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  1. Bigbiz

    PineApple Wifi Nano Question

    No a wifi pineapple is a mitm device, but you need wifi(internet) yourself. To perform mitm actions. Think of it as a swiiss army knife wifi adapter. You get s little bit of everything. But include your own internet.
  2. Bigbiz

    Wifislax issues

    Dont know answer to last question but vm wear works like vbix Setting up drivers with vmwares installer is easy.
  3. Ive have got it running in kali n convert with -j option to johnny wpapsk file. The hash has been sitting in johhnny for 15 hrs n still not cracked. Did i not capture pmkid, or still wait longer. I like hcxdump tool though. Nice
  4. Bigbiz

    What is PineAP Enterprise ?

    A different type of wifi connection. Its like a corporate company wifi. If you live in USA say Verizon in a metro area would have this wifi, set up for its employees to do work related stuff. To sighn in you would need a worker id and a password. Or like a university would have this in there library to sign out virtual books.
  5. Bigbiz

    Hardware failure question

    Change yo cmos battery
  6. Bigbiz

    Dream job

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/u-s-hackers-ready-hit-back-if-russia-disrupts-election-n677936 Doing something ya love, for something worth living for.
  7. Bigbiz

    Common internal penetration tests

    Red team security. Red team field manual. !/
  8. Bigbiz

    SMB NTLMv2 password cracking with wireshark

    Use john the ripper?/
  9. Bigbiz

    SSID Monitoring Alarm

    Thanks forclarity
  10. Bigbiz

    SSID Monitoring Alarm

    Just get a router that would email you if it goes down. Or maybe gives out updates per hr.?
  11. Bigbiz

    Problem to enable monitor kali linux (vps)

    In terminal type it in
  12. Bigbiz

    Problem to enable monitor kali linux (vps)

    Rfkill unblock all Rfkill list
  13. Looks good just copy paste then? I feel so script kiddy. Yuk
  14. Bigbiz


    Ive been working on this tool included in kali. It kind of performes like a wifi pineapple. Creating a hotspot to mitm connected cleints. It exicutes metasploit, but there are so many exploits but just wondering is thrre a certain exploit that would be used or just what evrr sounds ok. They got some wierd names but no idea what they do
  15. Bigbiz

    Connection to Starbucks?

    Connect your device to wifi.(labtop smartphone ect.) Hook up your pineapple with usb cable login to pineapple gui.