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  1. He means Nexus Roottoolkit. Then you can down grade your version.
  2. Plus most ppl have the community version of pwnieexpress. The pentester version cost$$$$$$
  3. I have maybe 5 less. But rrgredabli no hackrf. I dont have a yagi but a satelite dish type. Couple tv tuner attenas. For my scanner. And a wifi robber wich is a wifi extender/cracker/antenna combo
  4. Just download nethunter app store then theres a app called nexmon.
  5. Ive heard issues with using as rfid card.
  6. A authentic proxmark goes for like $400 pretty exensive. A proxmark easy is considerably cheapper. But Ive heard it is not as good. But for the price you bought it its a steal. Considering the proxmark is built in China, a Chinese knockoff isnt that bad of a option. Less addons will fit with it though.
  7. What is the actual usage of the nano board. Like in reallife. Like a sdr dongle is that and a wifi dongle so wtf was a nano?
  8. No problem. Glad to help.
  9. Ok ill tell #1 unlock bootloader #2 root android (open supersu then busybox) #3 download nethunter zip file https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-linux-nethunter-download/ #4 from the custom recovery (i use twrp) go to install, then downloads select zip file. #5 swipe icon to right wait could take 20 minutes to install #6 reboot to bootloader (android) #7 select nethunter app grant permissions with supersu ( then do same with nethunter terminal) Should be good hope it helps
  10. Basic kali tools mostly wifi discovery, wpa2 , wps open networks little bit if password generating.
  11. F-droids a great app/store i have it on my phone
  12. 5x is really bad for bootlooping . Pick up a used nexus 6 for a good price on ebay. I frickin love mine . Nice gorrilla glass and hefty case last long time
  13. Kismet airodump-ng wireshark iwscan . Need i say more
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