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  1. Bigbiz

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    what r u talking about. Pls i want 2 no
  2. Wps2 tends to do that
  3. Hypatheticly as an example. Ill give you another one. Your tryin to instaalll some drivers for a super awesome device that you got. You think you know what your doing followed some guides you edit your os files then bam. Destroyed it.
  4. Go into your windows network adpter menu and disable then enable the virtual machine network bridge. Also try to troubleshoot.
  5. A vm is more safe say you ran into a terrible malware. You can easily shut it down. Ect had a crash of valid info
  6. In the hak5 shop i seen a small wifi dongle that i have that works good. Range use is soso. RALINK USB WIFI RT5370. It just plug n go
  7. airodump-ng will get MAC addresses. But you need to scan the wifi. But maybe also Kismet.
  8. Bigbiz

    Help Hacked

    Sounds like movie i watched #@Ratter
  9. Ubuntu is great. I have duall bootted laptop with windows. whts the problem. Ill try to help. Linux distro of chose btw.
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