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  1. Bigbiz

    Hak5 forum rank

    Thanx man
  2. Bigbiz

    Hak5 forum rank

    There should be a colum to see the highest rankinng hak5 mederator to the lowest if you consent to it. I consent.
  3. Ru a hak5 emlpoyee or just reaally into tech. Norway thats Europe? Impressive rank. Hak5 zombie *****

  4. Bigbiz

    The exact frequency

    I have #4 on the list. Its great
  5. Bigbiz


    Whenever I buy from hak5 it converts to usd.
  6. Bigbiz

    PC world

    Prossesor speed good Need goOd RAM VGA card not neccessary but nice .pick and choose kind of like a gaming rig if you take a look on twitch.tv check out some of the big named twitchers Ninja Timthetatman Dr.Disrespect Summit1G I say they have pretty resonable hacking rigs. If they wanted to convert.
  7. You bring up a good point, plus they wont even really worry about the MAC addresses really. Who would take the time to record this. Maybe in the future.
  8. Bigbiz

    [Official] EvilPortal

    Thanks for the documentation this explains alot
  9. Your getting into a concept called arp spoofing. MITM would arp spoof mac addrrsses bettween arp requestes. Disgusing one mac address from the other. When connected in a network your mac address is only shown as say 00:00:00:00:02 and so on. Arp spoof would change to xx:xx:xx:xx:xx between a network of machines.arp requests would look fir the spoofed mac.
  10. Bigbiz

    Hacking phone that connect to my wifi

    Some routers also have the option to, broadcast a guest access point additionally to a wpa2 locked ap.?
  11. Mac address will tell you the manufacturer of device https://macvendors.com/
  12. Bigbiz

    Bare Metal Programming

    Python uses the programmer. Idle Is this what you mean. Not sure
  13. Bigbiz

    Flashing rubber ducky pros and cons

    You change the password an forget it. Something happens and messes up the software. Upgrade for the software.
  14. Bigbiz

    Kali Linux

    That what I started on ubuntu. I sure miss it. I might boot it up.
  15. Bigbiz

    Kali Linux

    Offensive Security the makers of Kali linux has a full website telling you different options. From easy to expert.