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  1. Bigbiz

    crash after plug in a USB Wifi Device

    Go on Amazon look up Mini Usb Wifi Adapter 150Mbps Ralink RT5370 Chipset With Soft AP Function
  2. Bigbiz

    USING 2 hack rf ones

    I've heard of multiple rtl-sdr dongles used to listen to trunked radio freaks. Maybe same
  3. Bigbiz


    Sometime check your cable after heavy use and twist it will fray, or USB connectors they fail if you bend them wrong way while plugged in. Maybe get replacement cable.
  4. Pcdecrapifier is a good program, to thin out those bloatware programs. Nodefender to shUt off windows defender. Metesploit for windows is nice.
  5. Bigbiz

    Ophcrack Issue

    You might need to install syslinux to thumbdrive if you cant even get the boot menu.
  6. Bigbiz

    Ophcrack Issue

    Can you give a screeshot of up to the point before and if possible the shell line with any errors that get printed by it?
  7. Bigbiz

    Sparta phyton-impacket missing

    ?? Mine works must be your kali system.
  8. Bigbiz

    Sparta phyton-impacket missing

    Harsh apt-get remove python-impacket Y for yes apt-get update && apt-get install python-impacket Y for yes. If still doesnt work try for sparta?
  9. Bigbiz

    Defense against

    http://www.thewindowsclub.com/disable-enable-usb-windowunlock-pen-drive-at-office-or-school-computer End of story- no connection, no payload, no way.
  10. Bigbiz

    Kali linux 1.1.0 Slow Update

    Ya My /etc/apt/sources.list file Looks like deb http://http.kali.org/kali kali-rolling main contrib non-free thats it. sana is oldschool.
  11. Bigbiz

    Ophcrack Issue

    do u get the boot menu at all? Slitaz right! Do u have graphic card? Sometimes wont detect because of it
  12. Bigbiz

    Ophcrack Issue

    Is this a slitaz install? With the script that upon boot finds all necesaary info. Sometimes you have to dog foe yo self. The script told u where the info is .
  13. Bigbiz

    Raspberry Pi zero w Projects

    Always thought be cool to have one. https://whitedome.com.au/re4son/sticky-fingers-kali-pi/
  14. Bigbiz

    Free wifi

    No doubt!
  15. Bigbiz

    Free wifi

    Whats your take on free wifi hotspots. They been going up alot around here. An horror stories. Good stories? Sometime i find myself going to the place that offers free wifi over the place that doesnt.