Just for fun šŸ™‚šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚šŸ™‚šŸ™‚šŸ™‚
  7. God morning PanicAcid, I think that is healthy discuss about our opinions but I'm tired. So I'm finishing this discussion here and continue to work šŸ™‚ Some day, I will configure my new Hak5 Mk7 with C2 v3 ( I will hope October 12th). Wait you've got a C2 license that isn't the free community edition? No, first of all, the difference between Enterprise and Community is only the number of devices and the commercial use, and that is not the case. How I said before, I bought all the 3 models (so 3 licenses available) and when I bought the MK7, in the cart was included automatically the license of C2 (even if is not working with v2.2) The mk7 works exactly as it said it would minus a few launch bugs which are being addressed with the beta releases that are coming hard and fast from the pineapple dev. C2 was clearly mentioned as having support AT A LATER DATE (no specific date promised or guaranteed) Where? At the end of CONTACT SALES? SME and security teams will benefit from the robust features of the Hak5 WiFi Pineapple Enterprise with Cloud CĀ² Teams edition. ā€¢ Cloud CĀ² Teams Edition available October 12th, 2020. This information was September 28th, after October 5th and now October 12th. Let's hope. ā€¢ WiFi Pineapple Enterprise available late Q4, 2020. Contact us today to learn more. and I don't know about you but I'd rather have a working C2 than a rushed and broken C2. but maybe that's just me. I don't know if you have one, but MK7 don't works with Cloud C2 actual version v2.2. Is not about a rushed and broken C2, is about develop the C2 v3 first and release together or after the Mk7. Is continuity. Either way expressing your distant for a product and it's creators won't get you anything quicker, simmer down Karen and wait patiently for the nice guys over at Hak5 to test and release their stuff. Distant? I appreciate the products, I'm on this forum to learn and discuss the modules and features that are unique. I'm a IT Manager and I'm a fan of Hak5 products. You live in US, but I live in Italy and to have the products here I have to pay almost half price more. So, don't say something that you don't know. I'm not attacking Darren or Hak5 or the devs, that I admire. I'm simply saying that, for me, the way used to release MK7 could be BETTER for us, USERS. "1) Development and test of MK7 and ALL modules." I was misunderstood but i'ts my fault. I was talking about hardware modules. I'm using my Pineapple Tetra, that works with 2.4 and 5GHz. So, for me (and for another users) could be useful (and economic) buy the new AC module TOGETHER with MK7 to have the same pen test platform type. The problem now is the additional cost to send this module to Italy when will be available. I'm still waiting for the release date or technical design renders. People, THIS IS NOT A CULT or something like that, is a FORUM. Here, we express our opinions, report bugs, discuss features, ecc and we can LEARN - this is important. I appreciate when I see users and fans defending Darren, devs or Hak5, but is not the case. The topic is called "Cant-add-pineapple-mark-vii-to-could-c2". Why @funky1983 starts this topic? What you think? We are insane rebels and we need patiently wait for a gift from Hak5 without complain? Yes, thanks for this guys and for his work, but here I'm talking about organization only. So, breath.... šŸ™‚ I don't know about @Darren Kitchen , but I'm happy when someone criticize my work with something that make me grow as professional or as a person (or as company). I'm talking about this. I want to contribute more to the forum community and I will do when I will have something new or working to share. Now, I'm knowing the products and the potentials and learning. So, C2 is not a "plus" or a "gift" to me, is a useful tool and now I will have to wait for the October 12th. But not without to yell or be unhappy, because this is a free forum on free Internet. šŸ™‚ After this COVID crisis, if you pass by Florence, I'll buy you a coffee. The best in the world.And we talk about Hak5 if you want šŸ™‚
  8. Hi PanicAcid and Jtyle6, I don't know about you guys, but for me C2 is not a "extra", a "gift", is a tool. Is not a essential component when you can connect to the Mark 7. But, when you can't connect, is a essential component. I don't know about you, guys, but I payed for it. I bought a product that works like the predecessor MK6 and have extra features. I continue using the Tetra, with some module problems, but is working perfectly with C2 v2.2. This for me is normal. Some questions for you, guys: You expect a Mark7? I'm not. I have a nano and a Tetra, both connected to C2. Is not a something new, a new product, is a new version of a catalog product. I can't "Think of it as bonus that you have it" because is a component already present in the old version. I even think about C2, because, for me, is natural expect that the new MK7 version connects with actual Cloud C2. I don't question the quality of the product and this is not a Apple or Microsoft comparison. Is only ORGANIZATION. Do you think that is normal don't give a REAL release C2 date? Why informs only on this forum that PMK7 is not compatible with C2 v2.2, but will be with a V3 version released at September 28? And at September 29 apologies for the delay and give the October 5th as release date. And here we are at October 6th and nobody says nothing. Any apologies (again) or probabile release date? This is not "don't be Apple or MS", is only lack of transparency or organization. Why launch now the MK7 when nobody expects or is asking for it? Why make a launch without all the modules? Why make a launch without have a Cloud C2 3.0 working and compatible with the old versions? Why don't launch first the C2 v3 before MK7? Why this compatibility problem with C2 v2 is not present at MK7 page? Is not logical. You both, like me, don't have a answer for this questions. There's not necessary be a "giant software house with a million devs". You can be a small software house, but with organization and strategy. 1) Development and test of MK7 and ALL modules. 2) Development and test of Cloud C2 V3. 3) Release of Cloud C2 v3 4) Launch of Pineapple MK7 Simple like that. Not hurry, not false dates, only ORGANIZATION. You can't be a MS or Apple, but if you want to be like them someday, you need to THINK like them. That's all folks. This is my opinion. You don't have to agree with.
  9. "My apologies for the delay. We're very close on Cloud C2 v3.0, which we expected to be releasing today, however we are still in the QA phase and making UI tweaks which have postponed the launch. We are shooting for October 5th. It's going to be an exciting release with some really cool new features so I'm really grateful for your patience as we put the final touches on this release." Here we are: October 5th. Today I plan to test the interaction between MK7 and Cloud C2. I don't know about you guys, but this is a commercial product and C2 is an important resource for doing the pen test. I am not satisfied with this way of doing things. I don't think I need to enter a forum to find out when version C2 will come out. First of all, when I bought the Mark7, I didn't see any information that MK7 doesn't work with C2 2.2. I, like others, have tried to connect MK7 to C2 and after failing, we find out, on this forum, that MK7 will use another version. When? September 29 - the day after the promised release. And now, here we are, waiting for another post as there is no official information on the Mark7 or C2 page. Hak5 is no longer a garage store like in the beginning and this lack of organization is not acceptable to me. I live in Italy and here the day is almost finished (+6 hours). I will have time to update on Friday and until then I hope I don't have to hear more excuses and delays. I am very disappointed with this lack of planning and organization. Is not professional.
  10. And here we are. 5th september 2020. And my question is: WHERE'S THE CLOUD C2 3.0????
  11. Darren was spoken on another topic: The version will be the called 3.0 and will be available at October 5th! šŸ˜ž We will wait...
  12. Sorry about that. I'm in Italy and here I'm 6 hours in your future... But now in US the time is 08:08 but there not any prompt to click and the last C2 version to download is 2.2.0-stable So, let's wait ...
  13. Thanks Foxtrot, You are absolutely right. This information is very important and write on a footnote with the * is not the right way to inform šŸ™‚ Imagine the number of topics about this that could be avoided with a single pop-up or even a text on this page. Like Jtyle6, I have good eyes but this is the first time that I'm seeing this information. šŸ™‚ OK, better like this because 28 september is TODAY!!!! So, my question now is: We will need to reinstall the Cloud C2 server (I installed yesterday) or we can just make a update inside the C2?
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