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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys I am pretty new here in this forums guys my problem is that I using aircrack-ng method to get handhake but I am not getting it . I am doing everything correct with no error but time goes by . not getting any handshakes and I am sending infinty deauth packets to the victims but then also i did not get handshake and a client is there and by the way if I try the attack on my own network I get the handshakes in minutes. Please help me
  2. So I have been following this tutorial: https://m.wikihow.com/Hack-WPA/WPA2-Wi-Fi-with-Kali-Linux#step_2_17 And I haven't been able to get any WPA handshake. I use Kali Linux (latest 64-bit) on a live usb stick (8GB).
  3. Noob question, so apologies off the bat. How do I transfer files from .cap (aircrack-ng handshakes) to Cain? Every time I try, Cain says there are no handshakes, although Aircrack-ng and JTR show there is. I would rather use Cain instead of the VM because of the GPU speed
  4. I want to make a website so that I can crack wpa handshake on it just like gpuhash.me and
  5. I have been working around the Evil Twin Airbase-ng for quite a while and i am unable to get my victim PC which is my other windows 10 machine to connect; It did connect to the AP once(rarely) and when it did it had no internet connect which has kept me up for sometime, i am going to post the proccess i have performed please go through them and guide me through the issue. Note:i have tried iptables and echo 1 it didnt help Setting up USB Adapter TP-LINK TL-WN722N Version 1 to monitor mode airmon-ng start wlan0 Checking for background proccesses
  6. Hey. I'm having some trouble kicking clients off a certain access point. Everything seems to be working fine, until i launch the aireplay-ng deauth attack, I have double checked the MAC addresses, of both the AP and client. I tried changing the channel manually when I set up airmon-ng wlan0 'channel' to match the AP but it doesn't seem to help. Commands i use: Sudo ifconfig wlan0 down sudo airmon-ng start wlan0 sudo airodump-ng mon0 sudo aireplay -0 0 -a 'MAC of access point' -c 'MAC of client' mon0 It replies: "Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID:
  7. To keep things short I've been experimenting with cracking wpa in aircrack. Everything works fine except a handshake is never captured as I am told when I go to run aircrack against the .cap file. I am using the panda PAU09 which plenty of people say works great, and yes the deauth command does work. I'm testing this in a home lab type set up so I know for sure the device reconnects to the AP, but for some reason I cannot capture the handshake. I am using the latest version of kali linux on the rpi, but have also tried on parrot sec os with the same issue I an following this gui
  8. BESSIDE-NG - Customized for Pineapple TETRA I'm writing a relative short post, as i don't feel like writing an entire article explaining how-to install this and use this. I've compiled a customized version of besside-ng, that will automatically scan all the channels from 1 to 165. The scan will take almost a minute to complete, compared to some seconds when only scanning the 2.4GHz range. Also added option to only scan WEP or WPA networks. I've also changed the directory that the logs gets saved to. They can now be found in /tmp The files are as usual: wep.cap, wpa.cap, bess
  9. Hi, let me give you some introduction: I bought the nano months ago and pentested some of my old routers. Unfortunately I had to realize that the nano only can handle the 2.4 GHz frequency, but no problem, great product anyway. Most newer routers support both 2.4 to 5 GHz, so I decided to buy the tetra to continue pentesting with my network that has one brand new access point with both frequencies up at the same time. The start with the tetra was great, because with the "Recon" tab it's possible to scan both frequencies at the same time. Sorry I'm not a fan of the "M
  10. Is it possible to apply a filter to airodump-ng to show AP's with a similar ESSID. e.g ACME1234, ACME5678 ? obviously it can be done with BSSID's by applying a mask, but I can't find any examples that show it being applied to the ESSID. can someone please advise? Thank you.
  11. What USB wireless adapter do you recommend for use with Kali Linux, Hostapd, Aircrack-NG, Mana, Karma, FruityWiFi, Ghost Phisher, Wifi HoneyPot, etc? What do you think of the Alfa AWUS051NH or the Alfa AWUS051NH v2?
  12. I need a 12 character AZ 09 wordlist. When I try to make one with Crunch on Kali the size is astronomical. It would be nice to be able to have crunch create a list for me that automatically prunes itself to keep a constant size consistent with the passwords per-second. http://lastbit.com/pswcalc.asp is suggesting to try every AZ09 12 digit password would probably take well longer than my lifetime. Regardless if anyone knows how to make a self deleting wordlist I would be interested to learn even if it will not be utilized where I imagined it being used. Thanks everyone.
  13. Hello! My professor gave me a pineapple nano and told me to learn how to use it. I am currently working on breaking WPA. I have the handshake and I have a password list (I used my home network) the list does have the password on it but when I go to break it on the pineapple with aircrack-ng I get the following output. Command entered: aircrack-ng WPAcrack-01.cap -w /sd/passList.lst Output Opening WPAcrack-01.cap Read 151 packets. No networks found, exiting. Quitting aircrack-ng... Thanks for any help!
  14. Hello everyone, I have a question with respect to the aireplay-ng. I was successfully able to perform deauthentication with it. But as far as i know it sends 64 packets to the client and 64 to the access point, Then how does the number of acks received goes above 64. In the aireplay-ng official website it is said that because of active participation it goes above 64. Can anyone give me a clear idea about it. I have also attached a screenshot .
  15. This my first (more than 5 line) bash script. If you have any suggestions/tips for improvment, I'm all ears. Its designed to run on kali, but should be easily portable to other pentesting distros (or it might work right out of the box, idk i havent tested with anything else). What it does: 1. Starts a moniter mode on the interface of your choosing. 2. Spoofs you MAC if you so desire. 3. Runs airodump-ng. 4. Prompts user for a BSSID/channel. 5. Creates a ~/Handshakes folder in your home directory. 6. Dumps the user specified network traffic to the created ~/Handshakes folder. 7. While d
  16. Hello internet trolls and geniouses. I like to live in commandline and I considder my self ok in linux. Usually i just use airbase ng, make a soft ap and dhcp on the at_interface. No stress no problem. But i resently bought a pineapple to use it as a tiny toolbox when pentesting on wireless systems. So my idea was to ssh to the pineapple, set up a ap and use wireshark's remote sniffing. Works fine, except all the packets on the at_interface comes out as malformed packets. Also when using airbase-ng i can connect to the nettwork but i canntot get dhcp. I have tried to add it to the brid
  17. Has anyone ever gotten besside-ng on a WiFi Pineapple? I looked briefly at getting the SVN version compiled on WiFi Pineapple, but it's not trivial given the lack of development tools (understandably, it's not a dev. platform.) Before I start delving deeper, just want to make sure I'm not duplicating someone elses effort.
  18. I am getting somewhere now. attacking my home network to try and coax out the key. However when I go to do aircrack to reference the list I get this root@Pineapple:~# aircrack-ng ENTER201-01.cap -w /pentest/passwords/wordlists/darkc0de.lst fopen(dictionary) failed: No such file or directory fopen(dictionary) failed: No such file or directory Opening ENTER201-01.cap Read 2664 packets. # BSSID ESSID Encryption 1 C8:D7:19:CF:7A:24 Enter201 WPA (1 handshake) Choosing first network as target. Opening ENTER201-01.cap Please specify a d
  19. The heat is here; no more complaining of cold. Car stereos with huge bass with rap that blares with rappers of new and old. I have moved from my old digs; out to anew. Transferring my internet, is yet to be done. Out comes the Alfa, sniffing wpa2. Ifconfig wlan1 down... like a rerun. IW REG SET BO ... for extended range for more fun. Ifconfig wlan1 up... it is time for a game. The rules are simple, and plain. FInding who set their router with safe WPA. Kind of lame... but hell... I am at home with boxes surrounding me with no internet... how did he write this, though.... Have fun a
  20. For the full tour of the application, please view http://www.elithecomputerguy.com/ETCGCommunity/index.php?do=/forum/thread/65/aircrack-ngui/. Mods, I am not redirecting to another site for any ad purposes. Merely because you have an image limit. So, the abridged version. My program is a graphical interface to Aircrack-NG, dsniff, and nmap (at least the main part). If you go to "Other Tools", it includes other network/computer security tools that you can use (including Wireshark, MAC Changer, BURP Suite, TOR Network). My overall goal of the application is to be a "swiss army knife" for those
  21. After watching a couple videos of using the aircrack-ng suite covered in both Ubuntu 12.04 and BackTrack 5R3, I was intrigued to try this on my own network. I have installed the most recent application and got to work. First Terminal: airmon-ng start wlan0 airodump-ng mon0 airdump-ng "My Network" --write file (started capturing) Second Terminal: aireplay-ng -0 3 -c -a mon0 (error occurs here) Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID) on channel -1 mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel 11 I've tried to look up solutions, and one was to patch the compat-wireless driver. I did so, and st
  22. I am using BT5 R3 on a laptop. My router is a wrt54g with dd-wrt v24. Is there anyway I can link wlan0 or mon0 directly to the router either wired or hopefully wirelessly. So when I run airodump-ng mon0 it will be using the routers antenna? I have been looking into airtun-ng but no luck so far.
  23. Hi, i have been following the show for more than four years and have pretty much gone though all the esisodes. I Love it. I have bumped into a small yet irritating problem and as we all know google has the answer to everything. I tried googling, I didn't find any specific answer. I have tried using WIFIslax and have gone through the SLAX a little bit. THE PROBLEM is the installed language SPANISH. I don't speak or understand spanish and tried different ways to solve it. As many you know the WIFIslax version 4.2 Final is out. All the updates are lovely except one... theres no option to boot it
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